I write to America, not to be turned away,

But to be heard by the man who sits

Watch destruction from his own work;

Stop watching and learn to listen to

That voice who cries broke, hungry, and cold

Every night and asking God to fix the mistakes

You cause.

I write to America because I'm not a bimbo

Who takes no

I write America.

I laugh at America because people kill me,

When they complain about the

Influence of teens.

Sixteen and Pregnant

High school drop out

The thing that kills me is that the

Person who complains, post new episodes

Of Teen Mom.

You say you're helping Teens out.

Of course; showing teens that if you get pregnant,

That being on this show is an option.

I laugh America.

I dream America that one day,

Not just me, but half of the world

Don't have to worry about stepping outside,

Getting shot and killed because of the war.

You show our generation that violence is

An answer if you don't get your way.

You killed World Peace along with half

Of our ancestors because YOU

Couldn't have your way.

One day I dream, and today is that day.

I'm learning America through music,

TV, and icons that lust and drugs are the

New today.

I learn the new way of getting rid of stress:


Wake and bake


Things the government rape into

People brains to have them not

Worry about the fighting.

I learn stupid,

I learn it from America.

I focus America on my future.

I will be the role model of today.

I dream of my success that I will

Work hard for.

I learned from my mistakes and past

Experience that I can't let anyone

Hold me back.

I laugh at the people who tell me

I will never amount to anything in life.

I write America, to the man who sits

And does nothing to change America.

Speak the truth and say,

America changed me.