Dylan: mushroom clones act like children huh
Matthew: Yep
Dennis: And also did you know he used to be the magician?
Dylan: ahh really
Matthew: Yep and Dennis was my assistant in the leotard suit
Dennis: Please don't remind me
Dylan:...*picturing that* oooh *chuckles creepy* which sexy or costume?
Dennis: A costume for men and it feels so tight
Matthew: Haha
Dylan: ahh i see but do girls likes that? *wink* maybe your girlfriend like that but speaking of costumes, what's plan today, cousin?
Dennis: Stories...about my bullying in the past, I was bullied in middle school
Matthew: Wait wait! Let's go to the future!
Dennis: Why?
Dylan: hm? wait! we shouldn't mess the future and clockwork don't like that idea Matthew: Aww...
Dennis: But I heard a new villain named Dr. something
Dylan: sorry bro but rules are rules and we have be careful...hmmm? wait dr. something? that's new then
Dennis: I can't remember his last name but I remember he caught me before, he makes mutant humans
Dylan: clones too?
Dennis: There's no clone
Dylan: ahh i see
Matthew: Can you explain it?
Dennis: Okay, this mad scientist lives in Los Angeles which is your home
Dylan: that could be interesting hmm...well, that means that " " don't know how make clones as he is fan of mutants then...wait?! Our home?
Dennis: He wishes to turn all halfas to mutant monsters and he will make it permanent, even humans too.
Matthew: Will he drag the weakest one?
Dylan: weak or strong no matter, i bet
Dennis: He will drag everything, I met him once before
Dylan: what did he to ya, cousin?
Dennis: He got 2 mutant goons that looks like a wild cat. They're lion and tiger like
Dylan:...really? *got attention about cats*
Dennis: Both of them tried to attack me. The scientist said to me, "You seem interesting, will you join me?" then I said, "NEVER!"
Dylan: mmm! So they obey their creator I see
Dylan: right, mad scientist is crazy
Dennis: Then the wild cat mutants attacked me and try to shred me, but I kept dodging and going intangible and ran away from it. I believed the scientist took interest of might come back for me as well.
Matthew: That doesn't sound good
Dylan:...mmmm that scientist didn't meet me then *chuckles creepy* he shouldn't mess with me
Dennis: Also one thing I saw through his eyes is Shang.
Dylan:...! *grabs Dennis's collar* forgive for grab ya but what?! it Shang?!
Dennis: *closes his eyes and tries to remember* Later in the future...
Dylan: hm? *listening*
Dennis: Shang will become a mutant, I was there, you were there, and Matthew too
Dylan:...go on
Dennis: Also, Matthew was crying for him and I was very weak, but I have very little energy to protect Matthew
Matthew: And?
Dylan: *listening*
Dennis: Matthew saw Shang turned him into a mutant and Shang was in pain. The scientist injected him with something that changes him into a were wild cat. Permanently
Matthew: Wow, what kind of cat?
Dennis: Obviously a Panther *opens his eyes* I got this message from the Dark Angel of the Future
Matthew: Wait, is this really true?
Dennis: Yeah...
Dylan:..ahh that explains about future
Dennis: Everything is so true. Kyle is my Ghost Guardian and I can see Shadows and Dark Angels everywhere
Dylan: i see hmm
Matthew: Wait, what about Carlos
Dennis: I see nothing for his future.
Dylan: wait, ya said two cat persons, right? That means one of them is Carlos too
Dennis: No...I don't think so
Dylan: ya sure?
Dennis: I think so*turns to Matthew* Just watch out for your friend Shang
Dylan:...*worrying about Shang*
Dylan: I bet that crazy scientist control those two, grr!
Matthew: *nods* I will with out magic and are there any magic that occur in that event?
Dennis: Yes, you were shouting CONFRINGO!
Dylan: uh oh...
Matthew: I haven't learned that spell yet
Dennis: Yeah you just exploded the scientist's lair
Dylan: Ahh that could work but ya have learn that, bro
Matthew: What really?
Carlos: *comes over with Shang* Hello? Anyone's up there?
Dylan: *hears them* hey guys!
Shang: I was wondering...
Dylan: hmm? *listens what Shang say*...yes?
Shang: My cat ran away...
Dylan: ahh my guess ya want to ask me to help ya look for your cat
Carlos: Yeah...he was crying all day for his cat
Shang: Yes!
Dennis: We'll look for him
Dylan: all right then let's find that cat *look at Matthew to make sure remember what Dennis said about future*
Matthew: *nods* Okay
Dennis: *teleports to the city of Los Angeles*
Dylan: *nods back then goes with them to looking for cat* why that cat ran away?
Shang: He got scared...of the scientist that I met with
Carlos: Yeah and he ran after his cat, that's it
Dylan: ...?! *look at Matthew about scientist*...*to Shang* I hope your cat's safe
Matthew: Oh no...One step closer to the future
Shang: Yeah, he ran to the city where Dennis might be going
Carlos: Anyway, I got to go to basketball practice, I'll meet you tomorrow. *walks away*
Shang: Matthew, any ideas how?
Dylan: see ya, Carlos *walking with them to look for cat* I see *keep eye on them but thinking what Shang look like as were cat*
Matthew: Follow me! *whistles for a broom and broom come to him*
Dylan: oh yes your smart broom can help to find that cat for us
Matthew: I got a spell for it
Dylan: ya did?
Matthew: Yep two simple word *waves wand* Point me
Dylan: ...*sweat drop* ahh ok*point matt*
Matthew: *broom kicks Shang and Dylan on it and speeds up to the cat*
Dylan: whoa! *riding broom with Shang and Matthew*
Matthew: *sees a battle between Dennis and the scientist*
Matthew: Not good
Dylan: #%?! Yeah not very good
Dennis: *blasts dark blasts at the Snake goon*
Cat: Meow!
Dylan: there's cat!
Dr. Hooligan: We have meet again and you're going to become mine soon
Dennis: Zhi, take the cat to safety
Zhi: On it! *lets the cat ride on its back and ran*
Dylan: *teleform into battle form* matt, protect my...i mean protect Shang! *stand up on broom*
Dennis: Good *blasts dark rays at the lizards*
Dylan: *look at Shang for bit and hides blush without notice* please careful, Shang *smiles nice creepy to Shang then flies to help Dennis then turns into giant and kicks lizards* need help, dear cousin?
