-Note that in the beginning, the term I is used a lot. Sorry D: Also please realize that this story is NOT to be long (with words) and it cliff hangs a lot at the end of most chapters, as this builds more suspense, and makes people want to come back to read what happens :)

There was a big explosion. All fifty states could hear it. The world literally shook and then everything went out. All the lights, all the computers, all the TV's, and anything electrical. I looked around my room and my robot maid, K-F-10 shook and overloaded. It wasn't normal. I ran to my desk and grabbed my glasses, and went to the window. Everything was knocked out. I zoomed in about 50% and I saw buildings crumbling down. I closely examined, and every building was falling. I realized that it wasn't going to stop and I grabbed everything that was precious, including the picture of my parents.

I grabbed my high-tech boots that allowed me to run about 25 times a normal human could. The house started to shake and I knew I couldn't wait any longer. I started to walk against the metal grated floor, towards my parents corridor. About two minutes afterwards, I started to run normally. The shoes ran on solar electricity and the power everywhere was knocked out.

"Cole?!", said my mom. At least she was alright. I started running as fast as I could with my regular feet. "I'm coming mom! Just run to me!". I could hear my mom's panting and desperation to get towards me. Or maybe that was just me imagining things.

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!". My mom dropped hard, and I heard a loud thump. I ran for about three more minutes and I saw her body. I nearly threw up. Her head looked fried and her body was twisted in all sorts of ways. It looked like something out of a horror movie, but this was worse. This was real.

The house was still shaking and I knew I had to move. Even though my mom was dead inside the house, I knew I couldn't afford to die too. I cried silently as I made my way out the house. The exit to the house was about three minutes away from where I stood now. I was prepared to go, but I heard my dog, Leo, barking. I couldn't leave her here to die.

The house's main interior started crumbling and the metal grate underneath my feet was breaking apart. I dove towards the safest looking part that lead to my dog's kennel, which was by the living room. My mind was racing and then the grate underneath my feet collapsed. I fell for what seemed like an hour and my back hit the ground beneath me.