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One says yes, one says no

Decide - which voice in your head you can keep alive," – Shinedown

The gun that was once in my hands stood several feet away from me. The pain that ran through my tired body made it hard to move, but in front of me stood him. He was the man who was responsible for the hell that everyone had been going through.

He stalked towards my step-sister and the unconscious boy that lay beside her. Her crystal-blue eyes held fear as she stared down the barrel of a .45. Blood was pouring from her shoulder and I had to fight the queasy feeling that threatened to overtake me. She needed me; I couldn't pass out on her now.

Turning back to the gun, I stretched out my hand and willed it to come. I recalled the warning that my mother had given me before she died; that I should never create a situation in which I had to use my ability. She said that it was only to be used as a last resort; I figured that my sister possibly dying was a good enough reason.

The gun inched its way towards me; its slow progress nearly unbearable as the evil man crept closer to my sister. "Any last words?" the gun was almost in my hand. "No last words, then?"

"I'm sorry," I heard her voice before two shots rang out. I had managed to get the gun and shoot the man, but I still wasn't fast enough. The man fell with a thud and I could clearly see the young woman, with her back against the wall, fighting for her life.

"No, Anna!" I cried as I ran over to where she sat. My body screamed in protest, but I didn't care – she couldn't die.

"I'm sorry, Seth," her crystal-blue eyes kept losing focus as they tried to look at me. I put her head between my hands and willed her to look at me.

"You can't die," I knew that I was freaking out, but I didn't care. "Stay with me, sis. Please, you got to stay with me." She gave me a sad smile and placed a hand over one of mine.

"I love you, bubby," she whispered right before her soul left her frail body. All I could do was hold her lifeless form and cry; I couldn't believe it – she couldn't have died.

"She can't be dead," those were the first thoughts to run through my head as I struggled to wake up from that horrific nightmare. I closed my eyes and bit back a groan as Seth frantically jumped out of the bed that sat behind the couch I laid upon.

I worked on blocking out Seth's worried thoughts and searched for the ones that would give me comfort after his nightmare. Samuel, Seth's dad, was thinking about a presentation that he was giving at work. His wife, Eliza, was trying to decide what to wear for the business dinner they had later that night.

Then, I heard them – the thoughts of the girl who was still living and breathing. Her mind was focused on packing for our weekend trip to go visit some of our friends in Wildwood, Kentucky. She was excited to celebrate little Benjamin turning eight and part of her was slightly antsy to just get away for a bit.

She felt guilty for those thoughts, though, and tried not to think them too much. After spending two months trapped underground by a psychopath, she was happy to be back in her hometown of Northanger Valley. But lately she had been getting a bad feeling and she just knew she had to get away for a little bit.

She hadn't told anyone about this strange burst of intuition; she didn't want everyone to worry. I wouldn't even know about it, if it wasn't for my gift to read minds. I still hadn't the heart to tell her that they were all going to worry regardless, but she kind of figured it out when Seth rushed into her room looking a bit haggard.

"Morning," she walked over to give her step-brother a hug. They didn't used to do this, but she had sort of picked up the habit after they both had a near-death experience.

With just one look at his troubled, green eyes, she knew that he'd had the nightmare again. After the night their family and friends had taken down the evil man and his cohorts, Seth – and indirectly, I – had been plagued by the same nightmare for weeks. We'd both wake up thinking that he'd failed to kill the man in time, that he failed to save her.

This way of thinking was kind of stupid on my part. Even if I couldn't hear her thoughts, I should've really known that I wouldn't even be here, in this house, if she had really died. I don't know what would've happened to me, but whatever it was couldn't have been too pleasant without her.

Luckily, though, Seth had managed to kill the man that threatened her life. His gift of telepathy had come in handy when the gun had been slung away from him. I hadn't actually been awake to see his impressive feat, seeing as I was the one unconscious by Anna's side, but I knew enough from his nightmares and Anna's memories.

Anna's memories of that night were both disturbing and amazing, in a way. She tried not to think about that night because she hated remembering what was lost and recalling the fear of what might have been lost. There was one particularly bittersweet memory for her, though.

Like Seth and I, she also had a gift; she wouldn't have been held hostage had she not. Her gift didn't affect the living as much as it did the dead; she was shadow-kissed. She could see the ghosts of those who had yet to pass on.