Matthew: Stay behind me Shang!
Dr.: Ah, Ah,Ah, they're poisonous!
Dennis: Yeah, I can tell the skin looks poisonous
Dylan: relax, cousin, my gloves on hahahah *walks to dr* they don't poison me
The lizard tried to leap toward to Dennis, but Dennis dodges it
Dr: Why is it so hard for me to get you?
Dylan: make too hard *make scary face as creepy and blast lizard burn away into ashes*
Dennis: Because, I'm not interested taking sides
Dylan: ha that's my cousin i know
Dr: Oh really?
Dylan: I won't let ya control him *growls and pick dr up*
Dr: *whistles and the two headed vultures came and grabbed Matthew,Shang, and Dennis right off the spot*
Dylan: ?! Cousin! Bro!
Dennis: *growls*
Dylan:...Shang...! *wide eyes and growl mad* how ya dare!
Dr: Also...*snaps finger* Get the blood blossoms!
Dylan: *blinks* huh?
The vulture reveals a blood blossom to Dennis and slowly Dennis becomes weaken
Dennis: How dare you? How did you know my weakness?
Dylan: *gasp, then shooting vultures quick* matt! call broom!
Dr: The ghost strikers told me
Matthew: *whistles and the broom come in and poke the vultures butt and it squawk*
Dylan:...ghost strikers..?! i see *growls and to matt* nice haha
Matthew: * it lets go of him and broom caught Matthew* Thanks
Dylan: *grabs Shang and Dennis when shot vultures away*
Matthew: Let's this one! CONFRINGO! *exploded the vulture that had caught him* MAGIC DUDES!
Dylan: #?%?! Guess that is worked
Dennis: Then my prediction is wrong then
Dennis: Ooh I don't feel well...
Dylan: hmm! *put Dennis and Shang down careful* so what we doing with this mad scientist?...huh? Dennis?!
Dennis: *suddenly collapses*
Shang: Where's my cat?
Dylan: I think Zhi have your cat, Shang *healing Dennis when chanting*
Dennis: *groans* my fox got it safely and it's bringing to your home by now
Dylan: that's good but what about this scientist?
Dennis: *groans even more* the pain is not going away at all
Dylan: that is serious then
Dr: Also, you guys can do magic?
More mutant comes and there are like hundred of them
Dylan: what the?! *blinks* how many ya made those mutants?!
Dr: Easy...with my Mutant zapper that has no reverse
Dylan: #?%!?
Dr: I can change animals to mutant as well too! Even the skaskers that I found too!
Dylan:...! *to Dennis* cousin! This is serious
Shadow: meow?
Dennis: *pants* I can't do this anymore
Matthew: Something is weakening him. It has to be the blood blossoms but where?
Dylan: that's what i thought about blood blossom, bro
Dennis: One of the *pants* vulture dropped it. Somewhere
Shadow: ...*goes find blood blossom on vulture*
The mutants started to attack Matthew, Shang, Dennis, and Dylan
Shang: Ooh they hurt!
Dr: And use that injection that I gave you
Dylan: oh please! i am giant bigger than ya! *blow mutants away without hurt*
Dennis: We're out numbered!
Dylan: then we retreat
Dennis: *he couldn't move at all and let the mutants attack him*
Shang: *suddenly gets pulled away by the salamander mutants to the Dr* HELP!
Dylan: ?! *push the mutants away from Dennis then hears Shang* SHANG! *grabs Shang*
Matthew: WHERE ARE YOU? IT'S SO CROWDED! IT EXPULSO! *exploded the streets
Suddenly, giant vultures snatched Shang again
Dylan: huh! The mutants kept crawling up my body like ants *pull Shang careful*...what the?! # %?!
Dennis: Help! They're snatching me! *One of the mutant poked Dennis with the injection needles* OW!
Dylan: Dennis! grrr! *grabs Dennis away from mutants* MATT! Need help!
One of the wild cat mutant injected Shang with the needles
Dylan: Shang!
Shang: OW!
Dennis: *starting to hear voices of the mad scientist and growls*
Dylan: #?%! No! *glowing eyes* now I am mad! *roars like Godzilla roar sonic*
Matthew: DENNIS! SHANG! LEVITATE! *Matt flies up* . OW
Shang: *groaning in pain* Meow...
Dylan: *chants to make bigger bubble barrier to trap mutants in it and growling*
Dennis: *roars for Kyle*
Dylan: now...ya , scientist *look him* now ya going dead!
Kyle: *suddenly appears with Team Harmony* What?
Jin: OMG what's going on?
Kyle: I knew you need help
Dylan: *to them* Dennis and Shang are infected because this scientist? ?#?! *punch scientist*
Dr: Oof, what punches! But did you know I'm a mutant as well too? *starts to transform to a giant wild cat lizard dragon flying mutant*
Shadow: *comes back with blood bloom*
Dylan: ...?! wtf?!
Jin: Okay! DRAGON UP! *creates a large fire dragon and burned all of the mutant*
Dylan: wait Jin! Those mutants were innocent people as humans because he control!
Jin: I know...he tried on me one time and it failed
Dylan: oh man
Dr: *whacks Dylan with its tail*
Dylan: oofff! *fall on building*
Dr: *starts sending message to every mutant to destroy Dylan* you are one giant freak!
Dylan: *eye twitch when hear word "freak then growl then blast dr*
Shang: *both eyes glow red and he transform into a wild panther and starts attacking Dylan*
Dylan:...!? No, Shang! Stop!
Dylan: snap it out, Shang! Don't let him control your mind! *try to stop his attacks*
Dennis:*tries to resist his commands*
Shang: *he was lost and scratched Dylan's face*
Behind Dylan, a vulture clawed his head
Dylan: it's me, Dylan!...AAAAAHHHH! *screaming in pain and groan then bleeding*
Matthew: SHANG! DENNIS! DYLAN! HELP! They're closing in on me! PROTEGO! *creates a large shield around him so none of the mutant gets near him*
Dylan: *groan in pain and use wail powerful to wait mutants away like ghost wail*
Dr: *whistles* It time to go! Let's leave their friends alone. *suddenly escapes*
Mutants: *retreat*
Dylan:...*turns back to normal size*...s-Shang...
