~Chapter 3~

"Yeah right"

"Excuse me?" Did he not belive that I was literally given a life or death option? I'm starting to really dislike this man

"Did you marry me for the money? Because I'll give you whatever you want, just leave." His bold voice rang through my ears. Did he call me a gold digger?

"Listen up, Mr. Valentine, I'm not leaving and I don't want your money beacuse if you didn't notice, my father owns Timless Enterprises. And, trust me, if I wanted to decieve you and take your money, I wouldn't have married you. I would've just charmed you and would've fallen for me." After this blow, he just smirked at me.

He placed his strongs arms on my waist, "I bet you will fall for me before this summer ends."

I replied confidently, "You're on, Mr. Valentine,"

"Rlues are, you have to sleep with me in my bed and do all the couple things for the show but whoever makes the first real move, loses and they'll have confess their love for the other in front of the world. Are you ready to fall in love with me, ? Because, I promise you, when Zachary James Valentine decides to woo a girl, he won't leave till she falls."

"Trust me, I don't know the meaning of losing." I leaned closer into him inhaling his strong cologne

He placed his mouth by my ear and his hot breath blew as he whispered into my ear, "Well, get ready to lose babe, because I don't know how to lose."

Before I would say anything back, the door banged open and Aiden ran in with a tear-stricken Madison trailing in behind him.

"Maddie, what happened, honey?" Zachary quickly went to his daughter's side and I went to Aiden's side

"Aiden, honey, what happened? Why is Maddie crying?" I squatted down by him and placed my hands around him and nudged him lightly

"Aiden, Maddie, someone tell me what happened and Maddie, stop crying, please." Zachary rubbed his temples and placed Maddie in his lap and pulled Aiden and I closer to him so we were all sitting next to each other in close group

"Answer your dad, come on, you aren't going to get in trouble." I encouraged them

"Aiden took my favorite teddy bear and he hid it somewhere and he's not giving it back. Daddy, tell him to give it back, please." Maddie threw her arms around her dad and started bawling.

"Aiden Noah Valentine, I swear-" I cut Zachary off before he did something he regretted

"Zachary, don't yell at the kids, you're supposed to win them over with love and patience. Aiden, please honey, can you go get it? I'll make whatever you want for dinner if you get it."

"Okay, mommy, I'll go get it!" Aiden ran out of the room and returned with a tiny pink stuffed bear with a white ribbon around it. "Come on Maddie! And I want to get chesee pizza for dinner. Thank you." With that they both ran out of the room and Zachary and I got up and I was about to leave the room as well but he held my hand and pulled me back.

"Just a little suggestion, my name is Zach not Zachary." He leaned in a bit more and slightly kissed my cheek and left.

Did that count as the first real move? Probably not or else he wouldnt have done it. I sighed and picked my phone and dailed to the closest Pizza Hut* and placed an order.

I needed to plan to win and I knew just the person I needed to talk to. His best friend, Nicholas.