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Chapter Five

The past six days passed with very little incident. After shopping and Laiken's run in with James, the women ventured to the animal shelter and found the cutest little kitten. It was white with cream patches around her eyes, the end of her tail, and a few along her body. Roxanne named the little beauty Willow, on the account that she saw great power in the little soul. Nyte loved having a new playmate and Laiken could see the two cats bonding. Every now and then Nyte would put Willow in her place when she did something wrong. That very night, Roxanne prepared to get all dolled up for Marcus. Laiken could tell her friend had important plans to make Marcus change his mind.

Apparently it had gone well because they flew to New York to see the ballet. That had given Laiken the apartment, and much needed quiet to work on finishing the graphic novel sketches in time to give to Mr. Wesley. He'd called several times asking how progress was going, assuring him they would be done on time. Of course, Roxanne had also called to make sure Laiken was okay being by herself. She loved her friend to death, but the woman loved attention. To her surprise, Marcus proposed to Roxanne after they'd gotten back to their hotel after the ballet. The breakup had been a fluke to give Marcus time to go buy a ring.

"It was so romantic!" Roxanne exclaimed, flashing a huge diamond ring in Laiken's face.

Finally, it was the wonderful time of the year; Laiken's birthday! Her graphic novel, Blood Moon, was complete; shading, dialogue, everything. Laiken was in the process of getting ready to turn it in. Today she would be finding out when Mr. Wesley's publisher would be coming to town. She had called her mother and aunts to tell them the good news, to let them know more about it at the party tonight. She had asked about Morganne, her mother stating that she'd not seen Morganne in a long while. Laiken felt saddened by that. They'd always been close to their parents and to know that her sister was treating them so ill didn't sit well with her.

After putting in her earrings and spritzing on lavender perfume, Laiken raced out of the apartment and to the office. She only had a couple of hours before Roxanne returned from her bridal shopping, letting Laiken know that she had the whole afternoon planned out. Shaking away her thoughts, Laiken finally pulled into the parking lot of Wesley Illustration and Animation Co. Her mind raced as she stepped from her car. A tingling sensation raced up her back, as if someone was drawing the tip of their finger up her spine. She felt like she was being watched, an evil gaze trying to bore into her mind. Her mind burned, her ears straining to hear if someone was approaching. She'd never felt this way in her life, not even when Morganne had been possessed by Lilith. When Laiken looked behind her, no one was there, yet she still couldn't shake the feeling of being watched…hunted.

Just when she turned to continue towards the building, a sharp pain coursed through her body. She fell to one knee as muscles spasmed throughout her. Not wanting to cry out in pain, Laiken bit the inside of her cheek to keep from screaming. The taste of blood filled her mouth as something seemed to move beneath her skin. Looking down at her arm Laiken swore she saw the skin move, change color, and then go back to normal. Gasping, she held tighter to her folder, as if it were a life line, when the spasms coursed from her stomach, down her legs and finally leaving her body. It had felt like someone had taken a hot poker and shoved it into different regions of her body. The pain subsided little by little, leaving her tingling and worried. Laiken stood up, looking around to make sure no one had seen her, took a deep breath and made her way to the building. She ignored the scorch marks on the pavement where her feet and knees had been.

Shrugging off the rest of the evil feeling, the pain receding the further she walked, Laiken made her way through the front doors. She smiled as she passed all the secretaries until one stopped her. All wished her a happy birthday, their painted faces smiling at her. "Here, this is from all of us," Mildred, one of the eldest ladies held a box in her hands.

She handed Laiken a small box with a dark orange and black bow wrapped around it, a skull nestled in the middle. "Oh girls, you shouldn't have!" she ran a finger over the bow and skull, smiling at the kind gesture.

Laiken opened the box and there, on a little bed of crushed red velvet, sat a silver dragon wrapped pentagram with a red ruby in the center. "We knew how you are into all the mysterious, mystical stuff," Calley, one of the younger interns said. "We thought you'd like this."