Dennis: *still resisting the command* LA LA LA I'M NOT LISTENING!
Shadow: *slap Dennis's head*
Shang: *starts to look at Dylan and frowns. *
Dennis: Thanks! How do I look? Do I sound like a fox and I have fur on my hands
Dylan: *smiles bit creepy and bleeding* it's-s okay...*faints*
Shadow: *sweat drop* I noticed that
Matthew: *pants* I gotta help them Shadow! We need to bring them home
Shang: *ran away*
Shadow: yes *hops* Jin, Kyle! Help
Jin: Okay
Shadow: Shang! Wait!
Kyle: On the move *helps Dennis*
In a moment, Shang disappears
Jin: Dylan, are you okay?
Shadow: he's fainted, Jin
Dylan: *bleeding*
Jin: Well...I found another reincarnated halfa that can heal people. She's like me and her name is Alura. I met her in the Spirit World when she was looking for something
Shadow: well he should wake up and heal himself but okay bring her or we bring Dylan to her then
Jin: Yep...Dennis, can you take us to Spirit World?
Dennis: *nods a no* I can't, my ghost powers aren't acting normal
Jin: Darn it! Matthew?
Dylan:...v.v *bleeding when shadow put first kit on Dylan to stop bleed*
Matthew: I do have one! TELEPORT! *teleports everyone to the tree house* Okay here and also, Dylan should have a potion
Matthew: Somewhere...
Shadow: man his head's bleeding...wait how ya do? ya did teleported us here right one O.o ya know potions have labels, right? ya can read them when ya find potion, Matt
Dylan: *groaning pain and his eyes little open but not too open*
Matthew: *finds the green potion and gave it to him* I hope this is the right one
Shadow: well, let's try if it work but please careful if ya read label
Matthew: He labeled them? O-o
Shadow: well, if potions don't have labels then ya don't know if someone makes mess to blow up like BOOM!
Matthew: Red and black are bad
Shadow: well because your potions didn't have label, yes bad *check on green potion to be sure it's safe*
Dennis: Of coarse it is *looks himself in the mirror* I look like a fox
Matthew: And?
Dylan: *being heal*...*groan*...Matthew-w?
Matthew: Dylan!
Dylan: h-hey *gasp realized and sit up fast* SHANG! *palms dylan's face*...do i have scars...?
Shadow: ; well claw scars. Yes
Dennis: Also, look what the scientist did to me.
Dylan...*looks at Dennis* is that ya, cousin?! Whoa, ya look foxy
Dennis: I know, the mutants did it on me
Shadow: it's true
Dennis: I wasn't controlled because I'm controlled by the Shadows only
Dylan: I see *sighs* #% ?! They got Shang but he ran away
Dennis: They're always in my mind and they make up my personality*turns to Matthew and stares at him angrily*
Matthew: What?
Dennis: You let him turned into some mutant!
Dennis: *signs* Kyle? Am I going to turn back to normal?
Dylan: *looks at mirror about scars* ...oh man do i look bad?
Kyle: Ghost genes are strong, they can defeat mutated ghost cells easily
Dennis: Wounds heal, scar cannot
Dylan...great, great, I got scars on my face but that will make Shang feel bad
Dennis: Well one thing for sure, ghost genes are strong enough to defeat the mutant stuff
Kyle: No problem I can help you with that. *freezes Dylan's face*
Dylan: ?! Oo? What ya doing..?
Kyle: Water heals wound quickly and my powers are made of ghost genes, they can heal scars too. Remember, spirits
Dylan: ah that's true
Dennis: *chuckles* *slowly returning to normal* Whoa, I'm feeling I'm shedding.
Dylan: *turn back to human form* my head have holes from that bird claws hmph
Dennis: Oh no...That's bad...
Dylan:...hm? What?
Kyle: Ice bag?
Dennis: You are gonna lose some brain fluid
Kyle: Well I can't freeze your head though
Dylan: #?%! Oh man great guess potions could help then
Matthew: Yep...What are we gonna do about Shang? He was my best friend since elementary'
Dylan: good thing shadow stopped bleed *making potion* we know, matt and i worrying about him too
Dennis: I don't know and I'm not helping, but my energetic girlfriend can. You just wait and see
Dylan: *pour one of potions into potion* all right then, call your girlfriend
Dennis: *teleports and teleports back to bring Clara*
Dennis: They need your help and I'm not bringing you home till you solve their problem. Bye! *teleports*
Dylan: hey Clara *sips potion to heal head wound* it will gonna have headache tonight #%!
Clara: *stomps foot* Darn it! Is there anything that I can help you boys?
Dylan: umm clara...? We need your help about shang because he's umm werecat or mutant cat...umm *to Matthew* could ya explain to her? My head's little hurt
Matthew: Well, Clara...Dennis and all of us met an evil mad scientist named Hooligan and he turned Dennis into a fox with his 100 or thousands or mutant creatures and Shang into a mutant human Panther too
Clara: Dennis? Into a fox?
Matthew: Didn't you see his tail when he left?
Clara: No...
Dylan: *groan little pain* it's true, Clara
Clara: Oh...should we meet the evil scientist tomorrow and make a barrage at them with the Shinies? We can blind their eyes
Matthew: Also I wonder where's Shang's cat?
Dylan: *sweat drop* um, we should go find shang

Shang's cat: Meow and playing with Zhi
Zhi: Who's a good boy?

Matthew: Like how?
Clara: And where's Carlos? Does he know?
Dylan: ...I have slang's claw from my healed scars *hold up claw* and oh Carlos went gym
Matthew: Ooh let me call him *picks up cell phone and called him*
Carlos: Hello? -on other line-
Matthew: It's me Matthew, are you okay?
dylan: we could use this claw with magic to lead us to find Shang...hmm? *hear matt talking on phone with Carlos*
Carlos: Yes and no...I'm stuck in some sort of lair with potions and mutants
Dylan: I knew it; I was right about two cats
Carlos: Hanging upside down and about to get eaten by a black panther that looks like Shang when I came home from practice.
Matthew: AND?
