The Body

"First, her head was shoved down into her chest cavity, then her foot rolled around in its socket so her fluids were drained. Not completely, very slowly. She was made to dance like that across the pad. Every time she stopped leaking, she was shaken, beaten, or spun on her foot until it started again. If the dance was misstepped, then she was dragged viciously across the floor several times.

"It also appeared that throughout all this, she was chewed on, beaten, rolled, tossed, and hung by an arm. When she wasn't being directly beaten and abused, she was hung by an arm, or thrown somewhere and forgotten.

"A few times, she was apparently buried under various other bodies, both living and dead, and other kinds of things, devices, or even flooring sheets.

"Preliminary investigations are currently underway."

"Sarge! Any guess on actual cause of death?"

"As best as we can say at this time, she appears to have been bled to death in the manner described."

"Any identification of the victim yet?"

"Yes, the victim was 18-month-old Ballp Ointpen."

"Sarge! Will this happen again?"

"I'm afraid that it will, son, I'm afraid that we are all in very grave danger."


"I'm sorry folks, no more questions!"

"It looks bad, Sarge."

"I know, Captain, I know."

"Come on, let's get her up outta that pit!"

"Right away, Lieutenant."