"So... Ghost, huh." Triton said, eyeing me like a predator would to its prey. "When's your deadline?"

"Deadline?" Eri asked, looking at both Triton and me with worry. "Do you mean to say that onii-chan would..."

"Depends." Triton shrugged. "If he doesn't get back to his body before his deadline passes, well... Its either he crosses over, or ceases to exist in this world."

"What he said." I agreed glumly. "If I'd known a little bit earlier, then I could've set out to hunt for my body... Wherever the ambulance took or buried it into..."

For a long while, nobody uttered neither words nor sound. Not even a single stare was placed upon me after I told them about me.

...And then the twins Yukina and Yukano just HAD to laugh out loud...

"What's so funny?!" Ayumi yelled, almost slapping both 10-year-old's faces, but managed to stop herself just before it connected. "...You know something, don't you?! If you do, then spit it out or so help me-!"

"Why are you helping them, Ayumi?" asked an eerily smiling Yukano. "I remember you plotting everyday to kill your sister, yet why are you helping them?"

"...Idiot." was the only reply of Ayumi, leaving the two kids in quite a confused state.

...She never once spoke to them again after that...

"I...have more bad news, guys." I said after, what, five or so minutes? Yeah, I don't know. "I... My deadline... It's until this Sunday..."

"What?!" Ryouhei yelled in outrage. "But what about your - our - birthday party!? Don't tell me you'll be disappearing then...!?"

A nod was enough to shut him up. And, to make things even more worse, Yukina blurted out something rather disturbing.

"You want to know about Daisuke's 'project'?" the blonde said, smiling eerily just like her sister. "Heh. Since you guys don't have neither time or man-power to stop us, then I'll gladly tell you what I know."

"And what do you mean by that?" Dad sternly said, crossing his arms over his chest and huffed in annoyance.

"I meant what I said. You guys are weak and out of time."

"That's it!" Triton yelled, then tried to lunge at Yukina, but Ryouhei grabbed and wrestled him to a stop. "Let me go! I'm gonna wring that pretty little neck of hers until she runs out of air! Let me go!"

"Let her speak, Triton..." I said, shaking my head. "...And calm down a bit, will you?"

Again, I sent the proud Triton di Cielo grumbling in defeat.

"Ahahaha...! You shouldn't have stopped him, you know. 'Cause you might not like what you'll hear." Yukina said. Then, with just a venomous glare from me, I got her talking and got her really nervous at the same time. "Alright... Your uncle's planning on making use of your body - making it a weapon, perhaps - just before you come to your senses and take it back... But you're all too late. I'm betting that he's finished right about now."

...She's right. I didn't like it the first time I figured it out, and I still don't like it the second time...

"What do you mean by 'making use', you little bitch?!" Triton yelled, still struggling himself free on Ryouhei's arm-lock. "And how the hell would he 'make use' of a cold, un-moving corpse?!"

"He has a point... Though quite rude." Beside him, the pink-haired Captain Hanazawa Mio - arms crossed while leaning side-by-side with her sister (Are they joined in the hip or what?) - spoke up for the first time since I noticed her presence. "Why would he go out of his way just to pick up a lifeless corpse?"

"...I guess I never told you guys, huh..." I muttered, but everyone unfortunately heard. And, seeing the 'I want an explanation' expressions on their faces, I hesitantly continued, "I... Back when I lived at the Palace of the Gods... Well, actually, Luna..." I then glanced back at the said girl, who nodded to me in turn. And with that, I again continued, "She... She sealed the King's Power - the power of royalty - back at my body... Well, half of it. Other half's on the me right here."

...Words have never felt like acid on my mouth 'till today...

After my little remark, the following silence that's formed was a little too deafening. You could literally hear the sound of a pin dropping a mile away from this silence. And, to top it off, everyone kept looking back and forth between me and a guilty-looking Luna... But that's all. No 'Are you kidding?' or 'Seriously?!' or any other wild outbreaks or comments. Just plain, old-fashioned staring.

I don't even know what they're feeling right now - catching up with what was going on.

Yeah. That's right. What Sol had told me back at my 'Dream World' - how I became this strong so suddenly, and how I 'mastered' Ayame's Five Spirit Formulas in just eight hours - was this.

