dylan: umm jin? why denny kept call me mommy? is it your prank?

good plan yes

Jin: Dude, it's Dennis .

dylan: i mean this your robot

Jin: Yeah I know but one day, he won't work anymore


Jin: Robots aged quickly you know

dylan: ohh!

Jin: Yeah, everything will turn to rust

dylan: bummer and explain why he said he wished to be human I don't blame ya *nods*

Jin: *nods too*

dylan: poor robot hm well, maybe we grant his wish for day or month?

Jin; I don't know if magic would hmph...

dylan: *sighs bit* trying help, jin

Jin: Hmm oh well...at least Denny gets to stay the same all the time

dylan: *blinks and blushes* um...o-okay but are ya sure? ya know shang will fight ya

Jin: *chuckles* He won't, Shang can't beat me

dylan: i see *walks with jin * funny i don't see shang and i wonder where is he o

Shang: *hiding in bushes and spying on them*

Jin: I don't know where he is but let's go hang out in the restaurant ^^ Do you like sushi?

dylan: ah yes i do, jin *smiles*

Jin; *walks together downtown to get something to eat in the restaurant*

dylan: *goes inside with him* mm smell yummy, jin

Jin: Yeah and let me order it for you but what kind of sushi you like?

dylan: oh hmmm! *thinks* cucumber rolls, california rolls, futomakii rolls, tamagoyaki, miso soup, dumplings, some steak with veggies and oh, soda

Jin: That's alot but let's go with California rolls *goes up and order them*

dylan: *chuckles and smiles* alright sorry they are really yummy, jin ya see

Jin; *picks up his order and goes over to the table with Dylan* Come here

dylan: oh good *goes to table*

Jin: So anyway, how's your cousin going? I accidently gave him a bad bruise in his left eye

dylan: *sit down* oh yeah he's okay but he's still angry

Jin: He still doesn't sound good to me..oh well let's eat...

dylan: yeah *sighs* i hope he's okay, jin, ah sure *picks chopstickers up*

Jin; *starts eating sushi with the chopstick*

Shang: *burst into the restaurant in their middle of the meal* GET YOUR HANDS OFF HERMFRIEND STEALER!

Jin: *looks up surprise and wipes his mouth* Do you wanna try wasabi Shang?

dylan: ?! *blinks surprised and blushing* oh whoa


Jin: Well...you are getting people's attention on you...*raised eyebrow*

Shang: *growls, but smiles and has a better plan and storms off out of the restaurant*

Jin: *look at Dylan nervously* He's quite fussy though *scratches his head*

Dylan: *worries* well, ya know how he cares about me *eats with chopstick* but i worry what he plan

Jin: I don't know *shrugs* *finishes eating the sushi*

dylan: *finishes too*

Jin: *stood up* Ready to go Dylan?

dylan: oh sure *sip drink and stood up*

Jin; *walks out through the door and surprise to see a Jin clone* What the heck? *looks confused*

Shang: Hello Jin *smiles*

dylan: *see shang* ooh my!

Jin: *recognizes voice* Why do you dressed like me and is that my shirt and pants?


Shang: Well I guess I'll copy you like this all day until you give up on Dylan and Me..

dylan: uh oh

Jin: Not gonna happen, a ninja NEVER gives up! *grabs Dylan's hands and flies away when goes ghost*

dylan: *dragged by jin* whoooa!

shadow: which of them will win? *hold micone* what ya think, zhi?

Jin: Phew *in the tree house* I think we're safe...

Shang: *on the couch* You think you could get away with me?

dylan: ?! that was fast

Zhi: I had no idea...

shadow: well, i wonder what they plan next

Jin: *shocks* How did you get here fast?

Shang: (in Dennis' voice) Easy...

Jin: Oh my gosh, AHH! *grabs Dylan again and flies away somewhere else*

Zhi: There he goes again

Jin: *at in front of Zack's home* Phew, I should be safe here

dylan: *got dragged by jin* ahh hmm? ya know zack don't like ghost, right?

Shang: Not for long Jin! *blast hurricane wind at him*

Jin: *gets knocked into the tree*

shadow: wow jin hit tree

Katelyn: *sees explosion and run by there*

dylan: umm calm down guys

Shang: NO! *charges air balls in his hands*

Katelyn: What's going on over here?

dylan: *sighs* well, little cousin i believe they don't stop fighting over me

shadow: wow shang's going rage air

Katelyn: Oh well, one day it has to stop you know nothing last forever...

Shang: *blast airballs at Jin*

dylan: i know right?

