It's coming closer, ready to pounce.

My bravery toward it weighs less than an ounce.

So many numbers jumble in my head

Too many Spanish words, I wish I was dead.

And the class of Art?

I'm afraid you've broken my heart.

What is that? That horrid thing?

No, please no! Don't make me sing!

Choir is not worth it,

What did I do to deserve this?

Lunch in a paper bag,

The heavy books make me sag,

Slimy sweat dripping from me

In the class of PE.

Teacher's calling,

I best stop stalling.

Is the answer forty-two?

How on earth could it be blue?

This thing lasts forever,

All my classes form together.

But what's this off in the distance?

I could do with some assuranceā€¦

They stand up tall

They never fall.

The smile bright,

Like a candle at night.

It is my friends, true and strong,

They'll let me know if my poem's too longā€¦

The help me with everything,

I'm so giddy I may just sing!

Welcome, welcome new school year,

I'm so very glad you're here.