It was because I had the King's Power - Deus Archive, power of royalty, whatever you want to call it - sealed inside me. All that extra Mana bolstered every type of senses I had, strengthened every type of Spirit Arts I cast, and raised my over-all performance with whatever I do in my everyday life - running, cleaning, cooking, thinking and everything else...

Oh, and I know now why I became a half-Soul half-Spirit (Also known as a Ghost). In fact, how you turn into a Soul was no different than how you turn into a Spirit. An unknown force uses a powerful medium emitting from the body - either emotion or desire. In my case, both were strong. The fact that it was impossible to turn into half means that I shouldn't have existed, but thanks to the King's Power granting me immortality (Yeah. It exists), I was able to survive - and even made - the process.

...Say hello to the first ever Ghost that's me...

"How long will you idiots be staring at the both of them?!" shouted both Ayame and Ayumi, snapping us back to the real world. "He has the King's Power - power of royalty - whatever! So what?! Does that change anything?!" When one Captain (*Cough* Roy Mayers *Cough*) opened his mouth to speak, well, Ayame didn't give him a chance to. "No! No, it does not!"

"Yes it does." I thought. "I'm now the most powerful being in the supernatural world... That title alone makes everyone around me want to fear me and never want to get close to me."

"Shut it, Hisaki!" Ayame suddenly yelled at me. To her side, Ayumi had her arms crossed while shaking her head in sympathy. "Don't you dare say that thought out loud or so help me I'm gonna strangle you!"

Gulp. "Y-yes ma'am."

...Dang. I forgot that she can read my mind...

"Well, she's right." Surprisingly, it was Eri who said that. And, as I met her eyes, she smiled at me - the brightest I've seen her do. "I don't care about all that complicated stuff. Onii-chan is onii-chan."

"You heard the girl." Ryouhei said, grinning. "Whatever happens, you're still our little brother. That won't change no matter what."

"...You guys..." I muttered. I can feel myself tearing up- Oops. I cried. "Now look what you made me do!"


Have I ever said that I love these guys? I did? Well, I'll say it again. Over and over if I have to.

...Sometimes, I wonder if it was okay to have two loving and caring families...

Our class of 2-A at AGU... I consider them as my first family ever since I started my search for my real one. Right after I 'helped' every one of them with their 'problems', we all stuck by each other - for better or worse, in sickness and in health, and everyday that's gone by. Whatever happened, no one was left behind. And now, my second and real family. They've been with me even when I didn't know it (*Cough* Eri *Cough*). They've been protecting me more times than I could've counted, and moreover, just like my first family, they stuck by me and went through lengths just to find me and keep me safe...

...And, even now that I told them that I'd be leaving them soon, they're still there for me...

I... I just don't know what to say anymore.

"Guys, we have two options." I said, sitting down on the nearby couch. "One is to charge directly at the Seven Sentinels' hideout tomorrow, or wait for uncle Daisuke to start the Second Great Yokai War right here in Shibuya until we attack."

"I'll go with the first option." Captain Orimura said. My first time seeing him and I already took back what I said about him being lazy (Well, sort of). He had puke-green hair and lime-green, serious-looking eyes. He had a chiseled jaw-line, having a visible cheekbone on one side, and was wearing a calm and angry(?) expression. He was wearing plain, casual clothes - a white shirt, a red coat and denim jeans - and totally didn't look like a lazy old sloth. "We can't risk the safety of the whole city just for this."

"I agree with cheekbones." Triton said, then stared blankly at the other Captain's glare. "What? Don't like the nickname?"

"Stop that, you two." said the Captain of the 7th Squad, Minami Erica-san - wearing a thin, black tank top over a blue, Hello Kitty-printed blouse, coupled with black skinny jeans and sneakers. She looked just like her younger sister... Or is that the other way around? "You're both acting like children. Can you please be serious, for once?"

"Hey, I am serious!" Triton stubbornly protested. Then he pointed towards Orimura-san. "Tell that to lazy-bones over here."

"Triton, will you just stop?" I said rather forcefully. ...And, success! He shut up...! "Thank you. Now, does anybody object? Or has another plan? ...What about you, Dad? What's your opinion on this?"

Then, looking at my smiling father, I raised a puzzled eyebrow.

Why the hell is he smiling in this situation?

"You already took the words right out of my mouth, son." Dad said, still smiling widely. "And I think nobody's gonna object on this one."