Laiken wiped a tear from her eye, patting the girl on the arm. She hugged each of the women before placing the box in her purse. "I love it! Today is not only my birthday," she held up her folder and continued. "It is also the day I turn in the final draft of my graphic novel."

The secretaries cheered and wished her luck as she entered the elevator. She had once been a secretary but had been promoted when Mr. Wesley discovered her talent for drawing. Laiken pulled out the pentagram and put it on feeling the power from the ruby seeping into her skin. The warmth of magick that the women unknowingly gotten her seemed to heighten her senses. The chocker had a black velveteen rope that tied around her neck. Laiken sighed as she felt her power burn brighter. She hoped to the great Goddess that what Carmelita predicted didn't even happen tonight. Unfortunately, Laiken didn't feel very confident about it.

She and Morganne had to be together at the time of the change, or whatever was supposed to happen. Pulling out her cell phone, Laiken dialed Morganne's number. "You've reached Morganne, I'm not here." Shaking her head at the condescending tone of her sister, she left a message after the tone. "Hey, it's…it's Laiken. I'm just making sure that you remember to be at the club tonight by ten, eleven at the latest. Mom says happy birthday and," she paused trying not to get upset. "Well I better go. Love you. Blessed be sis!"

As the bell to the elevator dinged, Laiken put her phone back in her purse, put on her brightest smile and walked through the doors. Mr. Wesley's office had been decorated, obviously by one of the secretaries. Candles were set in clusters around the room, their golden glow giving the masculine room a softer, more feminine touch. A carved pumpkin was set on either side of his desk, their faces seemed to mock her as she looked around the room. Mr. Wesley wasn't at his desk like he normally was. She could hear movement on the other side of the door that stood against the back wall. Sitting her folder on a chair, she knocked three times but nobody answered.

"Mr. Wes…" she began until she saw the sight before her, her mouth hanging open in shock.

A tall, dark blonde was pushed up against the wall of the next room, her blood red skirt hiked up around her hips. Her suit jacket had been ripped open, her breasts smashed against the wall. Little gasping noises escaped from her red, plump lips. The darkness of her skin, almost chocolate in color, contrasted against the tan of Wesley's thighs as he pumped his hardened erection in and out of this woman. Laiken could do nothing but stand and stare in surprise. It was the most erotic thing she'd ever seen in her life. She could feel herself get wet as a tightness grew in her belly. Shaking her head, she let the door bang against the wall.

"And here I thought I was the exclusive," Laiken said unfeelingly as she waltzed in like she hadn't seen anything. She studied her nails even, making sure the red polish hadn't chipped off.

Mr. Wesley froze, looking up to see Laiken standing next to them. The look on his face would forever be imprinted in her min. She wasn't shy when it came to naked women. She'd once asked her mother if it was wrong to feel this way about a female. Her mother was shocked at first, but eventually explained that it was like…browsing. She said most women often checked out other women to see how they could better themselves, or to just look. Her dark gaze moved to the buxom blonde against the wall, still impaled by Mr. Wesley, smile at Laiken.

Just like her, the woman was checking out Laiken. She trailed a pale finger across the woman's dark cheek, soft skin the led to plump lips. "She's very nice, but I don't remember seeing her in the lobby. It is so unlike you to bring in strangers among our little group," Laiken said as the blonde sucked Laiken's finger into the hot, wet crevice of her mouth and gasped slightly as she nipped the tip. "Tasty?" Laiken questioned, watching the woman nod.

She didn't know where this new found confidence was coming from, but suspected that it was from the trinket around her neck. Rubies were her power gem, making her magick more powerful, seductive. Laiken smiled dangerously at Mr. Wesley, baring her white teeth in a snarl before turning back to the other room. At his desk, she opened the folder revealing her finished work. She sat on the edge of the desk, a leg crossed over the other as the couple walked through the door. Mr. Wesley crossed the room and flipped through the pages, surprised at how quickly she'd gotten done.

