"Wakey, Wakey," someone said.

I moan and turn my head hoping I won't have to get up just yet. Unfortunately that doesn't happen because someone kicks me out of bed (literally). My face connects with the floor faster than I can take my next breath.

"Ouch!" I scream. "What the hell." I sit up and look at the one who did it.

"Maria!" I growl

"Sorry, but that was the only way I could think of to get you up. Well, that and a cup of cold water," She looks at me shyly.

I look at her and blow out a breath. It's impossible to stay mad her. Maybe that's why she just away with some much shit. I start to get up off the floor.

"And besides Miss. Dorothea said that Kyle wants to see you before school and told me to come and get you up." She says lying across my bed.

I stop right in my tracks as soon as she drops his name. I look down and sigh.

"What could he possible want?" I mumble.

She hears me mumble under my breath. "I don't know why your so against the whole thing," she says. "I mean Kyle is so hot. He's the most gorgeous boy in the whole pack, and you know we got some hot guys," she wiggles her eyebrows at me.

I turn my attention toward the window. You can see some of the pack members walking around; trying to get to where they need to be for the day. Maria stands up and comes over to where I'm standing. She's about 4'9 so I have to look down at her. She may be small but she is full of Spanish feistiness.

"He has it all: looks, power, and money. What more could you want?"

I just shake my head and head to bathroom. "You don't understand!" I call out back out. "I'm just not ready." This time it's her who sighs.

I hear her move toward the door. "Just be at the pack house soon. You know how he gets when you keep him waiting," she winks at me, and with that she's gone.

I guess I should probably introduce myself a little. My name is Kimberly Mitchell. I'm seventeen years old and I'm mated to the alpha of the strongest, largest werewolf pack in all of North America. Kyle Bennett, my mate, runs the Moonlight Pack. I'm the only human in the pack, well me and my friend Dawn. It's my job to give the pack a future alpha that will take the place of Kyle when he steps down. So basically Kyle has to impregnate me with his seed. Gross right? Oh, and did I mention that Kyle is 25. So yeah a little age difference there. I'm not even an adult, and yet I'm supposed to have sex and get pregnant. I don't think so.

I look at my reflection in the mirror. I have long black hair that hangs in natural waves down my back. I have gray eyes and my native skin is flawless. I have decent size breast, a nice flat stomach (with a belly ring), and a slim waist. My legs could be longer, but hey I'm only 5'4.

After I brush my teeth and wash my face, I go to my closet to pick out my attire. I pull out some diem short shorts and a blue blouse. Next was underwear. I pick out a black lacy bra and matching panties. I quickly strip out of my nightie and put on the underwear. I than pull on shorts and blouse. As I was pulling my blouse over my head I realize that it was too small. It stop just right above my navel; showing my dangly belly button ring. I couldn't even button it all the way up. I sighed and look at the mirror on my bathroom door.

"Crap," I say when I see how bad it is. It shows some of my cleavage (Just the top of my breast). I only have two buttons done, and even those are barley closed. If I breathe in too deep the shirt will definitely pop open. It must have shrunk in the dryer.

I glance at the clock and see that I have to go. I run to my dresser and grab my brush and quickly run it through my hair. I put on my knee high converses, grab my back-pack and my iPhone, and head out the door.

I take the stairs two at a time and run into the kitchen. Miss. Dorothea (my guardian) is sitting at the table reading her gossip magazines. She glances up and does a double take when she sees what I'm wearing.

"No time to explain," I say as I grab a banana and kiss her on the cheek goodbye.

"Have a nice day!" I hear her call out.

I walk down the path toward the path house. I peel my banana and start to eat it on my way. You see me and Dawn live in different houses apart from the pack houses because we're human. I pass a group of guys who whistle and make kisses faces at me. I just ignore them and continue moving, knowing that if I don't see Kyle before school start I'm in for some trouble. There are multiple pack houses, but the one that Kyle lives in only houses the very important wolves. I guess. You know: the alpha, beta, and a few others who are high up. It's also the biggest house on the land.

There's a couple making out on the porch when I get there. I go around them and through the door. When I open the door there seems to be more people there than usual. Most of the people in the pack are between 14-35, but of course there are a few adults and younger children who are around. Everyone is moving around. Talking, laugh, and eating breakfast. I catch Dawns eye and she hurries over to me.

"Hey girlie," she says giving me hug. She steps back and notices my outfit. "What the hell are you wearing?" she asks eyeing my clothes.

"Long story. Shirt shrunk in the dryer." She nods her understanding.

"Well you look hot. Oh, you better get up there. Kyle is pissed that you weren't here he came down, and you know how possessive he is of you. He almost attacked Dean when he said that you probably fucking some other guy," she says taking a sip of her orange juice. "It took four guys to hold him back, and he put Dean on patrol for the rest of the day with no breaks."

I grimace and tell her that I'll see her at school before making my way to the grand stair case. Since I'm so small compared to everyone else, people keep bumbling into me and push against they barley even notice me. The wolves believe that humans are below them. That's why it was so hard for everyone to believe that I was the alphas mate. A weak little human. Finally I make it to the stair and start to climb up. The house is huge it's amazing how people don't get lost in it. Well guess with wolf senses and all. I make it to the top floor where Kyle's room is (it's the biggest room in the house of course). I don't even bother knocking since he could probably smell me coming up the stairs.

