It is that time of day where one mentally and physically prepares himself for rest. It is the time of day where the brain releases melatonin into the blood stream and instructs the body that sleeping is around the corner. Despite the oncoming drowsiness and lowering of my body temperature, I stand out on my balcony that overlooks the magnificent Mountain View.

I look out at the horizon and am met with the breath taking scenery known as a sunset. It is the same just as every other evening; a slow but steady process where the sky morphs from hues of pinks and oranges to violets and eventually total darkness. Despite the repetitiveness of this event, I am still in awe of just how spectacular it is! Sure, I've seen sunsets all the time back home, however, the difference is that there is another body in the sky: a ringed planet that appears to float over our heads. The sole moon and the incoming stars are nothing compared to that sight. The planet glows as the fading sunlight still manages to shine through.

Pulling me from my admiration is a pair of strong arms that wrap around my slender waist. I feel a face press against my hair. A slight sniffling is heard followed by a contented sigh. I lean back and slightly angle my head to face the welcomed newcomer. He looks human, with his sunlight hair and ocean eyes, yet he is very different. He is my star-crossed lover.

"Aren't you coming to bed?" He asks in his deep and rich voice.

I kiss him softly on the lips, my lover hums quietly in delight. "I will come shortly. I just wish to enjoy the view."

My lover looks back at the scenery. "It is quite the view." He comments.

I briefly laugh. "Thank goodness Nasa got more funding for its space program, otherwise I would not be here." I reply good-heartedly.

My lover attempts to hide his laugh with a cough. "Yes, well, it was about time that you humans learned to travel the stars."

I lightly punch him on the shoulder. "Oh hush." I say. "Better late than never, as our expression goes."

"Maybe," my lover replies, "but you know that I don't like to be kept waiting." He then kisses me again.

I pull back after a few pecks and hum in thought. "Never in a million years would I have ever thought this to be possible. I always thought I'd be dead before humanity managed to master spaceflight." I shrug. "Good thing I was proven wrong." I then smile at my lover. "If someone told me ten years ago that I would be on an alien planet with an alien lover enjoying the sunset, I would have asked what drug they were on."

My lover laughs loudly. "I never would have imagined either that I'd fall for a human. You're all so soft and squishy."

I mock pout. "You look human! Besides, you've never complained about my softness before." I winked.

That compelled a low growl to vibrate deep within his chest as his hold on me slightly tightens. The very sound caused a shudder of arousal to pass through me.

"I've grown accustomed to it." He says huskily.

I chuckle. "Despite how foreign and new this is for me, I wouldn't change anything about it." As I said that, I fully turn around and wrap my arms around my lover's neck as I melt into him.

It was true; even though he wasn't human, I still felt safe and loved in his embrace. This was truly home, even if it wasn't Earth.

We stand there for a few minutes, just enjoying the peace and serenity that took hold.

"The universe is open for us." My lover finally says with a hint of pride and awe.

I smile in reply. "Yes," I say softly, "yes it is."

Abruptly I wake up, although I am met with the sight of a plain square floor. Feeling claustrophobic, I get up and open the door to my balcony. This one is far smaller than the one in my dream, and the view did not even compare to what I have seen. My eyes narrow in discomfort from the intense rays of the midday sun, and a slight feeling of disappointment and want stir within me.

"Oh well." I grumble. "A girl can dream."