"Ms. Langton," Mr. Wesley said, clearing his throat while straightening his tie. "I wasn't expecting you till later this evening. Why so early?"

Blondie was pulling her skirt back down as she walked through the door, winking at Laiken before sitting in the big chair across from the desk. "Today is my birthday, and my best friend has plans for me," she started, feeling power rush through her. The tingling sensation was back, something trying to push into her mind.

She looked at Blondie, who still smiled at her, a strand of hair twirling around her finger. They held each other's gaze as if a secret message was being passed between them. Laiken could feel something push at the barriers guarding her mind and wondered if the blonde had anything to do with it. Maybe putting on the pentagram had been a bad idea. Somehow it was channeling her feelings and mixing them with her magick. Laiken's fingers itched to use her magick, noticing that Blondie was still smiling at her. What did this woman know? Calmly, she flexed her fingers and took deep breathes to slow her beating heart.

Mr. Wesley nodded as he tried to kiss her on the check. Laiken pulled away, glaring at him. "I'm sorry, I'm not in the mood," Pausing she got off the desk and walked over to the window, watching as rain came down in heavy sheets. "Before I go, I need to know when that publisher will be reviewing my work. I'd really like to be there when that happens."

He could see that something had changed about the woman he'd seen only a week ago. Looking back at the blonde who sat watching them with a cute little smile on her lips, he turned to leave the room. "Go get the number; I'll take care of her. You better not mess this up or He will not be happy." Blondie spoke directly to him. She winked again, at Laiken this time, as if giving her strength and courage to do what needed to be done. Mr. Wesley rolled his eyes, rotating his shoulders. He knew that he couldn't go back on what he'd promised to Him. It was his duty to bring in a witch to sacrifice or all his riches would be taken away and his life would be forfeit. Not wanting to screw this up, he left Blondie and Laiken alone to get the number. Mr. Wesley knew that higher powers were hunting him and watching his every move. He needed to get this over with before the end of the night. Laiken was the best thing to ever happen to this company. Not to mention, the best thing to happen in his life…sexually speaking. She had a mouth men dreamt about and a pussy that tasted as sweet as honey and felt as silky and hot. He just couldn't lose that. He needed to find her sister instead. She could be as strong and powerful as Laiken, right?

"This is incredible work, mon ange." He flipped through the pages of Laiken's graphic novel one more time, revealing the incredible work she'd done.

"Thank you," Laiken said matter of fact. No emotion what so ever in her voice. "I really should be going. That time and date would be nice to have right about now."

Business was what she fell back on when she was extremely angry. Right this moment she was pissed; with her boss and with herself. She thought she'd had Mr. Wesley to herself. Now she just saw him as a chauvinistic, very handsome, French pig. Mr. Wesley walked from the room leaving Blondie and her alone. As Laiken passed, the woman grabbed her wrist lightly, electricity running along her skin. Laiken gasped, trying to get her wrist back. She'd known something was different about her, yet she didn't say anything. She wasn't sure, and it could just be a trick because of the ruby she wore.

"Don't worry, mon chatte, I'm not here to take your lover from you," Blondie announced in a French accent. Laiken then realized her eyes kept flashing from dark green to a silvery gold as the light hit them when she moved. "I am merely here for, how do you Americans put it…a quickie?"

Laiken nodded, trying to ignore her eyes and the way her wrist felt, bending to politely kiss the woman on both cheeks. "Merci, but he's all yours. I don't share that easily," Laiken jerked her wrist back, trying hard not to rub it and followed her boss into the other room.

Mr. Wesley stood before his desk, leaning down to read his ledger, flipping through the pages. She loved a man's ass in a nice pair of tight pants. She couldn't help the feeling she was getting low in her body, her pussy spasmed just thinking about what she and Blondie could do to him. As if plucking the thought from her mind, Blondie was behind Laiken, her dark hands snaking around to rest on her tummy. "We could you know?" she whispered into Laiken's mind, licking the lobe of her ears, smiling as Laiken gasped.