Carlos: Also...he wants Dennis now or otherwise, he'll turn me into a mutated creature
Dylan: *put claw away*...*grabs phone* Shang is with ya?! that was Shang is panther!
Matthew: Oh no...It's a HEY!
Carlos: Oh really? His eyes are like, they look really hungry *hears growls*
Dylan: #?!% that is not good! That damn scientist controlling Shang
Dr: *takes the phone* Hello once again...Looks like Shang has kidnapped his own friend...Carlos
Matthew: What! Oooh .
Clara: Is everything is going alright?
Dylan: ...*growls* what ya want, basta#d?! *to Clara* they kidnapped Carlos and he controlled Shang...*to Dr.* will ya let them go grrr
Dr: No...until...you bring the blue boy in...Dennis...like your friend Carlos said...
Dylan: *growling bit* #$?!& what if i take his place?
Dr: No...I don't need you and I noticed you that you look like a cat demon...like a freak...But your cousin is soooo perfect for my experiment
Clara: Grr…What's taking so long?
Dylan: *pop vein* GRRRR! *sighs and to them* he wants Dennis
Clara: My boyfriend? Oooh I got an idea!
Dylan: hmm?
Clara: *whispers to Dylan's ears* Zhi has the ability to do illusions of Dennis. (a power that looks like from a pokemon named Zorua)
Dylan: *hear what she said and nods then whisper clara's ear back* ya sure it's wise?
Clara: I think so...Zhi has been trained by Dennis and both make a perfect team. Anyway...Zhi's a ghost
Dylan: hmm! All right then and call Zhi then *on phone to dr.* all right ya crazy quark we bring my cousin
Dr: Excellent...meet me behind the Hollywood Sign with your cousin...In 12 hrs
Dylan...all right got it *to them we go 12 hours to meet him
Dylan: at Hollywood sign
Dr: And don't bring your friends except you and your cousin
Dylan: *pout* ok ok
Dr: I'll bring my mutants out
Dylan: noted
Clara: *winks* *whispers* we're ghost
Dylan: *nods at Clara as understand and to dr. * not worry we will alone as only me and my cousin
Dr: Bye...
Dylan: wait I want know Shang or Carlos are both safe
Dr: *hangs up*
Clara: Well?
Dylan: Grr. Yeah, well planned Clara.
Dylan: *give phone to matt* I kill that dr
Matthew: Okay thanks
Clara: Don't worry we'll get him. I'll call Jin for backup too
Dylan: hm I hope he don't find out about our plan to rescue them
Clara: It should be day time now...so we have to meet him in 12 hrs at night
Dylan: mm yeah *groan little pain* hope my head get heal quick
Clara: Okay, I have some holy water from the Shinies *gives the bottle of holy water to Dylan: It should help
Matthew: Aren't the Shinies are angelic?
Clara: A little bit, but they blind the Shadows...a lot...like I'm blinding Dennis too
dylan: ohh I see
For the next 12 hours-
They are now behind at the Hollywood sign with illusion Dennis and Dylan. Clara, Michelle, and Jin remained invisible
Dylan: hey quark! We are here
Shadow: *act like animal rabbit as shape shifter*
Dr: Hi...I brought Carlos here and Shang...now where's your cousin?
Zhi (Dennis): *scratches his ears with his legs*
dylan: *nudges zhi (dennis)*
Dr: Also I can see that he returned to normal shortly, but he'll become a mutant once again
Zhi(Dennis): Oof *tilted his head*
dylan: grr! So, let them go then
Dr: *lets go of Carlos* Here your boy
shadow: *sneak hopping as rabbit*o3o
Carlos: Ow...that really hurts *ran to Dylan in safety*
Dylan: whoa! *catch Carlos* ya all right?
Suddenly, the real Dennis came in the Sky and the Shadows are chasing after him, even the Ghost Strikers too.
Dennis: Phhfftt! YOU CAN'T CATCH ME VERA!
Dr: *looks up* what the heck? *looks at Zhi (Dennis)* which is which?
Dylan: *face palm* now, guys! #?%!? *take Carlos, jin and i will take Shang!
Ghost Strikers: Let capture Shadow Dennis...
Shadow: *kicks dr away*3
Jin: *appears and got Carlos* Hold on...*invisibility*
Carlos: Okay guide me
Dr: Whoa *falls off the cliff* DON'T LET THEM GET AWAY!
Shadow: oops! XP
Dylan: *goes to Shang* hey Shang!
Shadow: *turn into dr form* no! Let them get away *with dr.'s voice*
Zhi(Dennis): *went after Dr and forms back to fox* I WILL GET YOU MAD SCIENTIST! *bites the hands*
Mutants: Hmm?
Dr: Grr! GET OFF OF ME STUPID FOX *throws Zhi out*
Clara and Michelle appears
Shadow (dr.): that is impostor! Get him! *points at real dr.*
dylan: Shang...*pick Shang up*
Clara: LIGHT BEAM! *blinded Dr's eyes* HAHAHA!
Dr: Ow my eyes!
Shang: *growls*
Dylan: shh it's me Dylan *reach to him* I am not hurt ya
Wolf mutant: *sniffs and nodded* Wait, the other one is a CAT!
Dog: Yep *growls and chases after the impostor*
Dr: Thank you and wolf...tell the others to get Dennis down here
Shadow: *turns into dragon* GRRR anyone want to burn death?
Ghost Striker: *aims and fire a gun a Dennis's legs*
Dennis: OW! *blasts Dark rays at there gun* Also, I learn a new move
Ghost Striker: Oof!
Shadows: *war chaos*
Clara: I am confused now (think)
Shadow: *breath fire to burn ghost striker*
Dylan: little help, Clara?! Dennis' shot!
Ghost Striker: *dodges*
Dennis: Ooh, this is gonna take some time to heal from an ecto gun
Clara: *went after Dennis and slap him* DENNIS! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?
Dennis: I can explain...The Shadows interrupted my dinnertime and then I had to escape from them and suddenly, the Ghost Striker saw me and went after me too. Can't I have a break for one day?
Dylan: *growls and turns into giant size then punches ghost striker on wall then turn back normal size then to shang* shang...snap it out! *hand Shang's cheeks*
Shang: Hmm? *tilted his head*
Dr: Come on! Get Dennis!
