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"A little bit of Maggie in my life, a little bit of Maggie by my side, a little bit of Maggie's all I need, a little bit of Maggie's all I see. A little bit of Maggie in the sun, a little bit of Maggie all night long, a little bit of Maggie here-I-am, a little bit of Maggie makes me her man! Owh!" Maggie sings shrilly. God. A little too shrilly.

I groan, holding my head. "Mags. It's-" I check my watch (it was a present from my Grandpa Willie on my dad's side when I was eight), "eight fifty-three. Those aren't the words, so stop singing."

Maggie frowns. "You're right. ...A little bit of Spencer in my life, a little bit of Spencer by my side-"

"God! Shut the fuck up!" Cam yells from his Vince-bed. His head is barely showing since it's buried deep into Vince's side. Cam is curled up next to him, looking quite happy for how hungover he is, while Vince is desperately texting Kailee.

"Huh." I grin, "A hung-over Cam is not a happy Cam."

"Shut up." He moans, digging his face into Vince's side. "My everything hurts."

"It should." Vince snaps. "Because of you, Kailee and I are broken up."

"It was gonna happen anyways." Cam says matter-of-factly. "I was just saving you time. Now you can be with me." Cue the cheesy grin.

I snort and roll my eyes. "Remind me again why I'm the one getting beat up and teased when you're gayer than me?"

"Because. I don't like other guys. I only have eyes for Vince." Cam sighs happily. "He's perfect. Right, baby?"

Vince's upper lip quirks, but he bites down to have his scowl remain. "Don't give me stupid pet names." Cam settles back down, and leaves it at that with a slight smile on his face, while Vince rolls his eyes and hides a grin.

Julia yawns loudly and all of us are now awake, sprawled over every inch of my room. Vince and Cam are against my one-closed closet door. Vince is sitting up, texting Kailee, and although he's "mad" at Cam, he still allows Cam's head to rest in his side as he lays, trying to make through his hangover. Maggie is bouncing on the right side of me, still humming "Mambo Number Five", while Julia is groggily shaking herself awake on the left side of me, her lips swollen from her face-sucking battle with Doug last night. My presents are still neatly stacked on my desk from where we left them, and I leap from the bed suddenly, and grab them all.

"Present time!" I shriek. Cam moans loudly into Vince and Vince rolls his eyes (and I'm not sure if it's because of me or Cam). Maggie claps her hands, ah, such a morning person, and Julia smiles as much as she can even though she's exhausted. I throw them on the bed, and jump on my pillow to make more room on my bed. Julia squeezes herself against my wall, and Maggie is against the window. Cam and Vince lug their bodies over to my bed. Cam curls up into a little Cam-ball on my bed, while Vince sits in my wheely chair in front of us. I viciously rip open the present from Julia, not bothering to open up the card. An American Eagle box comes into view and I sigh to myself. Julia is playing with her hair, and I know she's nervous if I'll like it or not. I lift up a navy blue long-sleeved shirt with black buttons running down it.

"Do you like it, Spencer?" Julia asks quietly. "I really tried to pick a shirt that would compliment you well."

I smile at her and nod, even though for the past two years she gets me a shirt for Christmas and my Birthday. "Yeah, Jules, it's great." I set the shirt back into the box and put it on the floor next to my bed, and grab Cam's present.

"Read the card." Cam demands, his voice muffled from the bed his head is buried into.

I shrug and open up the velvet red card to Cam's sloppy scrawl. I clear my throat, and read what he wrote.

"Roses are blue,

violets are red,

wait, I fucked that up,

Let me start again, instead."

I send Cam a weird look and continue reading.

"Roses are red,

violets are blue,

but violets are purple,

not fucking blue.

One more time...oo." I pause and look at Cam, just...confused. "Cam...what the fuck?"

Cam shrugs. "Stream of consciousness. Just finish it."

"Roses are red,

violets are fucking purple,

have a Happy Birthday, Spen,

with joy and murple."

"Love, Cameron E. Sinledon." Cam finishes when I can't.

Maggie sends him a weird look. "What's murple?"

"Something that rhymes with purple." He shrugs. "Anyways, did you like it?"

I snort. "Yeah, it was pretty good."

"I know." Cam grins, taking a small bow. He whips his burgundy hair out of his face and gestures to his present. "Open it!" I laugh, and start to tear through the black and blue striped wrapping of the present. I'm a little nervous, since it's Cam, and last year he got me a whip for S and M.

"Alright." I breathe. I look at Cam who is now upright in the bed, waiting for me to open it, clearly excited. "This better not be fucked up, Cam." I warn, but from his look, I think it is. I lift up the top to reveal a penis sex toy. I laugh loudly and take it out to show the others. Maggie starts laughing hysterically, and flops onto my bed to mask her loud laughter. Cam grins triumphantly, while Julia is blushing and eying her present worriedly. Vince is hiding his face under his black fringe, trying to conceal the smile he has on, and his laughing.