"You're psychic?" she made it a question, surprised she didn't want to believe it after the signs had presented themselves just moments earlier. This woman was a witch, and a very powerful one to be able to hid her talents. The blonde nodded as her hands slowly traveled up Laiken's abdomen to cup her breasts through her suit blouse. She gasped again as Blondie tweaked and pinched her nipples through the material of her shirt. She hadn't worn a bra today because she didn't think she'd be staying at the office that long, or thought something would have happened between her and Mr. Wesley. Never in her dreams had she thought another woman would be molding their hands to her breasts, one hand dipping to reach beneath her skirt to finger her bare pussy.

Mr. Wesley turned around, his mouth dropping open as he watched his new conquest removed the buttons from Laiken's shirt, her hand snaking underneath her skirt as she walked her slowly towards him. Her eyes met his as her tongue twined with Laiken's, the woman's firm breasts crushed in her hand, a cunt that smelled sweet and felt even more silky as Laiken issued forth a loud moan. "It is now or never. He is ready, are you?" Blondie asked as she turned Laiken's face to devour her mouth in a bruising kiss. He knew what she was talking about, knowing a sexual sacrifice held more magick, Could he do it? Could he actually kill someone? His hand blindly searched for his speaker, chiming the secretary. "Mildred, hold my next appointments, I have a very important meeting right now."

"Jonas," Laiken moaned after breaking the kiss. Just the sound of his name on her lips was sexy as hell, making him harder than he'd been earlier. The athame was in the top drawer of his desk and knew that at the moment of their joined climax he was to stab it into her heart as he collected the blood for the next step of the ritual. Shaking his head, he knew that fucking his little vixen would be the best present he could give her; he just hoped Rachel knew what she was getting herself into.

The building was the tallest on the street, a whole fifteen stories high and had just as many windows as the ones around it. The entry way was decorated for the holidays; spider webs strung through the arches. The bushes and hedges sparkled like stars in the evening sky, little bats stacked in them as if they were actually swooping down. Candle lit pumpkins sat at the doors like little guards, greeting every person that went in and out of the building. Everyone smiled and waved at the doorman who was dressed like the classic Bram Stoker Dracula. People bustled about the walkways, some dressed up with little children in tow all pointing at the Dracula doorman.

Rain danced all around the city, big, fat cold drops painting the world in a dismal state. Rain had been falling on the world for the past two days, except last night he was surprised it had seemed to snow. He'd been standing on his balcony watching to moon rise and at midnight the rain had ceased and been replaced by tiny snowflakes. It was one of the signs of what was to come. Tonight Mother Nature decided she wanted it to pour like cats and dogs, causing slight flooding to the nearest rivers around the park. It was like she knew what was coming and preparing everything for witches around the world. He loved the rain and everything that went with it; the booming thunder when it stormed sent shivers through his veins, how the air smelt after a good storm. But most of all, he was fascinated with lightning and how it was mysterious, dangers. Ah, tonight would be the perfect night to get some great pictures, he thought. The moon was full, peeking through the clouds as the storm rolled them through the area, lighting dancing across the sky. Ignoring the searing white light of the bolts, he got out of his car and head towards the building. Unfortunately, he was doing the Council's bidding, this was just a cover. Mr. Wesley was on the Council's radar for doing business with a very powerful demon that was also looking for the twins. He was being sent as a "publisher" to investigate any wrong doings that Mr. Wesley might be performing and turning him over to the Council. Regrettably, he hadn't found any evidence thus far. Today he was going to just come out and brow beat the information from the man.

Once inside, the sweet and musky scents of jasmine and sandalwood greeted his senses. He looked around a little, noticing all the different colored fat candles lining almost every desk, and the little counters along the walls of the lobby. Even though there were only six secretaries, they all had personal decorations ranging from gourds and pumpkins to dancing skeletons. One of the ladies, the one he was about to walk up to, had a figurine of Jack Skelington from "A Nightmare Before Christmas" singing the theme song from the movie. She was even dressed as Sally, her tiny fingers moving over the keyboard in front of her.

