!HEADS UP!This is going to be a bunch of one-shots and funny character interactions that I am inspired to write about. So BE WARNED there will not be a solid plot to this nor will it make sense if you try and connect the chapters . . . well some might but it is unintentional. I will give backgrounds, and other things I think about while writing each chapter but hopefully they won't be too extensive. So please enjoy my spurts of imagination!


Ok so this one was inspired by Assassin's Creed 3, I hope you enjoy! ^-^

Running through the forest was one of Lydia's childhood pastimes. The warm sun shining through the autumn colored leaves was and still is her second favorite thing besides watching light shine off the cotton clouds in the sky. But now that she is an adult and running from a group of red coats her mind isn't able to linger in the past for very long. It is her first time escaping a group of redcoats and thank god for the distraction farther up the road. As she sprints Lydia realizes that she has never traveled this far east into this part of Massachusetts before. At least she hopes she is still in Massachusetts.

As Lydia runs she hears water, lots of water. With her next deep breath she smells cool salt water. Waves? A small ocean swell can be heard crashing on cliff sides, the calls of seagulls fill the air, and the mumbling of people gives her a bit of hope. A port, already? Turning a hard right with the help of a tree trunk she stumbles off into a weary sprint. Before long she reaches the edge of the forest and a single docking port with a large ship in the water. "Seems like a good place to-"

"FIRE!" Hitting the ground hard Lydia is barley grazed with a slug on her arm and leg before looking behind her to see that the red coats have caught up. Running to the nearest drift wood shed she opens the door with a bit of trouble and little success. "READY," a shock jolts through her setting fire to her blood, "AIM," she wiggles through the small opening of the sliding door, "FIRE!" The pain of falling through the small opening isn't as bad as the bullet in her shoulder from one of the many echoing shots. As the redcoats reload as quickly as they can, pain filled yells can be heard from inside the shed. The leader of the small band of redcoats listens to the tumbling crates and jimmying doors crash and shake from inside the small shed. He figures that she has at least a wounded leg and, possibly, a limp arm. He smiles "Don't worry men she isn't going anywhere fast." A short moment passes before the redcoats are lined up again. Drawing his sword the leader holds its point to the ground waiting for his men to check their sites "Make this one count men; she doesn't have much room to move."

Inside the shed it is dark and still; with only a light breathing that moves the unsettled dust in the air. "READY," a small wick glows a faint gold color as the dim light shines on a large iron barrel, "AIM,"

Sneering lips curl into a devious smile on a shaded face as an evil chuckle lightly floats in the air. And just like the calm before a storm a small pause is heard before Lydia lowers the glowing wick and whispers, "Fire." A short hiss and an ear shattering boom later the door in front of her now has a gaping hole and the red coats are blown away. On a lesser note the ringing in her ears keep her from hearing her own thoughts and the headache and wounded shoulder isn't helping things. Stumbling to the side door she kicks it open on the third try and is blinded by the sudden burst of sun light. Covering her eyes she leans back on the shed's outer wall. Rubbing her eyes trying to somehow clear the blinding light from them she takes a few awkward steps forward before her shoulder hits with another and another and then the hard ground. Hitting her head on something harder than ground she can't help but letting the darkness drown her in the sweet pleasure of feeling, seeing, and hearing . . . nothing.

Sooooooooooo . . . thoughts, critiques? . . . I am really sorry this left off at a cliffhanger by the way. it just kind of popped up in my head and I had to write it. Anyways if anyone wants a follow up TELL ME and I will get to work on it!

P.S. Whoever heard Loki's voice when reading my A/N I love you ^-^