"As you can see i'm a robot."

Just when Yazura said that, my heart skipped a beat! A robot!? But she looked like a human! And this isn't an April Fool joke i bet. I just can't look into her eyes, because who knows that her eyes can hypnotize like the ones in the movies!?

"Yuuhi programed me to hunt for you ever since you were born." Yazura continued, "When we met at school was just a coincidence, but me knowing you're Lilia's reincarnation wasn't. I can scan anyone's body with just looking to their eyes."

Well, now things are starting to get sense. First i was confused on how on earth did she managed to know me at first, now i know why. That is a strong prove that proves her to be a robot because, any human just can't scan people like that.

"I'm not here for talk, i'm here to kill you."

Yazura dashed at me. Yumezu kicked her from the right and followed by Toru, he kicked her stomach and it made her flying back and hit the wall. But soon she just stood up like nothing happened.

"Just so you know, those attacks won't have any effect on me." Yazura pleaded as she cleaned her clothes, "No matter how many times you do it, you'll fail."

"No way..." I muttered. If i was her, i'm probably dying right now and raise the white flag. Yumezu clicked her tounge, "And you're thinking we'll give up that easily!? Toru!"


Both of them dashed at each other and hold their hands. That's when a big white orb appeared between them. Yumezu grabbed it and threw it to Yazura, "Take this!"

It hitted her, but still no effect. "Poisons won't work either, don't you know?"

"It's not the end!"

When Yumezu said that, another orb appeared behind Yazura and hit her from behind. This time, it effected her. She fell and groaned, "Ow!"

"You might imnue of attacks, but if we low your guard down, your imnue won't even stand a chance!" Toru said as he chukled. Yazura struggled up as she brushed her messy hair, "I'm sorry, i'm quite in a hurry right now, so maybe one other than that Shokora will die here, any complains?"

"Me!" I raised my hand, "I complain!"

"I see..." Yazura shrugged, "Well, sorry again, i don't accept complains!"

Yazura disappeared. But i doubt she fled, she must have wanted to attack someone from behind. Maybe it's Toru or Yumezu... Or... Me!?

I turned back and see Yazura. I knew it! It is me! She kicked me hard that i flew and hit the wall. Also, i coughed up some blood. Yazura dashed again at me as she muttered, "Good bye."

Yumezu and Toru didn't have any time to help or even shout at me, Yazura was way too fast. I closed my eyes, good bye world, i'll miss you.



I slowly opened my eyes... It was grandma! She blocked Yazura's kick with a broom. She muttered, "Hey, don't be so noisy, will you?"

Yazura jumped back as she growled, "Stay away old woman or you'll get yourself killed."

"Isn't it the opposite?"

That's when the gravity became stronger that i can't even move a muscle. Toru and Yumezu fell due to the gravity, but grandma and Yazura don't. Yazura only struggle.

Grandma dashed to Yazura as she kicked her from left. Yazura blocked it and punch back. And then on and on, it was a fierce fight. Yazura disappeared and appeared in front of me.

And all went black.

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