One shot about a cliche.


The prongs of her comb hooked on her hair and gradually glides down to the end of her glowingly smooth hair as if like an object sliding down from a peak of a waterfall. Lithany was glad about the fact that she had successfully coloured her hair into a shade of dark brown that looked quite natural on her, rather than her original hair colour, which was black.

Today was an important event to Lithany. Not merely because her cousin was getting married, but because she was about to confront her appalling, detestable, pretentious and utterly loathsome relatives after years of vanishing to the United Kingdom for a few years.

Lithany would dare to admit that she grew up with the greatest parents ever; they've managed to work their ass off from the lowest standard of the pyramid to the top, to afford her into the prestigious academies, and daring to invest a large sum of dough in her interests. For learning instruments, wasn't cheap.

Growing up in a competitive family, it was hard to not compare herself to her other cousins supposing all her aunts have done it for her. She usually won academically wise to her good-for-nothing cousins, but she was still an average comparing herself to her mates in school. With that, Lithany thought it would be sufficient for her.

But, there was something that still bothered her- her appearance.

Each and everyone of their cousin was beautiful and stick thin no matter how much they eat and somehow, Lithany had not inherited the genes that she would kill for. So, since adolescent, Lithany would watch her cousins wearing strapless dresses and actually looking good in them, swinging around the dance floor and as for herself, she was labeled as the 'girl who needs to lose some weight', and she would spend the whole event sitting with her parents in a dark and sleeved dress.

Even though, the words of criticism that came out from her aunts' monstrous mouth were malicious, it did not put her down to the point where she wanted to jump out the window, or stick a finger down her throat everyday. Lithany tried to avoid as many spiteful events as she could and focused on studying, managing to get into one of the most known universities in the world under a scholarship.

After years of spending her days in United Kingdom, an invite from her cousin, Janet, summoned her back to her country. Janet was the only person who treated Lithany with care without any purpose of competition amongst Lithany's monster-like-cousins, so that was what made Lithany reply to the invitation with a yes.

And now, it was about time for Lithany to attempt to embrace the change she had developed throughout the years and not bother about the criticism that was going to be thrown at her.

Lithany had not changed much. The habit of not exercising frequently and dieting was still there, so she had not thinned down much but the constant walking around the city had been treated as a exercise to Lithany, considering it had gain a tad of stamina. Her skin was a shade fairer after spending so much time in a country, which had not much sun. Other than that, there was nothing much to change anymore, she was still the same girl.

"Lith, it's time to go," Lithany's mother knocked on the mahogany door, popped her head into her sight and told her. Lithany nodded as a response and placed her comb down. She took a deep breath and stood up from her chair, looking at the mirror for one last time ensuring herself that this wedding event,

Might be better.



"I see you did not change at all, Lithany!" Aunt Jillian said to Lithany, probably indicating it as an insult but Lithany tried to take it as a compliment, as sometimes, change can be bad too.

"Yes, and I can see you did not too." But of course, Lithany was lying. She could see a few wrinkles forming on the top of Aunt Jillian's forehead, despite how many non-aging vaccinations she may have taken when she realised she was about to develop into a raisin-of-a-face.

"Well, I think I might have also gave this part of my genes to Felicia here, as she did not change at all too! As beautiful as usual, don't you think Lithany?" Aunt Jillian said, as she gestured to her daughter, who was talking to a few gentlemen, who were friends to the groom.

Felicia was indeed gorgeous, she had coloured her hair into blonde with light brown highlights. She had a slightly tightened pink dress on, which reached above her knees, the area around her chest covered in sparkles till her waist. Her tall heels made her legs looked even longer than usual.

"Yes, she is gorgeous." Lithany said, truthfully. After a few similar chats with her aunts, she thought it was about time to sit back down and wait for the event to be over with because expectations have once again let Lithany down. This event was just as horrendous as the past ones when she was just an adolescent.

Lithany was seated with her parents, Aunt Kate and Jane and Uncle Henry and Liam, who were more tolerable and thank god, who didn't have children to compare them to her.

The women were talking about the fashion around the wedding hall, as the men talked about cars and business.

"Has school been treating you well?" questioned Aunt Kate.

"Yes, it's quite easy to adapt after the first few months." Lithany replied, adjusting her dress. She was wearing a sleeved turquoise coloured dress reaching above her knees, which hopefully could make her thick legs seem longer and make her look skinner than usual.

She has yet to fully conquer her insecurities.

"Have any suitors or admirers?" Aunt Jane asked, with a grin on her face.

Lithany decided not to reply as a light blush formed onto her cheeks. She hasn't told anyone about her on going secret relationship for more than a year already, except for her parents of course.

"Well, I heard that there Janet's father in law invited one of his rich friends to this wedding, and apparently has a charming son around your age. Henrietta has put a lot of effort and glitter on Courtney for her to shine the brightest and catch Prince Charming's eye." Aunt Jane commented on one of my aunts. Courtney was truly dressed in a yellow dress with more than five packets of sparkles showered on it.

"No wonder, everyone looks more dressed up than usual" Lithany's mother told the table about her observation. "Where is this Prince Charming that everyone is trying to impress?"

