This is a story about the end. Not the beginning of the end but the end of the end, the last of the human race, the end of the their planet of the rise of the vampire. I have been asked by my superior to look back and record the details of the last group of survivors, and to my disgust I was forced to comply. This document tracks the last humans as far back as I can trace, which luckily is not too far. Let us begin.

Megan sat on the balcony of the windmill, staring out on the fields of overgrown grass, which had engulfed any houses standing in its path. She held her rifle close, if she saw anyone they would be shot, Sucker or otherwise. There was a slight breeze whipping across the top of the long brown grass, making it dance and swirl. It also made it hard to see if there was a person moving in amongst it, but that was the least of her worries. She could see a large bright light on the horizon, she knew it was wasn't just the sun, that was already down and only a slight trace of pink remained on the nearly black sky.

There was a knock on the window behind her. She turned around to see Charlie, he held up two steaming mugs and smiled. She slid the window open, and he climbed on, laying the drinks down by her side. He slid down next to the mugs and breathed deeply.

"That what I think it is?" He said, the smile disappearing.

"Bottlelake City." I said, looking at him. Charlie was two years younger than Megan but still managed to be a whole head taller than her, he was fit underneath the thick puffer jacket he was wearing. Megan had always been annoyed that even in the middle of summer they were layering themselves thick with clothing. It was the only protection they had from the Suckers.

"Two whole years of this damned war and I ain't seen nothing like that." He said, shaking his head slightly. His southern drawl still amused her, but this time it didn't make her laugh, it made her remember his story, why he was with her band of survivors. The south was the first region to fall. Vampires had literally swarmed the place, setting all the buildings alight. Back then they didn't know it was a tactic. The suckers would then surround the burning area and cart all the captured humans to their farms, where they milked them of their blood like cattle. He and his family had tried to escape but had been split up. When the group had searched the burnt ruins of his home town we found no trace of them anywhere, so they assumed that they had been taken too. He still had an ugly scar on his neck, Megan couldn't help but stare at it. Out of the four of them, he was the only one to have been bitten. They knew from the terror they had seen that a bite didn't turn you into a vampire, it was a long and painful process and not something that most people survived.

"We were just in that city," he said, looking out at the flickering shape on the horizon, "What if we had still been there? What if those Suckers had gotten us too?" She knew why he was worried. After losing his family to those monsters, his fear of them had only heightened.

"They didn't though, did they Charlie?" He remained silent, "Did they?"

"No..." He said, looking at Megan, "But they should have done."