Jin: *quickly dodges and goes invisible and tickles Shang*

shadow: ah, shang's laughing?

Shang: *starts laughing* Stop it! *continuously laughing*

dylan: i tried to calm them down but they don't stop *sweatdrop*

Jin: I hate doing this but *does a wet willy to Shang*

Shang: - OKAY THAT'S JUST GROSS! *wipes his ears*

dylan: *looks shock*

shadow: the wet willy trick! whoa, don't ya think, zhi? lucky dennis is not here because he get rage when he see them fight

Jin: *chuckles and reappears above Shang*

Shang: *growls and blast dark rays at Jin*

Jin: *dodges* YOU MISS!

Shang: AHH! *gets out of Shang's body and tackles Jin down*

dylan: cousin?!

Jin: *gets tackle down to ground and kicks Dennis off of him* YOU DON'T STOP YOU PEOPLE!

dylan: *facepalm*

Dennis: YOU ARE GONNA REPAY ME FOR MY EYE INJURIES *growls and charges dark ecto-rays in his right hand*

shadow: so, dennis was overshadowed shang

Jin: Chillax Dennis, you feel stressed you know when Dylan and I are in relationship...


dylan: *sighs bit* stop cousin, please ya know ya don't like fights when ya get rage...*hears jin saying* ohh man

shadow: *pokes shang* ya okay? *see shang going sneak up behind jin* uh oh

Jin: Take a deep breath...

Shang: *help Jin to stand up and brushes himself off* Are you okay?

Jin: Yeah?

Shang: *whacks him with the stop sign in the back of the head* Sorry

Jin: *pass out*

dylan: whoa!

Dennis: *look at Shang and nods* Good and I won't be bother by him for a while.

shadow: i hope ya don't kill jin, meow

Shang: He's not dead, we just knocked him out cold...

Katelyn: It sounds like Shang doesn't want Jin to be Dylan's boyfriend because of same gender..but to Mindy...it's different because Shang won't argue or fight over Dylan's girlfriend...Opposite gender

shadow: katelyn's right i think meow. shang do likes mindy hmm*pokes jin's cheek* meow

Katelyn: Yeah because of opposite gender. Opposite gender don't fight, but same gender do

Jin; *not responding*

shadow: guess so*look at jin* ...? *shakes jin* meow? why he don't wake up?

dylan: huh?

Dennis: Relax guys, he only faint or pass out or knocked cold...*signs and walks away*

Katelyn: Should we bring him inside of your tree house or my house?

Shang: Since the treehouse belong to Dylan...so I can't say no..

shadow: yeah we should meow

dylan: ya sure, shang?

Shang: It's your treehouse by the way..

shadow: well, katelynn's house then

dylan: oh shang it's allright

shadow: come on guys let's get him inside of katelynn's home

Katelyn: Alright, you can come inside of my room, but Dennis is not gonna like it if Jin is inside

shadow: i know, but dennis trusts ya as brother and sister *help them to carry jin to get inside* ya know parents don't want dennis hurt people, right?

dylan: ya really worried about me, shang don't ya

Shang: Yeah *nods*

Katelyn: It's true Shadow but anyway...it's not even Dennis or my house either, it belongs to my parents *smiles and get inside*

Shang: *goes inside too*

shadow: *nods with smile* now ya don't have worry meow

dylan: *goes too*

shadow: i understand ya don't want jin take dylan away from ya, shang meow

Katelyn: *in her bedroom where Jin was set on her bed* Okay Shadow, you can place him on my bed until he gets up..

shadow: i think jin wanted to share, shang *to katelynn* okay *put jin on her bed*

Shang: *sighs* Maybe I'm a bit jealous, maybe I'll stop for a while.

dylan: *hugs shang to calm and smile*

Katelyn: That's good Shang. I don't want you to be mean to your friends either..it's not nice you know...

Shadow: well, it's allright, shang and yeah she's right meow

Katelyn: Let's just leave him there and rest okay? *leaves the room* I hope my brother doesn't find out...

shadow: okay *goes back to zhi and playing with zhi*

dylan: i was worried about ya and jin if ya or jin get kill *sighs bit*

Zhi: Whee! *plays with Shadow and nibbles on the tail*

Kyle: *appears in the room* Hello? Dylan, Jin, and everyone? I heard everything and what happened to Jin?

dylan: hmm? oh hello kyle and yeah he's knocked out

shadow: ahh ya got me, zhi hee hee!

