Things Are Different

You've always mocked everything I say

And one day I'm going to get you back

I'm tired of walking in your footsteps

I'm tired of trying to live up to your expectations

I'm tired of trying to be who you want me to be

I'm not a little girl anymore

I'm now a woman

And it's time you except that

I can make up my own mind

I don't need you

I can feed myself

I don't need you

I can put myself to bed

You always act like I'm just so innocent

But I know more than you think

So stop treating me like a child

Cause I'm tired of it

Just leave me alone

And let me be who I'm supposed to be

I can't do anything

With you standing over my shoulder

I am not your baby girl

I am all grown up now

You'll have to let go of the past

And while you're at it

Let go of me

I'm not going to be quiet anymore

This is it

I'm starting a new life

I will speak my mind

I'm going to tell you exactly how I feel

I won't hold anything back

Not ever again, no not again

I don't want to seem mean

But if I have to be I will

If you hurt me

I'll do the same

That's how things work in this world

I won't let you hurt me again

Those days are in the past

I'm not here for your enjoyment

I am a person with feelings

And it's time you realized that

You slap, I'll slap

You punch, I'll punch

You scream, I'll scream

Things are different now

That time is over