A/N: This is a one-shot i wrote for my creative writing class back in 2011. It's surprisingly a MxF, considering most of the things i write about are gay as fuck.

disclaimer: Characters belong to I and I alone. If you use them without my consent i will find you and hurt you.

all mistakes are mine. sorry.


It's Saturday.

That was my first thought as I woke, I pulled my fingers through my short, black messy hair. The knots entangling my fingers as it passed through.

Wait, it's Monday. I'm late for school.

"Whatever, I'm not going today." I said aloud as I lay back on my floor mattress. The mattress was uncomfortable and didn't help me with going back to sleep. It was surprising I even went to sleep last night. But that was probably a cause of the amount of drugs I had last night.

I was lying there for almost an hour before I decided I couldn't go back to sleep. The ceiling was my only entertainment as I had lied there.

Sighing I got up from the dirty mattress and trekked out my door. Momentarily passing my moms' room to see if she was there; she wasn't; no surprise there. 'She must've not come home last night.' It worried me some that she never comes home, but I'm getting used to it anyway. Our house was small; about the size of an apartment, but with added on back and front yard. And no one else lives here with us, unless you count the many drug dealers and my moms' druggy friends.

Walking down the hallway some more I made it to the kitchen. The cabinets still looked as though they were never cleaned -which they were- everyday. I took care of my home, and I made sure everything was clean. The only room I didn't take care of is my room of course; that's my own room which means does not have to be cleaned. Anyways, off that subject I really need some coffee.

Taking out the cheap coffee, and plugging in the one of the only well-kept things in the house, the coffee maker. Me and my mom both love our coffee, when either one of us are home a pot is always on. Waiting for the coffee to get done I start to clean up around the sink and counter area; 'May as well attempt to clean the place while I wait.' The dishes took no longer than ten minutes to do and by then the coffee was done, and the kitchen at least a little cleaner. Giving up on cleaning the rest I got a cup of coffee and took out a cigarette from my pack, and headed outside to sit on the porch swing.

Lighting the cancer stick, I looked out at the scenery. Nothing; It was to expect when you live down here in the hood, and it's only about six in the morning and no one is awake except for you. Finishing my cigarette and cup of coffee I headed back inside. I was greeted by my phone blaring the song 'horny hippies by the dodos'.

"yeah?" a simple hey would've sufficed but I already know who's on the other line.

"Where are you?!" I almost dropped the phone from the loudness of the voice.

"Home why?"

"Get your ass here!" then a click.

Sighing I dropped the phone onto my bed and started to get dressed. Throwing on a plain black shirt that hung off my skinny frame, and a pair of blue jeans that couldn't decide whether to stay on my hips or fall completely down. Bending down I put my black chucks on and grabbed my bag and cigarettes before heading out the door.

The bus arrived thirty minutes after I left my house; standing out there thinking that Lewis is the only one that makes me go to school, and make me wait thirty freaking minutes for the bus. The bus wasn't crowded at all, a few old people here and there, but that's all. Looking at my phone before I got off the bus to check the time; instead I got a face full of 18 missed calls from Lewis. 'Lewis you really need to spend your time doing something other than bugging me.'

"JESSICA!" I hear my name.

'Just keep walking Jessica and no one will notice you.' I tell myself as I walked into the crowd of students.
"Hey dyke how's the weather down there?" I look up to see a tormentor of mine peering down at me. I tried to walk past her but she grabbed onto my shirt. Dragging me down onto the ground, and kicking me in the stomach. 'Why don't those teachers over there ever help like they're supposed to?'
I grunted in pain as she kept kicking me over and over again. Then the foot was gone and I was still curled in a ball. 'She must've gotten bored.'

Then I was being lifted into the air and a fist came flying at my face. 'Nope she's still at it.' I thought sorely. "Hey stop that!" I vaguely hear Lewis' voice as I blacked out for a moment then I'm awake again.

I'm in the nurses' office.

"Oh dear you're awake. That's good very good. We thought you'd sleep all day after the beating you got."

'We?' I looked around to see a couple of my 'friends' staring around looking bored. But not when they find out I'm awake.

"Jessica!" They all pounced on me at once. My face didn't have time to make an expression; it was as if a hurricane came and got me.

"Don't hug her too much." The nurse said as she left deeming I'm better and doesn't need any more help. "You may go back to class once you guys are done with this little fest of yours." Moments later everyone has gone their separate way. Lewis walks me to class to make sure no one hurts me again. I appreciate it but I'm alright. Opening the door to my class I hesitantly walk in; Lewis said his goodbyes when we came to the door and departed to his class.

"Jessica Harper how nice of you to come today, what's your excuse this time?" That grin he just gave me is just plain scary. The creep giving me the grin is Mr. Randall. This sick pedophile teacher that seriously needs to get fired, or sent to jail with execution calling his name. I could not tell you how many times this guy has tried to cop-a-feel on my ass.

"Nurses office." I simply say as I pass by him. I can feel him giving me a creepy grin as I walk past him. I shuddered and kept walking to my seat all the way in the back. It wasn't my first option, and it will never be my first option ever to sit all the way in the back where he can easily do things to me while others are busy doing work.

As soon as I sat down the door opened, and in walked a guy. He looked like a punk with his spiked up hair, combat boots, shirt, and baggy jeans with too many chains on them. He had headphones over his ears, and was bobbing his head to the beat of the music. He was pretty tall and skinny, but not that skinny where it's sick; well not like how skinny I am. The new kid stopped by Mister Randall and those two talked for a couple of minutes. Then the two headed toward where I sat, the only empty desk is beside me.
My head was hanging low as they stopped beside my desk, and discussed the things we were doing for the week. And as soon as he was done explaining and showed the new kid his seat did he walk away but not before getting a cheap feel of my leg.