Dennis: *falls down to the ground and got surrounded by 50 of ghost strikers, 100 of mutants, and 100 of Shadow ghosts* *he gulped* I am so dead...
The Shadows, mutants, and the ghost strikers attacked all together all at once
Dennis: *gets swallowed by them*
Clara: Where have I seen this before?
Jin: *looks at the battlefield* Things aren't going well
Carlos: Yep...*signs*
Dylan:*smiles creepy* ya know me don't ya i am glad ya are okay *smiles creepy nice then get close to Shang when look his eyes and kiss Shang*...*few minutes later and realized then blush embarrassed* o-ohhh! *blushes red and stand up fast*...i-i-i get help Dennis! *dazes and dazes to Dennis then chants to makes bad people be disappear* BEGONE, ghost strikers or mutants, ghost!
Michelle: Uh hello? I can't attack anything without water near me
Shadow: *dump ocean water on ground from magic bucket*now you can, meow!
Michelle: Alright, drowning all the mutants to death! *creates a giant tsunami at the group of mutants*
Shadow: ooh my bad!
Dylan: Dennis? ya ok?
Dennis: Ow *limping on the ground* That hurts *burps a Shadow ghost* Since when did it get into my body?
Dylan: ; ahh * help Dennis careful* ya shallower that ghost, that's new *look over shoulder to see Shang*...*hid blushes*
Dr: Dang it, but I have flying mutants. I haven't release them yet
Dylan: well, quark, where ya belong... to jail prison!
Shang: *growls and attacks Dylan*
Dylan: ! no, Shang! *block attack* wake up!
Dennis: Oh my god, I need to breathe...
Dylan: #%?! Quit control Shang! *wrestling Shang as not hurt and to Clara* help Dennis!
Clara: *helps Dennis* Okay, how are you feeling?
Dennis: Tired and also...I don't understand why the Shadows wanted me so badly
I do know why Dr. Hooligan and the Ghost Strikers wanted me for
Vera: *storms to Dennis* Hey, are you gonna give up
Dylan: Shang! Snap it out *hold Shang* ya know it's me like i told ya i don't hurt ya!
Clara: *Pushes Vera* I think Dr. Mutant should test on you
Vera: For what?
Clara: Turn you ugly
Vera: No way .
Shang: *growls and let's go of him. Walks to the scientist to help him*
Dylan: no, Shang, don't go back to that bad guy!
Dennis: ENOUGH!
Dylan: Ouch my ears
Dennis: *hears Dylan* for crying out loud, ever heard of overshadowing? *overshadows Shang as he limps to him*
Dylan: oh yeah
Zhi: Hmm? *recovers from an attack*
Shang: *stood still...inside...Dennis comes in touch with Shang*
Dennis: Shang...snap out of it!
Shang: Hmm? *his eyes were glowing red*
Dennis: I'm the one who saved your cat. Please.
Dylan: hm? *saw his eyes glowing*...Shang...
Shang: meow...*Suddenly, Shang grabbed his neck and growled and pushes him*
Dennis: *fly out of Shang's body and landed on the ground* Ow...it didn't work
Dylan: aw man! *help Dennis get up* my guess is it is too strong?...
Dennis: Yes...the control is too strong
Dylan: i won't give up then *look at Shang*
Shang: *walks over to the scientist and help him*
Dennis: Okay...but it won't soothe Shang down
Dylan: *summons his keytar appear in own arms*
Clara: Aha! Nefaria! Angel of Dark Music!
Wait you need to play Shang's favorite song
Dylan: ...Shang's fav sing? hmm!
Carlos: I know him well...so his favorite song is Spring...by Vivaldi whatever
Dylan: ahh spring *nods* that could help then*playing with keytar to singing about spring by vivaldi!
Dennis: It's violin music
Clara: Hmm...
Vera: Anyway...I hate his music so bygone *disappears*
Jin: Ooh need some violin tune to remember
Dylan *nods then singing for Shang when play with keytar as violin tune*
Shadow: ooh nice song for spring*tosses flower petals up*
Dennis Oooh
Shang: *twitches his ears* Hmm *turns around* Is that Spring?
Dylan: *singing with keystar with violin about spring for Shang*
Shadow: *turns into spring bird flying around them*
Dr: What's going on?
Dylan: *grin creepier* spring song for shang *wink and singing more about spring by vivaldi with violin tune*
Clara: It's spring! It's spring! *dancing around* IT'S SPRING
Shadow: *flying around them* spring
Dylan: *singing and playing key-tar with violin tune about spring and walk to Shang*
Shang: *comings toward to them on all four paws*
Dr: No wait! Shang!
Dennis: His name is Shang Huang. A Chinese that is fighting for a girl!
Dylan: *singing more about spring and playing key tar with violin turn about spring*
Clara: Uh...you're always fighting for me but actually it's the opposite
Jin: (reappears) Humm Hummm
Shadow: love mate season spring*runs around*
Shang: *suddenly gets all confused* who are you?
Dr: No you freak! Shang comes back to me!
Dennis: For crying out loud Dr. Hooligan...*blasts ecto rays* SHUT UP!
Dylan: *looks at Shang and singing about spring when keep playing key-tar with violin about spring for Shang*
Shang: *closes his eyes and hum*
Dylan: humming with Shang then singing about spring to playing keystar with violin tune*
Shang: (in his mind) Who's playing Spring? Where am I? I'm feeling the paradise...*open his eyes and see who was playing* Dylan?
Jin: Alright, I better go now, my friend, Michelle is getting impatient!
Michelle: *pulls Jin ears* Let's go Ryu! We got Simon to take care of
Dylan: *playing keytar with violin tune about spring and looks at Shang then smiles creeper*
Shadow: see ya Jin!
Shang: *Looks at Dylan* Dylan what's going on here? Where am I?
Dennis, Clara, and Carlos come in.
Dylan:*sighs relieved* Shang ya are all right finally
Carlos: We're here to take you back from that evil scientist.
Dylan: *chuckles creepy then thinks Shang don't remember the kiss and sighs*
Dr: *growls and ruins the moment and suddenly kidnapped Dennis in a speed of a cheetah*
Dennis: Whoa!
Dylan: *makes key-tar guitar disappeared* ah! Dennis!
