Humanity… an odd word is it not. It speaks of the character of a man, but can a soul be born without it? Every day; I have come more and more to regard the campaign, that I fabricate, as proof that there is an answer to the question. I have come upon two answers. The answers pertaining to both me and those I walk with. The answers both reassure me and scare me, they create hope and they create fear. I wonder if the nobles in their palaces have ever had it, yet at the same time I wonder if my actions and purpose show me as no better than them. when I look upon the innocent of this world, and the men and women I have learned to call family though, I know that humanity burns strong. They risk their lives so others may have theirs one day, a noble pursuit.

I look upon our great globe, a plaything in my hands, in truth it is all but the reality of the matter. So long I have dreamt of holding it in my hands like some god or a carrion lord ready for the harvest. I would be neither though; gods abandon us when the time seems at its worst. I am no carrion lord as I do not wish for the slaughter or war, but I know it may be unavoidable. No, I would be more than them if I only had the chance. I would see prosperity and communion brought to this world. I would do my best to see that which has fallen restored. I will to see the death of good men put to an end. I wish to see no more fathers burying sons, no more mothers laying to rest daughters. I know my dreams may be idealistic, but I must keep hope... even if others can't. For hope is what shall be our torches in the darkness and the light that binds us.

I pray to whatever gods or spirits reside in the void beyond the world, whether of some lost era or this age. Forgive me for what I must do, for I yet know and yet still I fear that might be done to break this endless ouroboros of our world.

The cabal wonders every day if we are to be discovered in our plight, I read the thoughts written in the eyes of each son and daughter, it is not promising. We stand upon a knife's edge every day, but it is too late to stop or turn back. We were doomed the moment we chose to break our chains and run from those that enslaved us. I doomed them with my ideals, but there may be a chance that from our dooms, freedom can rise. It is that single hope that bonds us together. I look over and know every face, every name, every story, every man, woman, or child that must live with us. I wonder how many of them will still be with us, by the time this campaign is over. The uncertainty does not affect me alone either, I see its haunt in their eyes, in their souls. I try to tell them that what we do now will change the world and I will let no one here die in vain... I can only be partly certain of the second.

History will remember us as heretics, daemons, traitors, and worse; of that much I am certain. History will be wrong, so very wrong. we hope to be better than that but, perhaps we are much worse and much better. For we have set upon a crusade to break the chains that bind us as slave, yet the same chains thats principles have united mankind longer than any other, since before even the ancient eras of antiquity. People, whether they exclaim out loud due to my failure or in hushed whispers from my success, will brand my actions as a means to rule. They do not know and nor could they ever understand that I do this for them. I see little possibility to change this, as one should, nay must, know history may be written by the victors, but the hearts of men are not carved in the same way. Nor would I force upon them any method whether physical or arcane that would change their hearts if my actions and words alone fail too. Some among our congregations, although, see this as weakness and not strength.

The war hounds bark at my feet begging me to release them so they may return centuries of torment back ten fold. I wish to let them free. A dark thought, yes, but I can not set them free. No, I will not set them free unless it is truly unavoidable… but when the time comes could I do it, the question haunts me every night. They will think I am weak. They will think I do this for my two angels and though I deny it, they may be right. I hold them at risk to myself but it is because I must. Our message would be bathed in blood if I do not. I know their many words ring true at times, but I hope that war is not our solution. I have seen brothers and family cut down by The Magistrate for their freedom; I wish to spare these men the same. This world has seen a dozen of empire rise and fall throughout the millennium. A new era is being sown into the soil of Prospero below our feet, it does not need to be watered with the ichors of life of man.

If the time must come to it though, if the hounds are released as peace fails, then I will plan for the harder task. My men have hearts filled with faith, they of lips brimming with prayer and incantations, and the blood burns with the arcane that will burst from their fingers and bring justice upon The Magistrate. The justice of every soul The Magistrate has cast into oblivion for their selfish desires. I will bring justice for the innocent and the guilty that were slaughtered in one fell swoop. I will bring justice for all those betrayed by their own families. My men will raze every city to the ground, but it will be me who has the honor of crushing the skulls of every one of those heathen nobles.I will see those who hunted our kind strung up for every sin committed against one of our people. I will personally stride down the golden halls of the grand palace and grind their emperor's bones under my heel. The task I must plan, is the building an empire from the ash and dust of the one that had to die, for the phoenix to arise again.