"Let...let me see it!" Maggie manages to gasp out, holding out her hand. I place the thing in her hands, and watch as she fondles it, and laughs hysterically. "Oh...Oh my God, Cam! This is hilarious!"

"Ma's gonna kill me if she sees this." I laugh. "I had to convince her last year that you were a good guy, and that I wasn't having sex or at least not S and M...ing." I say to Cam. Maggie hands back the sex toy, and I put it back into the box. I lean down and shove it under my bed, far back, in hopes she won't find it. "Okay, who's next?"

"I'm just sayin', no one can beat my gift." Cam interjects snootily. Vince rolls his eyes and gestures towards his present.

"You can open up mine next, Spen."

"'Kay, thanks, Vince." I put it into my lap, and begin to tear through the paper. The box reads, 'Happy Birthday and shit, from Vince who doesn't have enough money to buy a card 'cause he's a broke hoe'. I laugh. I lift open the box to a card. I pick up the card, eying Vince curiously, and flip it open. One free anything-you-want from Vince. "One free, anything-I-want?" I ask him.

"I was too lazy and broke to buy a gift, so that's for whatever." Vince says with a shrug.

"Hey!" Cam shouts, shooting upright, "I want a card like that!"

Vince snorts. "Like I'm giving you one. You wouldn't use it right, and plus, I don't trust you."

"Exsqueezeme, but I would use it right, thank you very much!" Cam insists with a scowl. "I'd have you give me a passionate, and long-awaited kiss, and have you admit your feelings for me."

Vince rolls his grey eyes. "I don't love you and you're not getting a card. And thanks to fucking you, Kailee hates me."

"It was bound to happennnnn." Cam repeats, singing this time.

"You know," I say, interjecting, "You sound mad at Cam, but you never stay mad at Cam. Just saying."

Vince doesn't respond after that.

"Me! Me! Me! Meeeeee!" Maggie shriek-sings after an awkward-silence ensues. I roll my eyes and hold out my arms.

"I don't even know why I was so scared for your present, Cam." I sigh. "'Cause whatever Maggie gets me is gonna be ten times worse." Maggie drops her present in my arms, and, for once, it's not a gigantic gift. Actually, it's kinda small. It's medium sized and rectangular-shaped...kind of like a..."A movie?" I ask.

Maggie grins deviously. "Open it..."

"Oh God." I slowly rip the paper strand by strand, hoping it's a Wiggles tape or Care-bears. I sigh and lift up the top to reveal...literally the greatest present ever.

"Ohmysweetbabycornthisisliterallythegreatestthinge verOhmyGodIloveyouIcan'tbelieveyougotmethisyou'res oamazingIloveyousomuch,Maggie,IloveyouOhMyGodOhMyG odOhMyGodOhMyGod!" I scream, tackling her with full force. She shrieks and we fall backwards into the window, clattering the blinds.

"God." Vince winces, "Translation, please?"

"Oh my sweet baby corn, this is literally the greatest thing ever. Oh my God, I love you. I can't believe you got me this. You're so amazing. I love you so much, Maggie. I love you. Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God." Maggie says with a laugh.

"What did you even get him?" Julia snaps.

Through my laughs, I pull out the best gift ever. "It's '1 Night in Paris'." I scream, laughing harder. Maggie and Cam join in while Vince looks confused and Jules looks annoyed.

"What?" They ask simultaneously.

"'1 Night in Paris.'" I repeat. "Paris Hilton's sex tape." Vince starts laughing hard, and snatches the tape away from me, while Julia scowls and grabs her jacket with an annoyed huff. I jolt at her sudden mood swing, and she starts to not-so-gently put on her sweatshirt. "What's wrong, Jules?"

Julia rolls her green eyes and flips her orange hair from under her jacket. "Nothing."

"C'mon, I must've done something. What's wrong?" The room settles down as Maggie, Cam, and Vince all listen in on Julia and my conversation.

"It's nothing, Spencer."

"Stop acting like you're twelve, Jules." I snap. "You're acting pissy, so something's up. Tell me, or you can leave and we'll be in a fight."

Julia whips around angrily. "Do you know how fucking shitty it makes me feel when I get you a present and all you can say is, 'it's great' but then everyone else's gift is so fucking special?!" She all but shouts.

I grin for a second. "Quick interjection, here. Great swearing, by the way! I never heard you swear like that before."

"God! Can you go one minute without making a joke! I'm being serious!" Julia screams.

"Sorry, sorry!" I say back, trying to defuse the situation.

