Author's Note: This was a difficult story to write. I read four novels on this, one movie, and one TV show. Addiction is something that my family has never experienced. I have lost many friends to drugs. They were nice people until they made friends with a substance. This story has been rated "T" for substance abuse, touchy subject matter, and content.

Chapter One: Alone

I don't belong in this place. I deserve to be out in the world so that everyone can see my beautiful face. In here, the addicts are the only ones who get to see me.

Right now, in this moment, no one gets to see me. I am alone, left here to die in this cold, miserable place. Ugh, why can't the let me out? I would happily share a room with a much uglier girl than myself.

Yep, I have certainly and unquestionably reached a low point in my life.

And it's all because of him.

You see, I like my girls my age, fell for the pretty boy next door. He was the type of boy that people warned me about; they told me to stay away from him and that he would cause me nothing but trouble. Did I listen to them? Of course. They weren't in charge of me. The state of West Virginia was/is in charge of me.

Well, anyway, pretty boy got me presents and one thing led to another. Meagan, a nark, found out about us and had us arrested. Then, the judge gave me a choice since it was the first time I had really been in any sort of trouble. So, I chose to come to this place. It's a rehab center for teenagers.

I don't know if it's a nice place or not. I haven't gotten the chance to see it yet.

I wonder where he is, the One Who Caused Me to Come Here. If he is here, he had better watch out. I may kill him if I get the chance. It would be worth spending forever in orange and in a cell for the rest of my life to kill him. It's all his fault. None of this could possibly be my fault; pretty girls are never the cause of any trouble.

It's always the other person's fault.

I sit on in bed and look around. The room is my prison. It keeps me from the outside world and makes me truly alone in this life. Whatever...It's not like anyone cares for me. I have always been alone in the world anyway. Why should this come as a shock?
Nobody cares for a foster child.

Nobody cares for a drunk's daughter.

Nobody cares for a girl whose mother is in jail.

It's just that simple! Nobody cares!
My worse fear was that I would become like my mother. I tried so hard not to become like her. I was so stupid for thinking that I would be different. I guess the saying is actually true. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.