This is my first attempt at screenwriting! It's for an animated wolf series I am trying to put together. I'm also in desperate need of an animator and voice actors! Constructive criticism is welcome.



SETTING: The forest. Light is dappled over the ground and a river can be heard in the distance. A young she-wolf, Marza, is seen looking around, concerned.

MARZA: Lux...Lux, we're not playing hide and seek! Where are you?

LUX: (from off in the distance, upset) Go away, you tail chaser!

MARZA: Lux! What would Mom do if she heard you say that?!

LUX: I said go away!

(Marza walks towards the sound of her sister's voice. Lux is seen laying by the river, crying as Marza approaches.)

MARZA: (softly) Lux...What happened?

LUX: (upset) Daddy was talking to me this morning...We were watching the omega, and...and...

(Marza lays down next to her sister.)

MARZA: What did he say?

LUX: He said that if Mom hadn't stopped him, he...he would've made me the omega! Daddy hates me, doesn't he?

MARZA: Oh, Lux...Daddy doesn't hate you.

LUX: You don't know!

MARZA: Why don't we go back to the den, and Mum will bring us lunch? Okay?

LUX: (sniffles) Okay...

(Slowly both wolves get up and walk away from the river.)


SETTING: A big clearing with a cave in the back. Many wolves are mingling, but two lone wolves (Toby and Blitz) lay by the cave, watching Marza and Lux enter.

MARZA: (walking up to the two) Hello, boys!

TOBY: Hi, Marza. Why is Lux hanging back? (looks at Lux who is sitting some yards away)

MARZA: Oh, she's upset. Have the hunters brought back anything?

BLITZ: Not just yet. Willow is telling stories to the pups, if you want to listen in.

MARZA: (smiling) Thank you, Blitz. I think we'll do that.

(Marza walks away, beckoning Lux. The scene zooms in on Willow. Pups are staring wide eyed at the elder, hanging on to every word.)

WILLOW: (smiling) What story would you like to hear, little ones?

PUP 1: Ooh! Ooh! Do the one about the Red Ones!

WILLOW: Are you sure? It's not a tale for small pups.

PUP 2: Oh, yes!

WILLOW: Oh, fine. But don't go crying to your mothers afterwards. Long ago, before I was born, there were two kingdoms; the Kingdom of Snow and the Kingdom of Moss...


SETTING: Throughout Willow's story, the scene shows starving wolves in the snow, a group of wolves running, two wolves talking to another wolf, a wolf with his muzzle covered in blood, Hawk standing proudly, wolves with their faces marked in red, and wolves living peacefully.

WILLOW: The wolves from the Kingdom of Snow were starving. It was almost always winter where they lived, so the prey was not abundant. They decided to send a party of representatives to the Kingdom of Moss to get help.

So off the party went. After star cycles of travelling, they finally made it. Two of the wolves went to speak to the king while the others spoke to the lower wolves. But the king was proud and merciless. He would not help the party of wolves, and did not want them to come back. So he killed them.

What he did not know is that one wolf survived the slaughter. His name was Hawk. Hawk decided to hide out for a while, gather a following, and conquer the kingdom. It turns out that many wolves disliked their king, so he now had a legion of supporters.

Once Hawk killed the king, he marked his face with the evil ruler's blood. His followers copied him by using red berries. That is why they became known as the Red Ones. The Kingdom of Snow soon joined them.

But years passed. The Red Ones disbanded and joined various packs. Some say they are no more, but some say they still live in shadow, living peacefully among themselves...


SETTING: It is nighttime. Lux is getting up from where she sleeps with her mother, father, and sister in the den. She walks outside of the cave to find Toby.

LUX: (in a hushed tone) Toby? Toby?

(Toby rouses from where he sleeps outside of the den.)

TOBY: (groggily) Uh-huh...Lux, what...what are you doing?

LUX: I couldn't sleep.

TOBY: I would, if I could...

LUX: I'm really sorry to disturb you, Toby. I'll go.

TOBY: No, it's okay...What did you want?

LUX: (hesitates) father and I...had a fight. I don't want to sleep next to him. It's childish, isn't it? I should just go back to bed.

TOBY: (astonished) So you're saying you want to sleep out here? With me?

LUX: Yes. You're my best friend, Toby.

TOBY: (blushing) Yeah, that's what I thought. Your father will kill me if he sees you.

LUX: Oh, come on, Toby. I won't let him. (yawns)

(Lux curls up next to Toby. The omega's eyes widen for a second but he slowly relaxes, drifting off into sleep along with his friend.)