Author's Note: This was a difficult story to write. I read four novels on this, one movie, and one TV show. Addiction is something that my family has never experienced. I have lost many friends to drugs. They were nice people until they made friends with a substance. This story has been rated "T" for substance abuse, touchy subject matter, and content.

Chapter Six: The Call

I look out of the window in my door. "I NEED A PHONE!" I scream hoping that someone, anyone would hear me. "I NEED A PHONE RIGHT NOW!" I hit the glass as hard as I can. How dare these people ignore me like this!

A nurse passes in front of my window. Her head is down as she reads something off a chart. I don't care whose chart that is. They are not as important as I am.

"HEY!" I scream as I hit the glass again. "I NEED AT PHONE!"

The nurse about drops the chart. I don't care. All that matter is that I have her attention. She goes over to the wall and pushes the intercom. "What did you say, dear?" she asks in a sweet voice.

"I NEED A PHONE!" I scream back.

"I'm sorry, dear, but you're not allowed to use the phone. It's against our residence policy."


The nurse doesn't answer.

"Look, it's to Mr. Flinns regarding my case," I say in my indoor voice.

"What about it?" the nurse asks, her voice is filled with interest. The Flinns must have talked to the staff about this.

"I need to tell him my answer."

The nurse sighs. "And I suppose that you can't just give your answer and I'll call him?"


"Of course," the nurse says with an eye roll. "Let me put these charts away and we'll see what we can do."

I nod. Maybe there are some nice people in this place. She had just better not go back on her word after all of these nice thoughts.

While I wait, I pace. I can't just sit there and hope that she comes back. My mind would just go even crazier that it already is.

A few minutes later, I look out my window and she is there putting in the code to unlock my door. I hear it snap and the door opens. "Alright, make it quick," she says.

I nod and follow her down the hall. She leads me to a small room with a desk that only has a phone and chair.

"Just remember all calls are recorded," the nurse says. "So, don't even think about trying anything."

As I dial the Flinns number, I give her my best innocent face.

It rings...What if they don't pick up? It rings again...What is they say it's too late?

"Hello?" Mr. Flinns voice fills my ear.

I take a deep breath. "I'll do it," I say into the phone and, then, I hang up.