"I think the family is seated with Jillian if I heard accurately." Aunt Kate said, stretching her neck to have a good look at the table way opposite Lithany's table. "It's too far to see from here."

"Well, knowing Jillian, she is most likely going to request Prince Charming to dance with her daughter, what's her name again?" Aunt Jane said.

"Felicia," Lithany's mother said.

"Thank you, Zara." Aunt Jane thanked Lithany's mother, Zara. "Yes, Felicia. Beautiful girl, but absolutely boastful." Then the lights suddenly dimmed down, as a signal of the bride's arrival into the wedding hall. The whole hall silenced down, as the beautiful bride took her first step into the decorated halls, in the most wonderful white gown.

After the first few courses, the dance floor was filled with couples, slow dancing flowing with the rhythm of the song. The pairs looked utterly perfect, with their arms intertwined, their heads placed on each other's shoulders as they moved.

Lithany looked at the couples in front with envy in her eyes. The sight of them romantically dancing poisoned her heart with jealously a little. She was missing someone in particular that was currently busy with his parents at an event.

"Mum, I'm going to go to the toilet." Lithany whispered as she stood up from her chair, straightening her dress she started walking towards the toilet. After finishing using the toilet, she shut the door lightly and as she turned around, she was greeted with a figure in front of her.

Lithany's eyebrows narrowed, trying to figure out whether this was a dream of some sort. "James?"

"'Lo, there." He said, as a grin crept upon his face. His brown hair messed up as usual, as he didn't even bother to comb it with a real comb but just his fingers. A pair of slightly transparent glasses in the colour of white balanced upon his bridge. His hazel eyes glowing under the spotlight. He looked perfect, especially with those cheekbones.

"What are you doing here?" Lithany asked, confused about whether she was supposed to be furious or confused about the reason why James was standing before her.

"I told you, I was going to attend an event with my parents. Should've asked where you were attending your cousin's wedding, huh?" James said.

Lithany raised her eyebrow, "How did you know I was here?" Lithany asked.

"You don't think I was not able to spot my own girlfriend?" James replied with another question. "I do think I deserve a reward." James slowly leaned towards me.

"My entire family tree is sitting behind you, and people are looking. Whom are you sitting with anyways?"

"Don't tell me we are to invite Aunt Jillian to our wedding?"

"So you're Prince Charming." Lithany said, acknowledging the person who everyone was trying to impress was her ...boyfriend. "And, I never agreed to marrying you."

"Prince Charming?"

"Everyone's been trying to impress you." Lithany batted her eyelashes at James. "Alright, really, everyone's looking. You're embarrassing me. I need to go, I'll talk to you later okay?"

"Jesus Christ, woman. You don't expect me to let you go after you batted your eyelashes at me." James said, feeling tempted to wrap his arms around Lithany and pull her into a kiss.

"Well, you've got to." Lithany said, with a smile of encouragement to James.

"Let's dance," James said, and without any warning he pulled Lithany to the dance floor to join the other couples. His hand landing on her back, as he felt both her hands placed on his waist.

"Gosh, I hate you."

"This could be an official announcement to your entire family tree that you're going to get married to me soon enough."

The word family reminded Lithany that they were standing in front of a whole crowd of perfect cousins. "So, what do you think of Felicia?" The words escaped out form Lithany lips. The insecure heart of hers started pounding as fast as it could, fearing the answer that was coming.

James smiled knowingly of her girlfriend's personality, "Well, she's beautiful."

"Oh." Lithany looked down onto the ground, at her heels going with the flow of the rhythm and James' feet.

James lift Lithany's chin with his thumb and placed his hand on her crimsoned cheeks, clipping the strand of hair which was covering her eyes by placing it behind her little petite ears.

James has experienced these questions from Lithany many times, but never a time he would be frustrated with her insecurities. Her insecurities were always one of the favourite things he liked about Lithany, because it made her seemed human.

Her insecurities were her vulnerabilities. He fell in love with her vulnerability, as she was not as showy as the other girls in their school, but she was quiet and assure of where her standards are.

Sure, they had a hard time engaging in conversations at first as their personality were completely different but eventually the phrase 'opposite attract' came to use. The arrogant guy fell for the nerd, the total cliché of all.

Her vulnerabilities made her immensely unique and whenever she asked these questions, James would feel the need to make Lithany feel better and he would never miss a chance to do that.

This time, instead of telling her how she was his everything. He decided that the idiom, 'action speaks louder than words' was to be used. Without any caution, his lips clashed onto hers, he knew it was disrespectful of him to do as today was someone else's big wedding day.

But, with Lithany, he felt as if they were the only main characters in this world, and everyone else was irrelevant.

The kiss didn't last long. James looked into her eyes, it was not lie stories where characters looked into deep blue eyes, or green orbs. Lithany's eyes were dark, with a tiny shade of the darkest brown.

And when he looked into those eyes, he saw the spotlight that was shone on them reflected onto her eyes. It seemed like a ray of light, it seemed perfect to him. "She's not going to stay beautiful for long, but you are."

At the end of the day, personality wins.

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