I open the door and walk in. His room is like a suite. So when you first walk in your in the living room, which has a couch two recliners, a mini fridge, and a flat screen. There are two doors: one that goes to the master bedroom and another that leads to the master bathroom. I hear water running and know that he is in the bathroom. I walk over and sit on the couch and wait for him to come out.

The door opens and Kyle steps out. He doesn't have a shirt on. Just some dark wash jeans. I can't help but to look, I mean come on I'm a girl. He has a nice tone chest and abs, with strong biceps. He also has that perfect v shape that goes down into his pants.

"See something you like," Kyle says smirking at me.

He laughs as I quickly look away. He goes back into the bathroom, but is back before I can even take breath. Wolf speed. He kneels in front of me and lifts my chin so I meet his eyes. Maria's right when she says that Kyle is gorgeous. With his strong jaw and soft lips, he can make any girl fall for him. Which is why I don't understand how I could possibly be his mate. His eyes are chocolate brown, but turn black when he is angry. He also has brown hair that sticks up.

"Why are you late?" he says getting up and pulling me with him.

"Sorry. I guess I took too long getting dress," I say looking up at him. He's about 6'1, so yeah he's way taller than me.

He looks down at my outfit. He eyes linger on my breast, stomach, and hips. He licks his lips and laughs. "You are such a little cock tease," he mutters.

I just shrug and look around; trying to avoid his eyes.

He blends down to kiss me. It starts off soft and innocent. Just him holding my face. He feels and smells so good, and I know I shouldn't be kissing him, but I can't stop. The kiss quickly becomes more heat. He bits my lower lip gently and I grasp a little, but that's all he needs before he slips his tongue into my mouth. He picks me up by my thighs and wraps them around his waist without breaking the kiss. My hands automatically wrap around his neck. I feel something soft beneath me, and realize that he has moved to his room and are now lying on the bed with him between my legs. I loosen my hand from around his neck and try to push against him, but he isn't having it. Kyle undoes his belt and ties both my hands to the head board with it. Now my hands are above head and I can't move.

I break the kiss, but his lips don't leave my skin. He starts to place open mouth kisses against my neck and on the top of my breasts.

"Kyle," I moan/beg. I feel him unbutton those two buttons on my shirt exposing my black lacy bra to him. He curses lowly.

"You have no idea what you do to me," he says huskily. He starts to kiss his way down my neck. He kisses the valley between my breasts. "You picked the wrong day to wear a bra that hooks in the front. One flick and your breasts fall free," he says licking them. "And what a flimsy little hook that is."

I arch my back and moan out loud. At times like this I'm glad that his room is sound proof. With all the kissing noises I would just die if someone heard us. Kyle kisses down my stomach tickling me as he goes. When he gets to my navel his tongue sneaks out and starts playing with it. Licking and sucking around my belly rings. He then takes his teeth and tugs on it.

"Ugh," I groan. I arch my back even high, pushing my stomach into his face. My chest is heaving up and down with every breathe I take. I look down and see my breasts spilling over; the clasp is barely holding the bra closed. I try to control my breathing so the clasp won't break. I can feel the moisture start pooling between my thighs.

"Mmmmm. I can smell you," Kyle says. He kisses his way back up to my neck to my ear.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk for a week," he whispers in my ear. When he starts to unbutton my shorts, that's when I come to my senses.

"Kyle, don't," I say as continues his assault on my neck. One of his hands move back up to the clasp and pinches it together.

"Kyle. Stop," I say a little more forcibly. I try to move away, but that's hard considering that my hands are tied above my head. I feel helpless as he continues to play with clasp and pull my shorts off.

"You smell so good," he says as he cups my sex. He is just about pull my panties down when there's a knock at the door. He growls into my chest before getting up, leaving me in the bedroom. I can hear voices outside in the living area, but I can't hear what their saying. Ugh. This is so embarrassing. Here I am tied to a head board and panting like a bitch in heat. Those guys can without a doubt smell me, I think. A few minutes past and I hear a door close. Kyle comes back in and unties me from the head board.

"As much as I would love to stay here and ravish you, you have to go to school," he says.

I sit up and grab my shorts from off the floor than reach for my shirt. Once I'm dress I get up and look over a Kyle. He's in his walk-in closet and comes back out with a black t-shirt on.

"Who was that at the door," I ask walking towards the bathroom.

"Just Logan, Ryan, and Asher;" he says checking something on his phone.

I run my finger through my hair. Trying to fix it back before I leave. "Oh. And what did they want?" I come out of the bathroom and grab my bag off the floor.

He looks up from his phone, "Nothing you need to be worry about."

It must be pack stuff. I nod my head and head for the door. But before I get there Kyle grabs my arm and pulls me toward him. He starts to run his nose along my neck; rubbing me with his scent. I wait until he's done just being thankful he hasn't marked me yet.

He pulls away smiling, "Better," he says taking my hand and leading me out the door.