Chapter 2. Yay. Member, this is Cold's story.

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KittyPotatoe: And then Sherlock Holmes suddenly appeared. Then Brittany Spears started to ask about Amy. It was real crazy

Potter-Brown13: It does sound real crazy…how could you stand it?

ClementineLove: What are you two talking about?!

KittyPotatoe: Oh, sorry, we were just carrying over a conversation from Skype.

ClementineLove: …ok…And really Kitty!

Potter-Brown13: What did she do this time?

KittyPotatoe: Nothing

ClementineLove: *Glares at Kitty* Yesterday she and I had a conversation about how we don't name our chatrooms bloody death messages that make people think we're serial killers or crazy or something.

Potter-Brown13: 3 named the chatroom today, Clem.

KittyPotatoe: HA HA! I'm not telling you when my day is

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ClementineLove: I feel rather stupid now…

TorontoDoom: Whoa, did I just see what I thought I saw?

KittyPotatoe: What did you think you saw?

TorontoDoom: Clem admitting to her stupidity. I knew it!

KittyPotatoe: Actually I called it first

Potter-Brown13: Ok, stop being mean to Clem. Apologize.

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KittyPotatoe: I'm sorry Clem.

TorontoDoom: I'm sorry Clem.

ProfessorBlack98: What did they do this time?

KittyPotatoe: Why does everyone keep assuming everything is my fault?!

Potter-Brown13: They called Clem stupid.

TorontoDoom: Because everything IS your fault, Kitty.

KittyPotatoe: No, It's always your fault. Wait a second, Pro, how did you get on?

ClementineLove: Um…Kitty, he's blind not stupid.

TorontoDoom: Like Clem apparently is

ProfessorBlack98: *sigh* Toro, stop being rude to Clem.

KittyPotatoe: Yeah, Toro

Potter-Brown13: Well since Pro is here to watch the children, I have to go.

TorontoDoom: Where are you going?

Potter-Brown13: 2 and I are going to the movies

TorontoDoom: Have fun *hint, hint, wink, wink*

Potter-Brown13: We still want futures Toro. Bye everybody!

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KittyPotatoe: Now that she's gone…PARTY!

TorontoDoom: Like its 1999!

ClementineLove: Pro is still here, you know.

ProfessorBlack98: I can say that myself, but thank you Clem.

TorontoDoom: Kitty's right, how do you know what's going on?

ProfessorBlack98: I have a program that can read what you write out loud.

TorontoDoom: So, like your parents can hear?

ProfessorBlack98: Well, they don't actively listen, but yes, they can. And when the program fails, someone in the house reads the messages.

TorontoDoom: …anyone will read it?

ProfessorBlack98: Yes, anyone will read it to me.

KittyPotatoe: *Laughs hysterically* HA HA YOU ARE SOOO DEAD TORO!

TorontoDoom: (TorontoDoom is currently deleting all history on his computer and asking his parents if they've talked to Pro's parents in a while)

ProfessorBlack98: Ha ha, well, I have to go. Bye Kitty, Bye Toro, see you to tomorrow. And remember, we have practice.

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TorontoDoom: He's gone, I'm back!

KittyPotatoe: Wow, was that necessary?

TorontoDoom: Yes! If my dad had seen or heard some of our past conversations, he might've found out!

KittyPotatoe: …dam, that is bad…

TorontoDoom: Hey, can I go over to your place? The battering ram is getting fired up…

KittyPotatoe: Of course! You don't even need to ask.

TorontoDoom: Thanks, Kit.

KittyPotatoe: And we can go for ice cream!

TorontoDoom: Always something in it for you…

KittyPotatoe: ha ha.

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