Do you believe in life after death?

Do you believe that Heaven and Hell exists?

Do you believe that when something supernatural happens, it's the work of some unknown entity you couldn't see?




Well, I sure do.

Why, you ask? Simple. I've experienced it all myself.

Seeing ghosts, fighting Yokai, saving the world... Or close to destroying it... Yeah. Those had been part of my life ever since I turned into one myself.




But no. I didn't turn into one of those...those things...


I, Hisaki Kaidou, have been granted the ability to fight off those accursed Yokai by being reborn into a lean, mean, fighting machine called a Celestial Spirit, working side by side with the secret organization called...




Spirit Seekers.

Though, at the beginning, I do not yet know of their existence... Nor the fact that I could fight, or the fact that I would attract trouble wherever I go.




All I know is that, after I died, that's where all of my adventures began.

The sky began to darken. Thunder boomed and lightning crashed from the heavens. Little by little, water drizzled down from the dark and gloomy clouds of Shibuya. I gazed at the droplets of water passing through me like anyone - and anything - else. This reminds me of that 'little incident' I had three days ago. It was at the first day of school...

The sun shone brightly as I walked along the crossing. At day, the people here are quite busy. At night, even busier. Anyways, as I walked along the path to school, someone caught my eye. I froze right where I was standing when I saw her. I had never seen such a cute girl in my entire life. I froze alright, but my feet dragged me towards her, like a metal pulled in by a magnet. Soon I was standing beside her, staring at her beauty.

She had everything that I like in a girl and more. Silky white hair going down to her waist, lustrous crimson colored eyes, luscious pink lips, and a very womanly body. I didn't notice that I was staring too long for her to notice me. "Is something wrong?" she asked. My face suddenly felt hot, so I looked away.

"N-no. N-nothing's wrong..." I replied. Ugh. I feel so stupid. After a few more minutes of silence, I thought of bringing up a topic. "Uh...A-are y-you w-waiting for s-someone...?" Argh! What's wrong with me?

"Hmm..? Oh, yeah. I'm waiting for my boyfriend." she said, looking around for a bit.

"I-I see..." I let out a depressed sigh. My heart felt like it was shot by a gun. "I...I'll be going...then..." I said. I was about to leave when she suddenly grabbed my arm.

"Wait. Do you study at AGU too?" she asked, staring right at me.

Okay. Let me explain. AGU, an abbreviation of the school I go to, meaning Aoyama Gakuen University. A prestigious school for rich what I think, cause I'm not rich. You might be wondering: "If it's for rich people, then how come you're studying at that school?" ...Well, that's the problem. There are two reasons why I'm studying there, actually. One is because I currently have a bank account with a whooping five million yen deposited in it. And no, I didn't steal that. My uncle put it there.

Second reason is because I live in Shibuya. In an apartment not too far from where I'm standing now. AGU's rather close to Shibuya, so I chose to study there to save time on commuting... And there you have it.

Now, where was I? Oh yeah. I was about to answer that pretty girl's question. Well then...

"I...guess...?" I said, which reminds me... I looked at my watch - 7:50 A.M. Oh man, I'm gonna be late. And on the first day too.

"Then take me with you. I can't wait any longer." she said, clinging at my arm. My heart skipped a beat.

"O-okay...I guess..." I said, then both of us ran off. We arrived at our classroom not a moment too soon. Turns out we're classmates.

"Attention everyone." the teacher called out. Everyone immediately settled down. "Let's start with the introductions, shall we? Starting from you." then pointed at the girl beside me. The same girl I met earlier. She stood up from her seat and walked in front. I noticed that everyone was staring at her, mostly boys.

"Hello everyone. My name is Ayame Michiko, nice to meet you." she said, then winked at me. Uh, what was that all about? As she made her way back to her seat, the teacher pointed at me. I guess that means I'm next.

I stood up and made my way in front. When I was about to pass Michiko-san, she stopped and held my hand. I, too, stopped and looked at her. She leaned to my ear, then whispered:"Meet me at Hachiko after school." Okay, awkward. Anyways, I continued to walk in front.

"Please tell us your name." the teacher said. I know, I know.