Shadow: *gasp* nooo!
Shang: *turns around and gasps* Doctor
Dr: *disappears along with Dennis and suddenly Dennis started to fall asleep when the sun comes up*
Clara: Oh no...The sun!
Dylan: Shang ya could stay with friends and I will rescue Dennis *hears Clara* oh #?%!
Carlos: We can't control the sun by now.
Shang: But wait, what happened to my body? Why do I have a tail?
Shang: Why do I look like a freak?
Clara: *chases after Dennis*
Dylan: that quark turned ya into cat mutant
Dr: *starts camouflaging himself and Dennis and make it all the way to his lair*
Dylan: ya will excuse me, Shang but Dennis needs our help and I am glad ya are okay
Shadow: *runs to the lair when smelled scent of Dennis to follow them*
Zhi: *starting to stand up* DENNIS!
Dr: *slaps Dennis with its tail*
Dennis: Ow! Why did you smack me awake?
Dennis: *yawns*
Dylan: stay with friends, Shang and they will explain what happen *flies to goes to find Dennis and sees Clara and shadow goes to lair*
Shadow: *goes in lair sneak and glomp dr then bite dr's neck*
Dr: Just stay awake well you drink this! It's time for you to turn into a ghost mutant. I just got a new ghost mutant DNA that won't let your ghost DNA to destroy the mutant one
Dr: *gives Dennis the potion*
Dylan: *flies to the lair and turn into giant then ripped the roof off* Clara!
Shadow: *keep biting dr's neck*
Dennis: *gulps it* *feels sick* Why does it taste like ghost medicine?
Dr: Ahh! You *kicks skasker with the hind foot like a kangaroo*
Clara: YAH! *kicks Dr. in Kung Fu Style*
Shadow: ouchie! oof! 3 yay Clara's here
Dylan: *frees Dennis* Dennis?
Zhi: *jumps in and bite's Dr Head* FOR HURTING NATURE!
Dennis: *collapses*Ooh, I feel tired and sick at the same time...my body is feeling hungry for power...
Dylan: *help Dennis walk* oh no what he did give ya? *blast dr. burn and to dr* for Shang and hurt my head!
Dr: Oof *falls down and get knocks unconscious*
Shadow: K.O.! We are winners
Dylan: yes but not really and i think something wrong with Dennis
Suddenly, his assistant arrived. it appears to be Dr. daughter
Shadow: *sees assistant* grrr! Friend or foe?
Dr.'s D- What's going on here? What did you do you my dad?
Dylan: what we did? ya mean HE did to us!
Clara: *growls* Are you a mutant to threatened ghosts and nature?
Dr's D- Well...my mutant dad...*signs* I really miss my old dad so much
Dylan: what? Why he turned into mutant like that?
Dylan: and he did something with my cousin!
Dr's D- He uses me to dragged baits here to create more mutant monsters to join his side against the world and freaks
Dylan:. oooh man
Dr's D- It was an accident like 3 years ago
Dylan: hmm? Go on *listen*
Dr's D- Mostly, all mutant monsters that he created were men and some are animals from nature
Shadow: *ties dr and push dr into cage locked*
Dylan: why he turned into evil?
Dennis: *groans and breathing heavily, trying to fight it*
Dylan: umm….stories can wait but i think i wonder if ya could help us to cure my cousin?
Dr's D- He turned evil...because of this recipe *shows the paper to Dylan* Yeah...he didn't know what it meant, but he added into that potion.
Dylan: *reading paper* hmm i see
Dr's D- For mutant people, I'm afraid there aren't, he created his own science
Clara: *takes that recipe and saw the pentagram* OMG, that's the Demon's recipe!
Dylan: not good this potion did changed your dad into evil, i see
Dylan: yeah that's correct, Clara
Clara: Dennis knows this recipe. But did he added this recipe to the rest of the mutant monster
Dylan:. What? Then how dr find this recipe?…hmm I see
Dr's D- No. He did not, a controlling recipe only. For Dennis, I heard his mumbling about this boy is gonna be twisted with hatred more and more
Dylan: ohh man! That explain why he learned that
Dr's D: He found it in his mailbox
Dylan: hmm? let me see that address on that
Dennis: *coughs*
Dr's D-: *gives the envelope* It's an address that's in Latin
Dylan: hold on for bit and we working on it to find way to save ya, cousin *take it and read it* hmmm oh #%?!
Carlos: *catches up* Wait Latin? I know how to read it!
Dylan: hm all right *give envelope to Carlos*
Dennis: *suddenly he starts to grow blue hair on him*
Dylan: *sees Dennis* umm little quick read, Carlos
Carlos: *reads* Oh shoot...this is a recipe from the Underworld of Fire with Demons
Dylan: yeah, Carlos that's bad
Carlos: I believed the Dr. was controlled by the Demon as well.
Clara: Oh shoot the Shadows and the Demons are still fighting over Dennis
Dylan: why they keep fight over Dennis like tug wag to pull?
Dennis: *starts to grow fangs and claws and growls*
Dylan: #?%! i going make potion...FASTER!
Clara: One...Shinies vs Shadows vs Angels vs Demons...
Clara: They want to see who's the strongest spirit of the world, except...the Shadows wanted to be the strongest evil spirit of the world
Dylan: sometimes i don't like wars huh *making potion*
Clara: So are the demons too
Shadow: *hops* oh my!
Shadow: not good not good!
Dennis: *growing whiskers and his eyes turned red*
Dylan: agree, shadow *pour it into glass* all right it will work to save Dennis then
Dennis: *growls and he stood up behind Dylan*
Dylan….he behind me isn't he?
Shadow: *nods*
Clara: Uh yes *nods*
Dennis:" *choked on Dylan's neck*
Dylan: *Sighs* oh great *grabs potion *choking*! ahh!
Dr's D: Also fixing him is not gonna work because mutant creatures are incurable now...unknown
Dylan: *choking* then tell us fix this?!
Dr's D- I don't know!
Shadow: ohh;
Dennis: *clawed Dylan's back*
Zhi: *cries* DENNIS!
