I step before the boundaries,

Separating mortal from immortal.

A gentle breeze,

Crawling across my face.

Heat from the braziers,

Only helping to fuel my anxiety.

A tempting aroma,

From the fountains of nectar,

Dancing its way through the air.

The sweet scent of flowers,

Resting in their well-kept gardens.

A musical melody,

Escaping from the strumming lyres.

The lively conversation,

Bouncing from person to person.

The people of the land,

Going about their ways.

Tranquility engulfs me,

My spirits alight.

But then my gaze,

Shifts towards,

The rulers of this fantasy land.

As a smile spreads over my face,

Beaming with pride.

The monarchs, the gods,

Holding regal expressions.

Everyone's eyes,

Find their way to mine.

Everyone's eyes,

Filled with awe.

In the deed that I had done.

The wind.

Now strong enough to ruffle my hair.

The feeling in the air,

As my nervousness accelerates.

A new scent,

Lingers on my nose.

A scent of an awaiting feast,

Laid out for me.

My taste buds jumping,

My tongue tingling,

Awaiting the delectable delicacies.

\Songs of calm,

Turn into songs of celebration.

A deafening roar,

Takes over the crowd.

The divine beings approach me,

But the crowd swarms me,

As bees do to honey.

In their minds,

I am a hero.

The ice cracks and breaks,

Pandemonium overcomes all.

I stroll in,

Into the paradise of the gods,

To a hero's welcome.