"Um...Hi, my name is Hisaki Kaidou..." I paused when I noticed that Ayame-san was smiling at me. She looked so beautiful and innocent. Right. What the hell am I saying. "...nice to meet you..." I finished, then made my way back to my seat.

"Nice to meet you too, Hisaki-kun~!" I stared at her. She was smiling at me.

" too...Michiko-san." I said, then looked away. I feel like I'm blushing right now. She suddenly held my left arm, which I think made me blush. I was going to stare at her again, but stopped when she leaned over to my ear.

"Please, just call me Ayame~" she said. Um, is it hot in here or is it just me? Oh yeah, it's me, 'cause my face is burning hot right now. After class, I hurried towards Hachiko, though I have no idea why. When I arrived, the place was full of people, as usual.

"Why didn't you wait for me there?!" I heard someone shout. Then I heard something like a slap sound. Everyone started to huddle up near the statue. I wonder what's going on.

I walked through the crowd, then I saw her. I quickly ran to her, not minding the other people here. "Are you okay Ayame?!" I asked, helping up. Apparently, the guy behind me slapped her so hard she fell down.

"Y-yeah. I'm okay." she said, then glared at the red-haired teen behind me.

"So, is this the scum you were talking about?!" he said.

"Excuse me?" I said, then looked at him. Did I hear that right?

"Yes, he is. And he's not a 'scum' he's my new boyfriend." Ayame said. ...Say wha...?

"Then he'll have to 'go away' now." Took me long to find out that he had a gun with him. Once the crowd found out, some quickly ran away while the others tried to stop that maniac. He cocked his gun and struggled pointing it at me. Out of instinct, I quickly ran to him and grabbed his arm, trying to shake off his gun as the others held him back. He repeatedly kicked me in the thigh, while I continuously tried to take the gun away from him.

I didn't notice that, while struggling, I accidentally twisted his arm up to my chest, the gun pointing right next to where my heart is.

Then, the trigger was pulled.

Instantly, the bullet pierced right through my chest. I dropped down as blood ran through my wound. At this rate, I'll die of blood-loss if the ambulance doesn't get here sooner. The crowd frantically scattered away, some called the police and the ambulance, and the others chased the guy who shot me. On the other hand, Ayame sat there, crying, while hugging me tight.

"No, don't die...please..." she said. As blood continued to flow from my wound, I know I don't have much time left.

"Ayame...don't...cry..." I said, struggling in the process.

"Hisaki.." she said, still hugging me.

"Even though...we've only...just...met..." I stroked her hair, knowing that it would be the last. "...I that..." No, not yet. I still have something to say.

"That...?" she asked, wiping up her tears.

I smiled, then coughed out some blood. "I want to say that...I...will love you...forever...Ayame..." I said, then slowly closed my eyes. Goodbye, Ayame. I don't want to leave you, but I can't do anything now. I'm sorry...


"Waaaaahhh!" I shouted, then jumped, causing me to fall back. That was even louder than the thunder.

"Oh, sorry! Are you okay?" she asked, helping me up.

"Yeah, I'm okay...I guess..." I replied, then looked at Hachiko's statue.

"Hmph! Why are you always like that?" I gave her a confused look. "What do you mean?" I asked.

"Hmph!" she said, then turned away. What's her problem?

"What?" I asked.

"You are so... Argh!" she said, then ran off. Riiiiight. If you're wondering who that was, her name is Eri Nariko. I met her yesterday while I was busy sulking here. I'm glad that I met her though. It's lonely being a spirit. Yes, that's right. I'm a spirit, not a ghost. Spirits and ghost are different according to Eri. How did I become a spirit? Well, right after I died, a voice called out to me. It said: 'Do you want to live?' and obviously my answer was yes. Then a bright light enveloped me and BAM! Here I am.

This isn't exactly what I meant by 'alive', but I guess this is alright. I can watch over Ayame because of this. "Hisaki-kun!" I looked to see who called, well, I know already who.

"What is it, Eri?" I asked, raising an eyebrow.

"No time... Follow me, quick!" she panicked, then ran off, dragging me in the process.

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