Shang: *suddenly walked in* Hello*sees Dennis fighting Dylan* Ooh I'm scared
Dennis: *turned to Shang and roared and chases after him*
Dylan: *wide eyes and screaming AAAAAAAHHHH* *then grabs Dennis's arms then flips Dennis down on floor*
Dennis: *but he was too late when he got flipped*
Dylan: #?%!
Shang: What's happening now and who's that fox?
Dylan: this is Dennis...*groans pain*
Dennis: *growls*
Dylan: growl back to ya, cousin! Anyone have ideas?!
Clara: *hides behind Carlos* I'm scared
Dr's D: I better make for a run! I have to go back to my mom! *escapes*
Dennis: *suddenly he started to whimper*
dylan: great!...wait….DENNIS! What ya did to scare your girlfriend? Hmm? Dennis?
Dennis: *coughing* *and shaking*
Clara: I feel evil in here
Zhi: *cowards down*
Dylan: hmm? *check Dennis and to Clara* because it's dr's demon potion making evil here
Dennis: *stops moving for a while*
Clara: No it's not. I saw a devil went inside his body and the potion is making it passable
Dylan: hm? What?! #?%! no wonder
Dennis: *choking*
Dylan: Clara! ya have light of angelic to make devil go away, right?!
Demon: You are going to be my apprentice, do what I say and destroy your friends and family
Clara: Sorry, I'm part Shinies ghost, part human, actually half
Dylan: #?%!? Guess i going in*hand on Dennis's body to go in mind*
Carlos: And also Shinies aren't strong enough like angels
Dennis: *stood up and breathes*
Dylan: (in mind) and goes to Dennis* Dennis! ya hear me?!
Demon: You...Dennis...are a freak...a monster...no one likes you...You have no hope on your families and friends.
Dennis: (in his mind) *starts feeling bad and frowns*
Dylan: no! *punch demon away* ya lying at my cousin! #?%!?
Demon: I am a voice...you cannot punch me...remember the time that people hated you in school
Dennis: *thinks back and slowly tears were forming*
Dylan: ##?!%$ *To Dennis* don't listen this demon's voice! ya know Clara love ya!
Dennis: *he sat down there and there was a cage over him*
Demon: Do not listen to him. I know your girlfriend never hangs out with you because you were the opposite of her...I watched you over your life. You always hanged out with a loner. Kyle
Dylan: oh great! *goes to Dennis* wake up, cousin! She did go out with ya! ya are not alone *chanting to use angelic light to be gone demon*
Dennis: *starting to lose hope of himself*
Demon: *roars to try to get him back*
Dylan: ya are not lost hope, cousin! ya got me and Matthew and Clara and Carlos, everyone come back to ya to save ya!
Demon: Remember...always a freak to people because the Ghost Hunters were chasing you down like that and I remembered kids called you a freak too. A monster
Dennis: What I have done in life...I hated my life...so much...I never wanted to exist
Dylan: *blast angelic demon away* no no! *kneels at Dennis* listen, do i look freak to ya?!
Dennis: *couldn't see Dylan and starts crying*
Dylan: what the?! ya don't see me?! *hand on Dennis's shoulder*
On the outside, Dennis stopped breathing.-
Dennis (inside): *crying in black tears*
Demon: You have denied your life for 6 years.
Dylan: *growls and telepathy to friends* everyone! Demon making him sad because he thinks we hate him or freak
Demon: You'll never find happiness. Come and join us
Clara: *telepathy* Like how? How's he doing?
Dylan: *telepathy to Clara* not good not very good he don't hear me or see me! he is in cage
Clara: *Oh man...he is not thinking of others*
Dennis: *sobs softly until his mind went all white*
*telepathy to everyone* bring everyone to let him know we are here!
Dylan: *telepathy to them* his mind went white!
Carlos: Come on Dennis You can do it!
Shadow: i want help! DENNIS!
Dylan: *to Dennis* cousin! if ya hear our voices please!
Another voice has answered Dennis…A different one.
Voice: Dennis...Dennis...come to us now...it's time for you to go
Dylan: hmm?
Dennis: *looked up and saw Nefaria, the Dark Angel*wept softly*
Shadow: Dennis, Dennis!
Nefaria: *holds out her hands*
Dylan: what ya doing here, angel?
Clara: DENNIS! *shakes him*
shadow: *shake Dennis too* we are here meow meow!
Dennis: *reaches out for her hands* Why? Why do I hate my life so much? I know everyone loves me like my friends and family...but people hated me for who I am...
Dylan: no! *grab Dennis*
Nefaria: Dennis...you're an Angel of Sorrow
dylan:….wait say again?
Dennis: *he's untouchable* Lead me the way.
Dylan: wait! Don't go, cousin!
Dennis and Nefaria disappeared-
Clara: Wake up!
Dylan: * back to body and gasp* #?%!? That dark angel took him
Clara: What?! *tears formed* HOW?
Shadow: huh? Why angel took him away from us?
Clara: First the demon...Oooh I think they want to get rid of him because they don't want wars with the Shadows anymore
Dylan: i dunno but that angel called him "angel of sorrow"
lorihope6: shadow: *sniff*
Clara: Dennis IS the Angel of Sorrow, I heard his mom called him that sometimes
Dylan: really? Aunt did?
Zhi: If Dennis' gone, Kyle's gone too
Dylan: oh man! But he's too young to die
Carlos: What are we gonna do with his body?
Dylan: *sighs* well i will take care of this body but who explain to uncle and aunt?
Dylan: I mean Dennis's parents
Dennis: *slowly his body forms back to normal and suddenly smiles*
Shadow: *surprised*o.o
Dylan:...?! Dennis?!
Clara: That's him...he made a smile.
Dennis:: *signs* leaving a smile knowing them that I'm a peace
Shadow: oooh!
Clara: Oh man, I wish I can see him.
Shadow: *blinks when hear voice of angel*
Dennis: *suddenly starts crying*
Clara: Okay...
Dylan: *sighs* ya got us worried, cousin! ...umm it's okay *pats Dennis's back*
Clara: Yeah, it's time for us to leave him, let's go home
Dylan: ...what? Leave him like this?
Shadow: *blinks*
Dennis: (as angel) *suddenly gets dragged by Clara* what the heck?
Clara: I can't carried him
Dylan: umm need help, Clara?
