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KittyPotatoe has joined Darknessandblood chatroom

KittyPotatoe: Hey, anyone there?

ClementineLove has joined Darknessandblood chatroom

ClementineLove: Really? Was it you or Toronto who named the chatroom?

KittyPotatoe: Actually, it was Earth

TorontoDoom had joined Darknessandblood chatroom

TorontoDoom: 'Sup ladies

ClementineLove: Why would she name it something like that!

KittyPotatoe: I don't know, but I like it.

TorontoDoom: What are you two talking about?

ClementineLove: Exactly. So we have to change it

TorontoDoom: Change what?!

KittyPotatoe: What's that supposed to mean?

TorontoDoom: That I don't understand what's going on

ClementineLove: You and Toronto always choose bleak names. I though Earth would choose something sensible.

KittyPotatoe: Sensible? This is a chatroom, not a science lab

TorontoDoom: Hey, Ladies, you don't have to talk about me like I'm not here

ClementineLove: But people might think we're serial killers or something

TorontoDoom: I am so lost. What are you two talking about?

KittyPotatoe: Well they ain't far off

TorontoDoom: So…I'm gonna go jump out my window…

ClementineLove: None of us are psycho. Get that in your head.

KittyPotatoe: Yes we are. We all are. BTW I don't have a head.

TorontoDoom: …I have no idea what's going on, but I'm slightly worried now…

ClementineLove: If you don't have a head, then where is your brain?

TorontoDoom: Don't ask her that!

KittyPotatoe: Y'all always say I don't have a heart…

TorontoDoom: …I think I'm gonna go…


KittyPotatoe: So, how you doin'?

TorontoDoom: What, now you can see me?

ClementineLove: I'm worried for you.

TorontoDoom: Why?

KittyPotatoe: Why?

TorontoDoom: Jinx

ClementineLove: Because you scare all your friends

TorontoDoom: No I don't

KittyPotatoe: Naw

ClementineLove: Yes you do Kitty

TorontoDoom: wait, what?

KittyPotatoe: Naw

ClementineLove: Yes

KittyPotatoe: Naw

ClementineLove: Yes

TorontoDoom: I don't think I'm part of the conversation…

KittyPotatoe: Naw

TorontoDoom: ...I'm going to leave now

ClementineLove: Yes

TorontoDoom: Well then! Bye!

TorontoDoom has left Darknessandblood chatroom

ClementineLove: Toronto was in the chatroom?

KittyPotatoe: Apparently

ClementineLove: Why didn't he say anything?

KittyPotatoe: idk. Well ttyl, dinner

ClementineLove: Okay. See you tomorrow!

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