Chapter 4: The King's orders

"I can't believe this is the end…" Sayuri weakly whispers, seeing her like that makes me feel apologetic. If only I listened to her.

I clutch my fists and close my eyes: "This can't be the end. Mom, please…help." I prepare myself just before the sword touches our necks but then… "STOP!" I yell loudly, surprising the guards.

"What is it?" the Guard coldly asks,

I take a few moments to calm down and then I turn my gaze to the tall and young looking guard: "L-Let me…" I was hesitant with my words, but then I gather all my courage left since this was the only way I could think of to escape: "let me meet the king!" I demand confidently this time,

The Guard's eyes look as if they're about to pop out, "What? Are you mad?!" he scolds, figures, even Sayuri looked pretty shocked herself.

"YES I AM! Since I'm already going to be killed, might as well meet the king and show him how unfair a person he is!" I burst, letting all my anger and frustration out.

The Guard gives me another glare: "You! How can some like you exi-" before he could continue his sentence, another voice cuts him off: "What's going on here?"

All attention turns to the person entering the gate, the moment he does, everyone bow their heads and some of them even kneel. My guess is, he's the king.

He was guy in his late thirties that had dark hair, which was a bit unsuitable for royalty. And he wore the same clothes a king would, the long coat made of silk but with no crown or extra accessories. He looked too plain to be king,

"Your Majesty, these are the two peasants that had caused a rucks by escaping." The Guard begins, "But as you can see, we have captured them and were in the middle of execution…But this one says she wanted to see you" he continues to explain,

The king slowly nods his head and walks closer to us. "So, you wanted to meet me?" His majesty speaks to me, lowering his head to reach the same level of eye contact.

I give him a strong gaze meanwhile he stares at me with big silver and warm eyes. Which certainly confuses me, this man in front of me, was absolutely not born from the royal family. That look on his eyes,,what is it? it's bothering me...

"Lower your gaze, this is his majesty," The Guard scolds, forcing my head down.

The king raises a hand and gestures for them to calm down, and again, I raise my head and glare at him. "Oh" The king takes a closer look at my eyes: "We have the same eye color," he says, smiling.

I don't get it. What was he trying to do? Get closer to me? Why was his majesty the king behaving this way? The King I know, is ruthless, fierce, cold and…and not like this!

"What? Sympathizing me because I'm going to die anyways?! Is that it?" I angrily yell at him, for some reason, I was just mad. I was confused and frustrated. Seeing the King's face was like adding oil to the fire.

But his expression doesn't change, he still looks at me with those eyes and quietly he observes me from head to toe and then Sayuri next. "Well aren't you familiar?"

The Golden haired girl tries to avoid his gaze and just quietly lowers her head. "Hmmm…" The King stands back up and turns to the Guard: "What did you say their crime was?"

"The blonde was arrested for disobeying the queen's orders and plotting violence against royalty. And the other one, crossed the black world and came here" The Guard reports,

The King's eyes widen, "Ah! Now I remember you!" he points at Sayuri, "You're Tamaki's daughter right?"

And with no choice, Sayuri replies: "Y-Yes your majesty,"

"Did you really do such a thing?"

"No I didn't! Her highness the queen kicked out an innocent man, all I did was let the truth be heard. I never planned such acts against her"

"Let the truth be heard you say?" The King seems pleased by the girl's words, he soon giggles.

"So, What about you? What's your reason for coming here?" His majesty then turns his attention to me,

I confusedly stare at him. Is he serious? Does the King do that to all of the prisoners? Why do I have a bad feeling whenever I make eye contact with the king? As if…he's hiding something behind that smile. "Hey you brat! The king's asking you a question!" The Guard hits my head, bringing me back to reality.

I take a deep breath, I can't tell him the truth. "I'm…here to find my mother and enter the Chess tournament" seriously? I hate myself. Way to go Nasuro, can't you even tell a lie? Sigh…

"So, you were originally a white?" The King investigates,

I nod.

"Are you a civilian?"

"No. I'm a soldier,"

The Guard hits my head again: "Manners!" He reminds, but it didn't really matter to me.

The king smiles and turns to the head Guard who was standing at the back: "Let them go," he orders, surprising everyone.

"Y-Your majesty…but they are to be executed" The Head Guard tries to argue, but then he sees the determined look on the King. "I understand,"

His highness chuckles and starts to walk away: "Oh, and send them to my palace" he continues, shocking the others more.

I didn't know what to feel. I was confused, mad, but glad. "Nasuro" Sayuri happily utters my name with excitement, happy to be alive.

I couldn't help but laugh: "Yeah! We survived!" I happily reply, both of us ignoring the suspicious fact that the King himself set us free. And soon, the two of us are sent to the palace as ordered.

Both Sayuri and I were amazed. This place…was just something that cannot be put to words. "But, now that I think about it, what would the king want with us?" My golden haired friend begins,

"I don't know either."

"Well, at least thanks to him…I might and I mean MIGHT consider backing down on my rebellion against that evil queen"

"The king didn't seem so bad though. The queen must be the opposite"

The two of us chat normally while walking the hallway. This palace was so big; fortunately, there was a mistress that was leading us in front. And after a long walk, we reach this big door.

There were two Guards at each side, and the moment we come, they open the door for us. Sayuri and I exchange glances: "Let's go" She cheerfully says and goes inside first.

I giggle: "seems like she's alright now," I think to myself, and as I was going to go inside I hear a familiar voice, which I immediately recognize. My feet were immediately frozen to the ground. I turn to the direction of the voice and tears start rolling down my cheeks.

"M-M" I couldn't even utter a word, I reach out my hand to the beautiful woman in a silk gown talking to the mistress: "M-Mom…"

Author's note:

Wah! Things are getting more exciting! I think...

So, what the heck do you think is going on? XD