Kyle: Maybe I could try to watch for him for you and right now, he's going out with Clara

dylan: oh sure, kyle and i am glad dennis calmed down

Kyle: Okay *watches Jin*

dylan: *smiles and sigh bit then check on shang to be sure shang's ok*

Shang: Alright, Dylan...let's leave him alone now, let's go back to the tree house

dylan: okay shang *walks with shang to treehouse* are ya mad at me?

Shang: No not really but still quite mad at Jin *walks to the treehouse and get inside

dylan:..okay *get inside*

-At night-

Jin: *groans and suddenly woke up from something and his rubs his head*

Akuma: *whispers to him softly and then kisses him*

Jin: *quickly opened his eyes and flashed red*

Kyle: *tackles Akuma* LET HIM GO!


Katelyn: *gasps and sees what's going on* Akuma? *quickly dials the phone* Dylan! Help Akuma's here!

dylan: *answer phone and hear her* whoa! what?! on my way! *teleport to her room*

Katelyn: *nods and hangs up and sees Dylan in her room*

dylan: *see akuma* ohh it's ya again *grabs her*

Akuma: *hisses at Dylan when she sees Dylan* Konnichiwa Dylan..

Jin: *shut his eyes again and couldn't wake up*

dylan: ah ya still human huh *hold her* what ya doing with Jin

Akuma: I poisoned him with my kiss...*disappears into ashes* Since he hated me

dylan: *freeze ashes into ices and turns her back to human girl* POISON?! are ya crazy?

Akuma: *growls bitterly* Yes...I hate him since...he loves you Dylan...

Katelyn: Well Akuma, if you hate him, go find another boyfriend and get a life...

Kyle: Yeah...not just kill him and what kind of poison?

Akuma: A special poison that'll make him die

Kyle: How long does it last and is it spider poison or snake poison?

Akuma: He'll die in within an hour by that poison kiss and it's not animal poison

dylan: *glares at akuma* what?! which poison? kiss poison like spider?

Akuma: The Hourglass poison and the time is ticking for him..

dylan: the hourglass poison?! *growls at her* now tell me remove that poison or ya will pleasure of pain!

Akuma: No! *laughing maniacally*

Dennis: *slammed the door open and angrily stare* YOU GUYS GOT TO KEEP QUIET DOWN!

dylan: cousin...

Dennis: Alright people, I want everyone outta here *takes Akuma and throws her off the window* AND DON'T COME BACK!

Kyle: Looks like we made enough noises...

Dennis: *stomps back into his room and tries to sleep again*

dylan: *facepalm* but we don't know how remove poison because her and we got hour

Katelyn: What about Dennis' doctor? Maybe he knows...he's working all night and day you know

dylan: good thinking, little cousin *call raymond*

Dr. Raymond: *picks up phone* Hello?

dylan: hello raymond we got problem and if ya know akuma, well, she kissed jin because she gave hourglass poison to him but could ya help?

Dr. Raymond: Sure, I think I have that ghost potion or medicine somewhere for hourglass poison...teleport to me and I'm on break..

Katelyn: I'll stay here Dylan, you and Jin can just go to the hospital right now...

dylan: okay *nods and to katelyn* oh sure *picks jin up and carry jin in arms* see ya and i will let ya know if jin will ok *teleport with jin and kyle to raymond*

Kyle: Well won't be able to see me because I'm a guardian

Dr. Raymond: Hello Dylan, set Jin on this bed...and I found the medicine. *holds medicine in his hands

dylan: *whispers to kyle* ooh i understand *put jin on bed and to raymond* oh whew i am glad ya found it

Dr. Raymond: I hope this works *use wipes on Jin's shoulder and clean it. prepares needles and injected medicine inside of him*

dylan: i hope too

Jin: *after being injected, he woke up*

Dr. Raymond: Ah, his eyes are open *put away the needles* How are you feeling Jin?

Jin: Better but my head hurts .

Dr. Raymond: Sound like you have a headache...you can rest here if you want...

dylan: *sighs relieved* thank goodness

Jin: *nods and sees Dylan* Hey Dylan...

dylan: ya got me worried , jin and man that akuma really jealous but she's crazy to kill ya but thank gods/natas you are okay

Jin: Thank you and it was Akuma then...*shut his eyes again and went to sleep*

Kyle: Jin's okay then I'll let Katelyn know *disappears*

dylan: okay kyle thanks *sit on chair to keep company with jin* hm

Dr. Raymond: I'll let you guys alone but my break time is up, gotta go back to work *leaves the room*

dylan: ok, thank ya raymond *resting and lean back on chair*