Chapter One

Alfie POV

I slowly opened my eyes just as the dragon was forced to halt. Heavily muscled guards with the same sticks that harmed me yesterday moved towards me. I yelped as one grabbed me by the arms and the other shoved a choke collar onto my neck. I remained silent. My heart thudded in my chest as the guards chained me up and forced me through the giant, silver gates and into a giant clearing. Tall, golden walls stood around me, a metallic palace standing just miles away. I was shoved inside of an arena. The arena was a huge circle with metal bars surrounding it. I let out a whimper as they threw me inside and bolted the doors shut. I was left alone. I glanced around slowly, worrying.

"Wow, mommy, look at it!" I heard a young voice say. I turned my head to see a young palace girl. She had her hair done up in braids. She was wearing a light green robe with shoes made of fake scales. She had curiosity filled blue eyes. The girl clung on to the metal bars, watching me. I shrunk back for a second, but I remembered that I was at least five years older than her. I noticed that her mother was staring at a Flock of dragons flying nearby. I slowly walked closer and opened my mouth.

"You do realize that she is talking to you?" I asked. The woman leapt back and I noticed that they looked almost identical, only she was older and had her hair down.

"It spoke, it spoke!" The little girl shouted and grabbed her mother's arm.

"Yes, Delliah, I know," the woman said and looked at me. I decided to show the girl what else I could do.

Jumping into the air, I snapped open my black wings and flew to the top of the ceiling. I tightened my talons around the bars and glanced at the girl, who was staring at me and was clearly amazed. I noticed several other humans gathering, so I blew flames at the ground and did a flip off the ceiling. I smiled at the girl as I landed. I shook myself before laying down and staring at the sky. Suddenly, I noticed something. I got to my feet and looked at the main street area. Watching me intently, was a girl my age. The girl had flowing brown hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a silver Dragon Hunter's suit, like my Aunt's. The girl held a bow at her side. I titled my head slightly, wondering about her.

"Stop staring at her!" shouted my Aunt's voice. I whipped around to face her. She had a cold glare on her face. I noticed that she had a choke-chain. I widened my eyes in fear.

"No, no, no," I whimpered. My aunt simply laughed before grabbing me forcibly, making people gasp, and she fastened the chain onto the collar. I was forced to walk by her side.

"See what we can do?" she shouted at me, and possibly villagers, as she forced me to walk in a circle.

"Leave him alone!" shouted the little girl who I had saw first. The mother quickly cupped her hands around the girl's mouth, but it was too late.

"Oh, yeah? How about this?" she growled and pushed me onto the ground. She placed her left foot on my back, raised it high, and kicked me. Hard. I screamed in pain as humans yelled in terror. I heard the little girl's scream the loudest.

"Commander, leave the Dragonling alone! He will need his energy for tomorrow," shouted the girl my age. My aunt hummed and pulled me back to my feet. I stumbled as she released me from her grasp. I shook myself.

"Tomorrow?" I asked, fear creeping into my voice.

"Oh, yes, I forgot! Tomorrow will be training day for Lucie, Jace, and Sallo. We will be using you for their training," my Aunt growled. "After we put your tracker in, of course." I widened my eyes and watched her walk away, laughing.