Clara: Yeah
Dylan: *picks Dennis up and carries Dennis* sorry cousin but I have to help your girlfriend to carry ya
Shadow: *poke Shang*
Shang: Hey *smiles nervously* Am I gonna be like this forever?
Carlos: I think so
Dylan: well... but, ya can teleform if ya want, Shang *carries Dennis*
Shadow: *hops around them*
Shang: Actually I can?
Dylan: yes ya can and try relaxing to control teleform
Clara: Let's a have a funeral now
Shang: *nods, suddenly turns back to normal as he relaxes*
Dylan: ...*walks with them where to follow Clara when carried Dennis then to Shang* see? It worked
-At the funeral-on the next day
His families were at the alter and sniffing and mourning. His friends were there as well
Dylan: *wear black clothes as funeral but scary* uncle and aunt sued that quark for what he did to Dennis *talking with matt*
Shadow: *sniff* I was hoped he still alive
Priest: Dennis...the 16 years old halfa boy has lost his life to some mad scientist guy and poison although blah blah blah
Dennis: (with no wings) *sitting on top of his coffin and look at everyone sadly*
Dylan: ... *sighs* i should save him from that demon or angel but at least he did smiled peaceful
Shadow: but it is not fair because Clara and Dennis have future about kids or marry...long story about clockwork
Dylan: *look at spirit of Dennis as knows normal people don't see him*
Dennis: *he looks up and wonders at the ceiling*
Dylan: *whisper to Dennis* is this ya want like this? mm?
Matthew: Wait...we could have gone to the future...but his future was destroyed somehow...what if someone was messing with Dennis' future. What if the scientist guy came from the future?
Shadow: oh no! That can explain why someone changed this future
Dylan: hmm! That could be
Dennis: Yeah...I think so *whispers*
Dylan: *whisper to Dennis* but what about Clara? She is sad and that's not what she wants like this, cousin
Shadow: But what about silly wars? Someone make them fight other each other over Dennis?
Dennis: Hmm?
Shadow: that could someone messed this future!
Dennis: Right now, my future is destroyed and I don't care anymore
Clockwork: Time out!
Dylan: *whisper to Dennis* what? ya cannot serious?….?! *hears cw's voice*
Dennis: *he can move* Huh? Who are you?
Shadow: *freeze*
Clockwork: I'm Clockwork, master of time. Demons and Angels can move when I freeze the time
Dylan: *look at clockwork then check if can move or not*
Dennis: Really?
Clockwork: Your future was destroyed by the scientist...
Dennis: Wait what? How?
Dylan: hm then shadow and Matthew were right
Clockwork: He created the time machine to get back in time. Your kids were fighting against him. He tried to turn your kids to a mutant ghost
Dylan: %!? Not cool
Clockwork: I know right?
Dylan:…wait...that scientist have daughter I remember
Dennis: How can we fix this if someone alter our time stream
Dylan: hmm!
Cw: Oh yes...the daughter was brought along too
Dylan: thought so! I don't see dr's wife here
CW: Hmm...Your kids gotta stop him
Dylan: wait...my kids?
Dennis: How did you know that I have kids? I'm not even married yet!
CW: No...Dennis' kids. He had 3. 2 boys and 1 girl
Dylan: ohh ya lucky, cousin *chuckles creepier but want know about Dylan's future as pouted*
Dylan: speaking of future, how we fix this future?
CW: *smiles* Well...also what do you want to choose?
Dylan: ...*look at Dennis*
CW: By Dennis' choices. The time machine was created by an accident and also the future demons used the time machine to destroyed Dennis so his kids never existed
CW: The demons hated his kids so much
Dylan: ohh man! That's bad
Dennis: Hmm...I feel unfair here...so I want my life back
CW: Okay, Time reset!
*reset the time when Dennis was captured by the evil scientist*
Dennis: *still remembers and the scientist was about to give him t*he potion
Dylan: hey! Dennis!
Dennis: OH NO YOU DON'T *teleports*
Shadow: *biting dr's neck*
Dennis: Also...you're gonna go and get a taste of your defeat FUTURE DR!
Dylan: *grab shadow away from dr. *
Clara: AY YI YI!
Shang: *still a panther* Huh
Dennis: *turns to Dylan* Ready?
Dylan: *nods* ready, cousin! * put skasker down*
Dennis: Zhi!
Zhi: *burst a portal from a mouth* PUT HIM IN!
Dylan: *powering up same time* oh yeah!
Dylan: *grabs dr and tosses him to portal* there ya go cousin!
Shadow: yay!
Dennis: Good bye and let CW bring you back!
Dylan: wait, his daughter, Dennis!
Dennis: Of coarse, the daughter too *threw the daughter in there*
Dr's D: WHOA!
Portal closes-
Dylan: see ya, miss!
Dylan: whew that was close *to Shang* ya ok?
Shang: Yes and I think I'm gonna be a mutant for a long time
Dylan: ahh umm ya can teleform back to human form, Shang
Dylan: try relaxing to teleform, Shang

-Set time in future after Dr and his daughter was back-
Dr: Where?
Future dylan: well well...
-In present-
Shang: I can? *relaxes* Whoa, I can do it!
Future Dennis: Messing with my past self aren't you?
Dylan: see *look at Shang naked and blushes*
Shang: *blushes* Oh sorry *hides*
Dylan: Haha *gives clothes to Shang*
Shang: Thank you. *puts clothes on *
Dylan: *blushes with smiles creepy but happy Shang's safe*
Dylan: *wonder if Shang remembers the kiss and blushing still*

-In future-
Sunny: DADDY *cries*
Mark: Destroy Dr and his daughter now!
Melanie: They kidnapped us
Future Dylan: ahh looks like we got guilty ones go bye bye, cousin
Dr: Oh boy...
Daughter: You'll never learn
Future Dennis: *growls and ecto blast his butt*
Future Dylan: hahaha *grin scary* may we, my cousin? *burning dr. alive* now...ya, "daughter" ya going join rats
Future Dennis: *needle attacked him*
Future Dylan: rats are hungry hahaXD
Daughter: Ahh!
Mark, Melanie, and Sunny: WHOO!
Future Dylan: *sends rats after daughter*
Daughter: AHH!
Future Dylan: hahahahahXD bye bye