Her grey eyes looked up from her computer, smiling with surprise. "Hello, sire. Welcome to Wesley Illustration and Animation Co., how may I help you?" she asked in her cheeriest voice. He even noticed how her eyes traveled over his body.

He put on a smile that would knock any woman's socks off, flashing sharp white teeth behind full lips, hinting at any sexual fantasy that would flitter through her mind. His smiled widened when she blushed. "Yes, is Mr. Wesley in? I'm James McClellan from the McClellan-Bond Publishing Company," his Scottish brogue causing her blush even more.

She examined her planner, her pen scanning down the paper. "Ah, yes. He's kind of busy with a," she cleared her throat, knowing that Laiken was up there with her boss doing…she wouldn't even think about that. "With a client, I'll be willing to beep you up in twenty minutes if that's all right?" she made it a question.

James chuckled and shook his head. "No, that's all right, I think I can find my way up to his office. Thank you for being so helpful!" he put the charm on thick, smiling at her again.

She giggled, and then realized what was happening a little too late, watching as he entered the elevator that went straight to the office. "No, wait, oh," Mr. Wesley wasn't going to be very happy with her.

James wondered why the secretary had tried to stall him, and then his question was answered when the doors opened to reveal a sexy woman bent over Mr. Wesley's desk. Her mouth was opened on a moan as her boss fucked her pussy, his hands spanning her smooth hips. Her own fingers toyed with the blonde's pussy who sat on the desk above her head. None of them had heard the elevator ding before he'd entered the room. James was mesmerized by the woman being fucked, her breasts pressed against the desk, her nails digging into the wood, her tongue fucking the blonde. The sight of them was like something out of a porn. He looked around the room wondering where the cameras and director were. It was all he could do not to join them, and have her mouth envelope his stirring member. Shaking his head, he cleared his throat, placing his brief case in front of his groin so as not to draw attention to his excitement.

The women turned their heads in unison; Blondie smiling as she plumped her breasts, pinching the deep russet nipples and moaning. The other woman, however, stopped responding to both Mr. Wesley and Blondie. Her face was the perfect shade of pink as she tried to get her boss to move; unfortunately he mistook it for something completely different. He grabbed her arms and fucked her harder. James couldn't believe what he was witnessing. The man literally dominated this woman when she clearly was uncomfortable with someone watching them. "Jonas, please," she said on a gasp as her boss brought his palm down on her ass.

The woman before her got down from the desk, all the while keeping her gaze on James, and went around to the back of the desk. Her hand came down on the woman's ass, smiling when she moaned loudly, pushing back against her boss. This blonde was definitely dominating this woman as well, her hand dipping down to run her fingers in the juices leaking from her pussy. James couldn't believe what was happening, he was mesmerized by the act. He couldn't help but stand there and watch. Blondie used her wet fingers, spread the woman's cheeks and slowly started to dip a finger into the woman's ass.

"No! Please!" the woman begged as the finger made it all the way into the base before slowly coming out and she pushed two fingers in. The woman on the desk was almost begging, trying to get the attention of her boss but couldn't say no to the way her body was reacting. James could literally smell her come around the fingers in her ass and the cock in her drenched cunt. Why did this woman look familiar? No…it couldn't be! Laiken, the one woman who was meant to be his alone. He wanted to rush to her aid but stopped at the look in her eyes. He wouldn't embarrass her.

"So close," Mr. Wesley groaned as James watched his hand reach for something, but then stop and go back to gripping Laiken's hips. He was losing his rhythm, pulling out and coming all over the woman's lower back. "Why didn't you say something, Rachel? Now how we complete the ritual?"

"I will take care of it."