At the word 'object', everybody stopped what they were doing and stared accusingly at Triton di Cielo...


...And then laughed. Much to the 18-year-old's annoyance...

"Okay, then." I said, wiping a tear off my eye. "Sol told me a way on how to open the gate to the Palace of the Gods - where uncle and the others are now residing - other than the original means we were led to believe."

At this, all eyes widened in shock. ...Well, except for Luna, that is. Figured she knew...

"Are you suggesting what I think you're suggesting...?" Luna asked, then leaned on the table on her elbows. "If that's the case, then we don't have the time..."

"Oh, that isn't a problem~!" Sol said as she suddenly switched with me, taking everybody by surprise. ...I can never get used to this... "I already determined who from whom~!"

And by that, she meant which Celestial Spirit resided inside which individual in this room... 'Cause the only other way of entering the Palace of the Gods is for the Seven Celestial Spirits to gather and channel their Mana and energy on to The Key, or in this case, Hope from Pandora's Box.


"Yes, really~!" Sol said, then pointed to Ayame and Eri. "The white-haired girl has Jupiter, while the dark-haired one has Saturn~!" Then she proceeded on pointing towards Ayumi, then lastly, Ryouhei. "The girl has Mars, the boy has Venus, and finally, your little daughter has Mercury~! We're seven here all in all! Isn't that great~?"

When she finished speaking, everyone in the room excluding me gaped in utter surprise.

And then, in this long silence, the sound of the thunder crackling, the whistling of the wind, The crackle of fire and the falling of rocks can be heard all around. And, in the mix of all these noises, Ayame's, Eri's, Ayumi's and Ryouhei's auras flashed, seemingly brighter than the sun itself.

Then the light died down - revealing four beautiful ladies in place of the three girls and one boy sitting on the couch.

Beside me, Eri transformed into the Celestial Spirit Saturn, bearing the element of the wind. Like the rest of her sisters, Saturn and the rest looked exactly alike in facial features. Her distinguishing characteristics were her lime-green hair and yellow eyes, as well as the near-invisible winds that wrapped around her like a snake.

To my right, in place of Ryouhei was Venus, bearing the power of the earth itself. She was second to the youngest of all the sisters - as Sol told me - but has the toughest attitude, too. She had chocolate-brown hair like mine, Dad's and Ryouhei's, and has brown eyes. Unlike the others, her element didn't float about and wrapped around her, but we can feel the pressure of her power, though.

Opposite to us sat Ayame and Ayumi side by side. In place of Ayame, however, was a girl with pale-yellow hair and white eyes. She was the Celestial Spirit Jupiter - the bearer of the powerful lightning. That said, electricity itself crackled all around her like a force-field. Beside her, and in place of Ayumi, was a girl who had white hair and light-blue eyes like Ayumi - the Celestial Spirit Mars, the light bearer. Abiding by that name, her aura was that of a sparkling, twinkling light orbs that blinked once or thrice and encircled her.

And, like Sol, they were wearing the same white kimono and black sash that she was wearing.

"Hello, my sisters~!" Sol happily said as she smiled at the rest. "I think you know what we're about to do, right~?"

"Of course, onee-chan!" Venus said. ...It's kind of awkward, knowing that Ryouhei occupied that body a while ago... "...Is Mercury sleeping in again...?"

"Oh, cut her some slack Venus." said Jupiter as she grinned. "Actually, I want to sleep, too, so... Call me when war happens, okay?"

And with that, Jupiter switched places with Ayame, leaving the latter completely shocked.

"Aww... Juu-chan already left~" Sol said, frowning for the slightest bit that I wouldn't even call it a frown. "Well, that's it for now, sisters~!"

That said, each Celestial Spirit in the room shrugged and switched places with the original owners of their bodies, leaving the room in stunned silence.

"So, Hisaki," Luna said, giving me an amused smile. "How do you like my family?"

I looked at her and gave her a warm smile.

"I think they're great." I replied, then stared at Haru. "And I can't wait to meet the youngest of your sisters."

"I... I don't know what to say..." Haru muttered, completely shell-shocked.

"That's alright, Haru. It was a shock for me - us - too." I said, then smiled. "...Well then, let's get this show on the road, people!"


...The time has finally come...

Looking at everyone in this room, I can't help but smile.

We're coming for you, uncle Daisuke.