Megan could feel the warm summers breeze dance through her fingers as she stepped out of the RV and into the sunlight. The sky in the distance had a bluey green haze to it which Megan had never seen before. The mountains towered in the distance, making all of the surrounding hills look small and insignificant. Megan wanted to take a moment to absorb their surroundings, but this was not a pit stop, the RV was out of petrol. Despite the favourable conditions it may have been raining cats and dogs for all she cared, they were in the middle of the country side, with no petrol and after reassuring Jo that they would be fine she had forgotten to top up the tank. They had driven past three petrol stations since then and not once had she thought to top up, not once! Petrol stations were more like pot luck centres in Megan's opinion. Some had been topped up just before the apocalypse, waiting to be used, while others had been near empty and had never had the chance that the others had of the gas truck making it before the suckers did.

"Those stupid mutations! Why did they have to ruin everything?" She yelled, locking a wheel with her leather cladded foot. Charlie followed Jo and Esme out of the car with a solum look on his face.

"Listen," said Charlie, putting a hand on Megan's shoulder, "we still got battery life left in the old girl! I reckon we push the old girl to the side of the road and live off all the food that will spoil once the battery runs out, then we can take all the canned stuff on the road with us until we find a city."

"I'm not heading to city." She said bluntly.

"And why the heck not?" Said Charlie growing more and more frustrated by the second.

"We had adults before Bottlelake City! Real life adults that we cared about! And before that they lost their daughter to one of those things! We have lost EVERYTHING because of those stupid suckers! The only thing we have left are food and shelter. That's it! What if you die next? I can't live with that."

"She's right." said Esme, walking to Megan's side. In honesty she had forgotten that she was there thanks to Charlie's intervention. Megan had never been a big fan of Esme, but she appreciated her support, especially because she and Charlie never argued. Ever since they had had their 'thing' going she had never disagreed with him. 'She must feel really strongly about this' thought Megan.

Jo stepped in-between all of them suddenly, making everyone jump. "We can decided that later guys!" She said wearily, "but right now we have other issues."
"Like what?" Said Charlie.

But before she could answer a red car stopped just on-top of a stray sucker, who had made its way over unnoticed.

"That." Said Jo.

Two men sat in the bright red Toyota, which appeared to have been kitted out by the two of them. A long samurai sword had been welded to each door, the windows had been bared up and the open hatch roof now had what appeared to be a revolving machine gun with wooden spikes instead of bullets.

"Stay by the RV. If they get out, get out your guns." Said Jo.
Slowly and cautiously the men got out goof the car as the teens edged back towards the RV.

"Stop!" Said one of the guys, "We don't want to hurt you."

Megan looked at the two men. The driver looked like a hippy. He was wearing a tie die top, which his beaded dreads fell onto, covering the top half completely. He wore long denim jeans and a pair of doc martins. It was an odd combination, but obviously he wasn't phased.

The second man was from military. He had cropped blonde blonde hair, a white vest through which you could see his muscley physique. His long camouflage pants were tucked into his military grade boots, and a gun hung from the holster around his waist.

"That's an open invite for us too shoot!" Said Megan. At that moment everyone pulled their guns and pointed them at the hippy and the soldier. "If you don't leave now we will fire!" She continued. They both raised their hands slowly.
"We are just looking for food! Not trouble! Please if you have any spare!"

But the whole exchange was interrupted when the rumbling began and the scent of blood filled the air.