James was actually quite disgusted by this display; finding it degrading to not use a condom. To think this is the man that he was going to be doing 'business' with. Mr. Wesley stood up, his cock going limp and smiled at the blonde whose fingers were still in the woman's ass. Laiken screamed through her orgasm, her mind seeking out for help to make them stop. She'd never felt so used in her life, so violated. Once it was done she turned around and slapped Mr. Wesley across the face. "I said to stop. If you had noticed, we have company," she grabbed her clothes and marched off to another part of the office, not even looking at James as she passed.

Mr. Wesley looked up after cleaning up and smiled at James. The man was much taller than he sounded on the phone. He wouldn't be intimidated by him because he knew that if this meeting didn't go well then there wouldn't be a good benefactor for the company. The price Mr. Wesley paid had been too steep, but it had been worth it because he was filthy rich and owned all the best cars and a huge house. He could have any woman in the city, world, including Laiken. Unfortunately, his ritual was ruined! Rachel said she would take care of it and hoped to hell that the woman knew what she was doing. Putting on his best smile, Mr. Wesley walked towards James. "Hi, you must be Mr. McClellan! It's nit to finally meet you!"

James watched as the door behind them closed, turning to look at the man standing in front of him. Mumbling a short time spell, smiling when Mr. Wesley's hand dropped to his side. He grabbed Mr. Wesley by the throat and thrust him up against the wall, tired of not getting any result. "Why are you dealing with a demon? What compact have you made with Balthazar?" James bellowed, using the demon's true name.

Mr. Wesley struggled against the hold, his legs kicking the wall. "I…I don't know what you're talking about! Please," he begged not wanting to admit the truth. The man before him had glowing red eyes, his teeth lengthening into fangs as a growl emanated from his chest. He'd only ever heard of vampyres from movies, Mr. Wesley had no idea they were real.

Growling, he pressed harder against this scumbag's throat, his claws digging into the back of his neck. "Don't toy with me, I was sent here for a reason. Being a publisher is my cover. Now, I will ask you again, what compact have you made with Balthazar?"

He knew it would come to light one day, he just didn't realize how soon it would have been. Mr. Wesley chocked on his answer. "Nothing, I promise. It's nothing, please, let me go. I'm innocent, I'm promise!"

James knew the man was lying, he could practically smell it rolling off him. Not caring that his superiors would reprimand him for not conducting this peacefully, James threw him across the room. Stalking him he couldn't help but smile as this puny man moaned in pain, trying desperately to get away from the beast that was emerging. "Don't lie to me! I can smell a lie a mile away, where is your sacrifice!"

Jonas could feel the beast breathing on the back of his neck, spittle dripping from exposed fangs. "Laiken, its Laiken! She's the sacrifice; please it's not happening anymore!" He yelled, wondering why the women weren't rushing out of the office. He knew Balthazar would have his head for not completing the ritual, and at the moment it would be a pity kill compared to what he knew would surely be torture from this vampyre.

James grabbed the man by the neck and lifted him as if he didn't weigh a thing, until he felt a disturbance in the air. Suddenly, Roxanne was standing before him, her blue eyes glowing. "Stop, now James! This man is not to die by your hands. Laiken is not in danger, trust me." Roxanne laid a hand on his shoulder, glaring at the man who had been Laiken's lover. "Only I know who is to kill this man, now, release him and go about your business." She snapped her fingers and they were standing back where they'd started and the door behind them was opening. This human seemed to disgrace the word 'man' as he stared him down, trying his best to control the beast in him. He wasn't about to scare Laiken, taking deep breathes to control himself.

Blondie walked up to Mr. Wesley and kissed him on the cheek before turning to him, trailing her fingers over his shoulder, gasping quietly as he growled at her. Laiken entered the room and his whole body took notice; her arousal was hard to miss. Her hair was fixed up in a tight ponytail that brushed against the bottom of her pencil skirt. Her skirt was tucked back into place and she completely ignored him as she sat down in the chair next to James. He could smell her arousal, the beast in him craving to taste what was brewing again between her legs. She didn't recognize him from that night in his castle, that was good, and he didn't want to upset her in front of her boss. Even though he could feel her embarrassment rolling off her, he was impressed by how calm she was acting.