I hate that guy.

Once he was gone the new kid looked at me funny, I think he saw what happened. I hope not, I don't want to have to explain why he did that.

"Group assignment!" I heard groans and people saying stupid things like 'will you be my partner?'
"Your partner is the person sitting on your left side. Some groups may have three in them."
I looked over at the new kid. Turns out he was already staring at me, and when he saw me looking at him he gave me a big grin. 'Weirdo'

"Hi! My name's Aiden, yours?" he's loud, very loud.

"Jessica." I said lowly, not even matching his loudness. A moment of silence passed between us before Aiden spoke.

"So Jessica what are we doing?"

"I don't know, wasn't paying attention."

"Well that's no help, but whatever. I guess my first day is going to be spent not doing anything. Maybe we can ask mister-"
"NO!" I yelled out. Oh. Oh god they're all staring at me now. I felt my face burning up as I slid down into my seat.
Trying to be invisible and maybe no one will know it was me.

"Miss Harper you have something to say?"
"Ah sorry sir that was me." Aiden came to my rescue; taking blame for my mistake.

What? Why is he defending me? I barely know him! And that my voice doesn't even sound like his.

"Every student gets one warning, this is your first and your last one, and Harper I would like to talk to you after class."

I slunk down in my seat even more, knowing full well it won't end well.

"I'll stay after with you." Aiden said as he started writing something down on a piece of paper. Looking over I noticed he wasn't writing; he was drawing.

"Why would you do that? I don't know you."

"Yeah but that guy is a creep; he keeps looking at you like he wants to get in your pants." Aiden said as he kept drawing not looking at me. Continuing on "I saw what happened before when he groped your leg. Don't worry I won't say anything…for now if it happens again I'm either going to report it, or beat him to death."

"Uh that's ok I guess?" I said unsurely.

*Aiden's Point of view*

I swear if that creep lays his hand on Jessica I will rip his balls off and make him eat them.

No one touches her, even I don't deserve to touch her. She is an angel forced to live in the bottom pits of hell.

It's nearing the end of class, and there goes the bell.

"Alright class dismissed, Harper come here."

I watched as Jessica walked up there, to the man that should be in prison.

As soon as she was up there I started walking; slowly watching them. It played out the way I thought it would; evil teacher pulls student in, wanting something the other doesn't want them to, and then there's scared little student, not ready to do anything with this evil, creepy man.

Yep then creepy man lays hands on student, then the creep gets the beating of his life from me. This sicko won't get away with anything while I'm in here. Nearing

He didn't even notice me as I crept forward. I noticed his arm was around Jessica's' waist, and his head in the crock of her neck.

"Mister Randall can you help me? I don't quite understand the assignment you gave us." He jumped back some in surprise but regained his composure like a teacher and makes an excuse. "Oh uh yeah the assignment was to join up with your partner, meaning your neighbor, and come up with a topic of any choice and make a presentation. You'll have to use after class to work on the assignment." His eyes shown fear, but his face said I'm professional I can keep my face all serious.

"Thanks I'll be sure to get it done. Come on Jessica." I followed Jessica out, to make sure Mister Creep doesn't try to cop-a-feel as he left.

Once out in the hall I noticed Jessica was shaking like crazy and had a mortified look on her face. "Hey you ok?" I asked a little concerned about her.

"I just want to die…" She mumbled "I want to die so bad…"

"Hey, Hey quit that you don't want to die."

"How the hell do you know? Have you ever been through my life I just met you!?" I can't believe she doesn't remember me. She's completely forgotten me.

That's just depressing.

"I know that I can't say anything to try to make it better, but just remember if you need someone, whether to be to talk to, or what I'm here." She surprised me by latching onto me. She's crying and shaking like crazy, just like last time. I pulled her into me more and whispered soft words into her ear.

"I want to leave from here." "I know. I know you do."

A few weeks had passed and Mister Randall hasn't done anything to her or anyone any more. I'm with Jessica twenty-four seven now, and after finding out her mother leaves her for days on end; I've opted to stay with her on the days her mother isn't home, and let her come over to my house when her mother is home. Jessica has also opened up a little and actually started straightening up her life. She no longer ignores calls from her friends, and also said she'd like to get help with her depression. No one even knew she had depression, and that she was suffering from it. Other than her best friend Lewis, who on many occasions tried to get her to go see someone.

"Hey Aiden were you listening?" She looked up at me from her seat in my lap. 'Adorable' I thought as I leaned down to kiss her. Did I forget to mention after all that's happened we got together? She still doesn't remember who I am, but it's alright for now. I suppose it'll be many, many years till she figures out I was her best friend years ago before I moved. Still though it doesn't matter as long as she loves me for me; nothing else matters but her happiness.

"Something about how the movie was predictable." I whispered in her ear. She shuddered and looked back at the movie. "C-correct, it looked like you weren't listening to me. But I wouldn't care if you weren't, I wouldn't get mad either."

She watched the movie intently, her lips pouting out as a character she liked dies. By the time the movie was over she was asleep in my lap, and snoring softly. "You're so adorable, I love you." I leaned down and kissed her nose, before shifting her and I onto her bed. Lying perfectly together and drifting off to sleep. She mumbles something and cuddles into me more, and I just put my arm over her and pulled her toward me.

And we slept there with the moons light shining upon us.

The End.