There were several ghosts in particular that she had met during the events that had led to her imprisonment. There were the young Anderson twins, who had the ability to read the emotions of the people around them. There was the young man who had also been shadow-kissed in life; his name was Alexander Slater. Then, there was my very own sister, Jayne; she had the gift to see the future.

The four didn't seem to have much in common. The twins had been only seven when they passed; Jayne barely twelve; and Alex had died when he was my age, seventeen. They did share one commonality, though; they were all murdered for their gifts. That night, they got what they needed to move on; revenge on those who had murdered them (or at least, their descendants).

Alexander had been killed by a man named Leonard Anderson, who saw Alex as a witch because of what he could do. Centuries later, the twins' death had been arranged by Leonard's descendant and their own grandfather. Their grandfather had decided to 'purify' them; he had them killed so that they wouldn't have to live with the regret of their 'sinful abilities'.

Many others had died because of the beliefs that Mr. Anderson and his cohorts held concerning the gifts. They saw them more as a curse and made it their life's work to get rid of those who held them. Mr. Anderson, however, wasn't fully satisfied with just doing that; he wanted to find a way to get rid of the gifts altogether.

He had actually managed to create a machine that erased the gift from the owner, but the first time he did it, it still had major bugs. He kidnapped Anna, and used the machine on her, and then did the same thing on me a couple years later. The results were the same both times; we lost both our gift and our memory, only to have it all return when we got older – and then, we had new abilities that tied into our old ones.

We were both able to escape with the help of our family, but the witch hunters – as Mr. Anderson and his cohorts were called – kept an eye on us. They wanted to see how well their machine had worked and would stop at nothing to get the results. A few years after my escape, they tracked my family down and slaughtered them right before my eyes.

After that, they took me to an old abandoned warehouse where they hid the entrance to their underground research facility. It was there that I met Benjamin, who was shadow-kissed, and his parents, Brett and Sierra. Brett was an aura reader, much like the Anderson twins. Sierra was like my sister, a fortune teller. The four of us hated the hunters and weren't too willing to help with the research.

There were some in the facility that were okay with helping the hunters, like Heather, a mind reader; she was epileptic, though, and the tests the hunters ran weren't good for her health. Her boyfriend, Dustin, was a fortune teller and supported her up until the end, until he knew that she wouldn't survive too much longer underground. His best friend, Michael, was an aura reader. The three of them didn't want to live with the consequences of the gifts and had originally bought into the lies the hunters fed them.

Then, along came Anna. They had a hard time getting her back into their bloodstained hands. Her father had managed to keep the hunters off their trail by never staying in one place for too long. He had decided, though, that she should at least finish high school in a steady home. After thinking it was safe, he left her with her mother and her family in Northanger Valley.

It wasn't until she came to the Valley that her gift began to resurface. Alex was the first one she saw; he taught her about her gift and tried to help her with the Anderson twins, who she had met shortly after meeting him. After meeting the twins, she had a vision of their death.

Most shadow-kissed don't have the ability to see how the ghosts die, but when her gift came back, it was enhanced. She had also managed to pull the twins' older brother, Mason, into her vision. Although she didn't remember it at the time, she had actually met Mason before – had actually lived with him when they were younger.

That was how she got kidnapped the first time; he was kidnapped along with her. Mr. Anderson, their evil captor, was angry with Mason's dad (and his own son) because he married 'a witch'. He hatched an evil plan to have Mason and his friend, Anna, be the first to try out the machine. Mason and Anna's families managed to get them out before they took Mason's gift, but for Anna, it was too late.

For the next seven years, Anna went around with no memory of what occurred before the event. She travelled the county with her dad; her mom had taken enough of the gifted lifestyle and run away with Samuel and Seth Valentine. When her dad decided that it would be better for her to go with them, they welcomed her warmly, not knowing that her gift was going to reawaken at any given moment.

It was in Northanger Valley that she met Emma Young and Bethany Rivers; they were both aura readers. She also met Simon Hugo, a shadow-kissed, much like her. They were all part of a governmental division for the gifted; they went to an armory to train and learn to protect themselves.

It was all thanks to the division that we were still alive and still gifted. While Anna was underground, they were forming an army to come and save her – save all the gifted – from the hands of the hunters. If they wouldn't have come for us, who knows what would have happened.

I wouldn't be sleeping comfortably on Seth's couch due to the Valentines' thoughtful hospitality (and Anna and her dad's persuasion). Anna wouldn't be smiling at her brother as he tried to convince her not to go away for the weekend. The town of Northanger Valley wouldn't be falling into the lull of possibly false security.

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