"Well, now that Miss Langton has rejoined us," Mr. Wesley adjust his tie, not even looking at the beast who sat next to her, he looked Laiken over once again. Too bad she was all buttoned up he would loved to have seen some cleavage. His power was over, and this woman would be leaving here alive. "I believe this meeting can commence."

Laiken all but rolled her eyes trying not to concentrate on the man sitting next to her. He seemed familiar to her, however she couldn't quite put her finger on where she'd met him. Mentally shaking her head, she turned her attention back to her boss. He seemed a little different, sweat beading on his brow. What had happened while she and Blondie had been out of the room? "Laiken has shown promising work with her graphic novel, her talent is extraordinary. I do think that your publishing company would benefit from having an artist like her in your repertoire."

James turned to fully look at Laiken. She was even more beautiful than that night. "We would be proud to publish your work. Do you have a copy that I can take with me today?" He knew that it was still a cover; he knew the Council would still probably hold up their end of the bargain of his cover. If her work was good, they would find an actual company to publish it.

Laiken blanched, how could she have forgotten to make a copy while she'd been downstairs? She didn't think that the publisher would be stopping by today or that he'd even consider to publish her stuff. She turned slowly to look at him and couldn't stop the gasp that left her lips. She could feel him trying to get past her shields and she used everything she'd learned to keep her shields impenetrable. Smiling, she said. "I'm sorry, Mr. Wesley didn't tell me that the publisher would be stopping by today to take a copy of my work. If you would like I can run down to the work room and print a copy."

Smiling, James shook his head but Mr. Wesley didn't look happy. "No hurry, I'll expect it in two weeks." Mr. Wesley didn't look happy. Could he possibly feel the attraction that James held for this woman? He could still remember the kiss they shared last week, now knowing what she looked like completely naked; he couldn't stop the fantasy's playing through his mind. There was something about her that called out to him; he would have to investigate this feeling more when her boss wasn't around. His anger seethed just under the surface to know that Laiken had come so close to death. He knew that Blondie had been part of the plan, and glad she left when she did because James would have ripped her head off there and drank her body dry of all her blood.

Laiken stood up, holding her hand out to James. He shook it holding back a gasp as he felt electricity rise up his arm from her hand. Her skin was smooth as silk against his, his thumb playing lightly over the pulse in her wrist. She must have felt it too because her eyes widened before she smiled. "Well, I better get home if I want to get that copy done. It was nice meeting you," she said before turning and walking out of the office. She smiled at Mildred as he hastily walked out of the building. Once in her car she finally let out the breath she'd been holding.

It was that man, James, who had glamoured her! What was she going to do now? She couldn't tell Roxanne what had happened in the office, she wouldn't understand. Laiken would have to shield her thoughts, especially of the knowledge that James had been there. Her body was still on fire from that little ménage trois. Never in her life had she had a woman use her fingers to bring her to climax. It had been the first time anyone had touched the sensitive hole of her ass and man…she was afraid of the feelings it brought out in her. She'd behaved like a slut and acted on those feelings in front of James. What would he think of her now?

"You ever put my mate in danger like that again and I will personally come back here and kill you myself," James replied as he held Jonas down on his desk, his fingers digging deep into the man's throat.

The beast was rising to the surface, he could feel it. His gums ached as his fangs extended and knew his eyes gleamed with the intent to kill. His muscles bunched as he tried to hold back, choking this man would go against the Council's wishes. Rolling his shoulders, James drew his fist back and punched Jonas so hard in the face his head lolled to one side as he passed out. Pulling out his cell phone, James dialed the number.

"Target ready for transport. Warrior Dark out," he said into the receiver.

Not one minute later, two winged women showed up, hosting Jonas up between them and nodded at James before disappearing. Jonas wouldn't know what hit him when he awoke in the dungeon of the Council castle. He only wished that he would be the one to administer that interrogation. Now that this piece of business was over, he sifted to another place to get ready for his next 'mission.'