This is a one shot, written to the song Radioactive by Imagine Dragons. Not as epic as the song, but I hope you enjoy.


The cave around me was dim, barely enough light to see an inch in front of me. The cold rock of the walls around me was the only thing that was keeping me going.

I tried to wipe the sweat of my brow, instead putting dirt in its place. My body was aching from what seemed like hours in the dark, tense and unable to see. I had no idea where I was, or where I was going. I had woken up in the dim cave, covered in dirt and who knows what else. Who had put me here, I had no idea. Or even why. All I knew was I needed to get out. I was starting to panic…

Another rumble through the cave, shaking me up and making me go a little faster. All I could hope was I was walking away from the sound, and not towards it. My breath caught in my throat, the odd lump forming, but I forced it down, fighting to go on and keep calm. There had to be a way out soon…

Then, as if in queue, I felt the wall slowly slipping away from me, and I could see a little more. I squinted, hoping I was about to hit open air.

Instead, from the dim light, I could see an incredibly massive cavern, stretching probably as far as a football field, if not more. It was still so hard to tell.

That wasn't what had my attention. It was the large mound right in the middle of it all. And it seemed to be moving, almost in a rhythm.

A small sound escaped my throat, and I instinctively covered my mouth, but the sound echoed through the cavern. That's when the rumbling started again, and the mound in the middle began to move. I lost my footing, collapsing back into solid wall, watching as whatever it was in front of me came to life.

That's when I saw what I could have sworn was a massive bat wing swoop high above me, making me feel very small to whatever this was.

That's when what seemed like an explosion lit up the cave, and I could finally see to my horror and disbelief what this massive beast was.

Two massive wings, a gigantic lizard head, massive scales running down the length of its legs and tail, which was coming to-

I ducked, throwing myself to the ground as the dragons tail passed inches over my head.

Yes, you heard me.


I couldn't believe it either.

I spat out the dirt I had somehow eaten, turning up to look at the giant creature, who had set alight a part of the cave, making me realise how incredibly large it was.

A giant eye fixated on me, and I froze, not sure what to do. It seemed to be thinking the same thing I did.

Finally, it opened its mouth, and a horrible sound filled the cave, magnified by the small space. It began to come towards me, with me trying to scrabble up, as well as find where I had come in, my eyes never leaving the beasts golden one.

It moved to come towards me, and before I knew it I felt the ground under me start to collapse. I looked down, realise the ground was caving in from the dragons movement.

It cried again, opening its massive wings and trying to take flight in the small space. Before I knew it, we were both falling.

The cave filled with fire again , and I screamed, watching as this big creature took off upwards.

And then, all I knew was blackness.