When people talk about how they lost the love of their lives, they'll mention that it was raining – or how the weather was bright like nothing happened.
I don't remember the weather, it wasn't that important. She died from an accident she had been in a week earlier. Her condition had been critical for awhile, but I had known she'd pull through. I had been so sure I hadn't doubted it. I was wrong. I had not been willing to accept the possibility that she might not make it - so I had not been prepared when her mother came over to tell me the news. I do remember her mother standing in the hallway crying while I felt the world fall down.
I thought about it afterwards. A life without her, I just couldn't picture it. I refused to think about it. Her mom left, leaving me in my own hallway trying to grasp what she just told me. In one way or another I managed to get to the living room and sit myself down. I don't remember much about that day.

I do remember there was a wizard. Rumors about him had been going around for awhile. It was told he'd be able to change the course of history. I was sure he would be able to change the course of my history as well. That was why I couldn't accept my lovers passing. The wizard could still save her!
There was a set of actions, concerning a certain set of items, and one could summon the wizard. So I did. I didn't think about it.

In front of me a portal opened. I didn't hesitate and stepped in, finding myself in a round chamber with sofa's and a coffee table. There was actual coffee on it, but since I didn't think the coffee would influence saving her, I was too scared to touch it. I thought better then drinking coffee after being spirited away to a wizard.
If I indeed was at the wizards place. I didn't know actually. I did the ritual as I was supposed to, and a portal had indeed appeared. It was logical to assume that it would take me to the wizard. But I wasn't thinking
A door opened, and a woman, extravagantly dressed stepped in. She gestured me to sit down and sat opposite me herself. She seemed a little irritated.
"Welcome." she said. "I am the time mage."
So the wizard was a woman. That was a surprise.
She nodded. "The rumors did change some important details." she said even more irritated. "I guess it's too difficult for some people to accept a woman as a wizard."
"And the rumor about changing history?"
She looked at me sharply. "I ám the time mage!" she retorted. "Why do you think that is?"
"Well.. I meant... umm..."
"Things have been going wrong all morning, so you'd better get to your point, before I loose my temper."
"Umm... can't you just redo this morning?" I knew that that might not have been the best thing to ask at that time, but it was out before I realized I was going to say it.
"It doesn't work that way." she answered. "Well, are you going to tell me what you're here for or can I just get back to work."

I told her. I told her about the love of my life and how she was the best in the world and how I couldn't be without her. In retrospect I don't think the mages patience was getting any better.
"So she died or what?" the mage interrupted me.
I nodded.
"Accident?" she asked.
I nodded again.
"Then you might be able to safe her." she said
I looked up hopefully. "Please, I'd do anything!"
She leaned back. "I can send you back in time. Go ahead and change what happened, go change the world." She scowled "Then maybe this morning will never happen either."
"You can really send me back?"
She nodded. "There is one thing you must know though. You cannot come back."
"Why not?"
"Because changing history will destroy the world as it is now. It will never come to be."
"That's fine." I replied. "I will be back together with my love. That's all that matters."
"Of course." she said. I should have listened to her voice better, but all I could care about at that time was saving my love. The mage stood. "When was the accident?"
I told her.
The mage nodded and waved a hand, another portal opened. I looked at it and back to her.
She nudged her head towards the portal. "Step through it." she said, "and prevent that accident from happening.

Again I wouldn't hesitate. But somewhere in the back of my mind there was a nudge. I was forgetting something important. Something the mage hadn't told me. I ignored it. I was set out to safe the love of my life. I knew what cart ran her over. So I headed over to the shop the cart came from. I delayed it. It was easy. It was all so easy. The nudging in the back of my mind resurfaced. I forgot something important. I shook my head and ran to the place we had agreed to meet that day. I ran and ran and was so happy – I would see my love again! I could talk to her again. I could hold and kiss her. I ran and ran and stopped when I reached the place. I caught my breath and walked towards her. There was a man with her. He was talking to her, he held her and he kissed her. I finally realized what it was I forgot. I realized what it was the mage failed to tell me.

So here I am now. Staring at the love of my life, and myself.
Myself from sometimes over a week ago.