you do not truly know me until you see all of my sides:

until you have seen me be loud and crazy and random. hanging out with my friends and laughing at everything until my stomach hurts. being really bad at every game we play together but being a good sport about it, usually. talking and reminiscing and you see the nostalgic glimmer in my eyes. until you have heard me make fun of my friends, curse at everything while i play a game of mario kart, and jump into a pool just to get out again because it's too cold; you don't really know me.

until you have spent a whole day being lazy and sitting around doing nothing with me. watch my favorite tv shows and movies with me, that i have seen a million times but still laugh or smile like i've never seen them before. watched me devour all the food in my kitchen because i am always hungry and snacking is fun. done nothing but lay in bed just talking and listening to music. seen me from morning to night lounging in my pajamas, no makeup, hair unbrushed, and me not even caring what i look like. until you've seen this you don't know me.

until you have seen me completely fall apart in front of you. starting off soft, simply sitting there, silent.
my eyes well up and i cry. collapsing because holding myself up takes too much strength, and i have none left. tears streak my face and i try, in vain, wiping them away. trying to hold back the sobs but you can hear my heart breaking. until you see me at my lowest and there is nothing you can do but hug me as i weep, you don't know me.

until you understand that my personality is made up of many different parts that all come together and make me who i am. you will never truly know me.