I slowly woke up and sddenly have ropes around my hands. I panicked in there but stopped due to my oversuprised emotion. Everywhere was filled with machine like thingy that i had no idea what's it for or even what's it doing here. I slowly see a very familliar person standing right in front of me. Yup, it was Yazura.

"Yazura!" i struggled with all my might, but for some reason, whenever i struggle, the tighter it is, "What have you done to me!?"

"Just keep your mouth shut, Lilia"

Just great, this thing is making me nuts. Before Yazura take me into this wacky place, she said Lilia once too. I don't get it, why is this seems so complicated all over the sudden!? I just want to be normal once!

"Now would you mind explaining to me WHO is Lilia Kotegawa or you just misheard my name!? I'm Shokora Kotegawa!"

"You won't understand even if i tell you. Now stand up and follow me."

I stood up and followed her like what she told me to since i don't want to end up like a dead meat. I walked while looked around. I see TONS of aquarium but can't see what's inside. It's too blurry. But instead of seeing shadows of fish, i see shadows of a human like body. I was like, what the?

When i was following Yazura, i caught on some person when i was on the way. It was a blonde girl with blue eyes, staring at me. She's not even looked like a servant or maid, she's like a slave. She's only wearing white dusters and chains locked on her neck. She was smiling at me and was whispering something. Things are going to get weirder than what already happened now.

"Here it is."

Yazura interdounced me into a large door. I opened it and see a snow white hair colored girl with lollita dress and style, approaching me. She was smiling brightly at me yet so suspicious.

"Welcome home, Lilia-chan!"

The girl hugged me, "Do you still remember me? I'm your sister, Airu Kotegawa!"

Hearing that name makes me feel so... Weird. My guts is telling me that there is something foshy around here and it's not going to be good.

"um... Hi?"

This Airu girl pulled me like i was her mom. She giggled, "Soon, Lilia's going to be revived!"

This is going to be bad.

"You're going to sacrifice yourself in order to bring Lilia back, right Shokora?"

Okay, that word gave me creeps. Airu pulled me into a big crystal. There's a girl, frozen in there and it looks just like me. A LOT.

"See that girl over there?"

Airu pointed at the girl that frozen in the crystal, "That girl is Lilia Kotegawa, and you're HER reincarnation!"

Somehow, it all makes sense. But something just doesn't feels right. I can sense a bit of a fishy aura around here and i'm not sure what. But the word kept me frozen myself until Airu pulled me again into a rocket like machine that looks like the aquarium back in the hallway. I'm having a bad feeling about this. Airu pushed me into that giant aquarium with this odd smile. I want to get out of there, but it's too late. Airu had already ordered someone to close the aquarium and fill it. Suddenly, her eyes started to glare at me and her smile started to change more evil like.

I dunno what she's filling the aquarium with, but it's definitely not water.

I tried my best not to drown by trying to swimm the hell out of it. But the pressure is way too strong, i can't even move. But i won't give up. I still tried my best not to drown even though i already knew that i will drown later on.

What confused me is if i was Lilia's reincarnation, shouldn't theyexplain it to me first untill i get the problem? And if they want to transfer Lilia to my body and me to Lilia's body, it shouldn't be this way, right? This is starting to get a bit weird. What if they wanted to kill me so they can't revive Lilia?

I was starting to drown as i see Airu, starting to change form. I get it, they must've tricked me.

But just when i was close to death, the aquarium breaks due to something i don't know. I coughed.

"What the!?"

When i looked forward, i don't see Airu anymore. It's a purple haired girl with a weird fantasy like dress. I looked behind and see the blonde girl i saw earlier in the hallway, holding her chain. It's still on her neck, but the other side seemed broken. Behind her, i see a brown haired boy, holding a weird thing. Well, not a thing, it's like he's holding... Magic?

"H-how did you managed to get out!?"

"Your guards are weak, Yuuhi" The boy stepped forward, "Very weak."

That someone called Yuuhi growled at the three of us. She sclaped her hands, "Yazura, kill them!"

Yazura's eyes turned completely red and was glowing. I can't move due to my close to death effect. The girl grabbed my hips and was carrying me. Boy, she looked like a 11 years old and she can carry me? I didn't expect that one coming. The boy was running too while mumbling something.

"Hey! Get back here!"

The boy made a magic portal. Can you guess it? Correct, we jumped in and i was having my second free fall. I managed to see my behind though. I can see Yazura. Something just doesn't feels right. Because...

... I don't think she's a human.

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