She sighs. "You always do this. Do you consider me the boring one of the group or something? 'Cause look, I've accepted the fact that Maggie's your best friend. And Cam and Vince are best friends and will eventually be boyfriends." Julia turns sharply to Vince. "And don't you dare interrupt me to say that you and Cam aren't going to be boyfriends. You love him back, so suck it up, get the fuck over it, and date him already." Julia swivels back to me. "But I consider you guys my best friends, and now my boyfriend, Doug, but I hate that you treat me like this."

"Look, Jules, we don't consider you the boring one, but the reason you feel left out is because when we start talking about things we like and things that you don't, you tone us out."

"Because all you guys talk about is sex! I mean, you got a vibrator and a sex tape for your birthday!" Julia shouts.

"It's funny!" I protest.

Julia shakes her head. "It's childish!" She pauses. "You guys act like kids and it's annoying. We're Juniors, so we should act like it. Sex jokes are for thirteen year olds."

"C'mon, Jules. It's for all ages. I mean, I bet there's some fifteen-year-old girl out there writing a gay-love story about two enemies who might end up together with a group of four crazy friends that make the main character's life better or something like that."

"That's just stupid." Julia says. "What kind of fifteen-year-old has time to write a story like that."

"One without a life." Vince snorts.

"It doesn't matter." Julia sighs. "We all fall into some stereotype, and I think I'm the boring, straight-laced girl who you guys just string along."

"Yes you are." Maggie says. Julia turns to her, looking hurt, while the rest of us are kind of in shock. "Is that what you want to hear?" Maggie stands up and gestures to Julia. "You're acting like a brat right now. Whiny, moody, and wanting attention. You just want us to compliment you and tell you that you're not boring. Well, I tell it like it is, unlike these guys, so here it is. You are boring, and condescending. You have a passive aggressive attitude about you that I absolutely hate, and you're snooty as all hell."

"Well fuck you, too." Julia says. "You're no peach, either. You feel the need to point out everyone's flaws, you're picky, rude, and you put yourself on a pedestal." She turns to Cam. "You're needy, co-dependent as hell, clingy, and whiny." She moves to Vince. "You try too hard, you're not cool in the least, and insecure."

"Hey!" Maggie, Cam, and Vince all cry out.

Julia ignores them and finally stops on me. "And you're a self-righteous prick who spends his tine writing a book filled with people he hates for bullying him, when that's bullying too! You're rude, snooty, uptight, smart-and-you-know-it, defensive, and selfish! You're so fucking selfish!"

I blink. "Okay. I'm about ninety-nine point nine percent sure I had someone tell me the exact same thing last night."

Julia groans. "God, that's another thing! You hate dealing with your problems and you constantly blame other people for them so you don't have to deal with them!"

"I swear you're repeating someone else's words."

"I'm going home." Julia says.

"Excuse me, but do you honestly think you can leave with insulting us like that?" Vince asks.

"Yeah, I do. I'm tired and I wanna go home. I probably have a date with Doug, too." Julia smirks for a moment. "That's more than the rest of you."

"What's that supposed to mean?!" Cam cries.

"It means if Vince hasn't revealed his "feelings", it probably means he doesn't have any. Jeremiah's a coward, and Spencer's the only gay guy at our school and he has really high standards."

"Well I'm actually dating Hank Marietti as of last night, so suck it." I snap. "Also, if you're going to be a hungover bitch, then get out of my house, I'll see you on Monday."

Julia rolls her eyes. "Whatever." She opens my door and slams it, and I can hear her feet pounding on the ground as she storms out of my house.

"Wow." I say after Julia leaves. "At least we know she has a bitchy side now."

"God. Are we seriously going to talk to her after that?" Maggie asks incredulously.

"She's still our friend, Mags. She was just being a bitch." Maggie sighs before a gasp and a sob lets out. We turn to Cam who is red-faced and crying, and Vince, who was texting Kailee, jumps up and I swear to sweet Jesus, he leapt to him.

"Cam, what's wrong?" Vince asks, crouching in front of him.

"Julia was right." He sobs pathetically. "You don't love me! I'm going to be stuck eating Cookies n' Cream ice cream for the rest of my life and spending my time with bunnies who I'll name Sparta, Christopher, Bun, Staci, Maximilliano, and Wincest."

Maggie laughs. "Cam, you're not going to live that life."

"That's right," I add in. "You like Birthday Cake ice cream the best."

"Not helping." Maggie says.

Vince rolls his eyes. "Julia is just being a bitch right now. She doesn't know what she's talking about."

Cam brightens. "So...will you tell me you love me, then?"

"N...No." Cam crumbles again and Vince grabs Cam's face, and kisses him hard on the cheek. He pulls away from Cam's cheek and doesn't look at him. "That's the best I can do."

Cam grins. "Okay. That's a little better." He sniffles.

I smile, knowing that was pretty much the best "I love you" Cam was going to receive from Vince right now, and he looks pretty satisfied with it. I check my clock, and it reads ten 'o six.

God. I'm ready for bed.

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