I walk in, excited.

Elated, even.

And then the teacher speaks


I think

On the outside, I look mortified.

Did I hear him correctly?

Was it a trick of sound?

Did he really say I had to help raiseā€¦

I can't even fathom it.


Why do I always get this end of the stick?

Stupid classmates.

Stupid teacher.


Stupid place.

I guess I'm going to be mortified for weeks.

It never ends!

Maybe I should just quit.

A/N: Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE animals with a fiery passion and don't like harming them. Guess who has to help raise animas for them to be killed this year? I can't drop the class because I need it for college and to be able to take other classes at my school relating to animals. So, I'm stuck with this class. Any advice would be wonderful. And yeah, I'm back to my poetry. Poop. I don't write poems for fun, you know! I write them when I am upset or angry. Yeah, I'm quite obviously a person that can get emotional.