Another short story! Ugh, I had so much trouble with the title-I'm so bad at coming up with titles. I wrote this awhile ago and it took me forever to title it-in fact I still don't like the title. But, you didn't click on this story to read a ramble about titles. So, without further ado, enjoy!

Laughter flitted through the library window. Tristan looked up to see her laughing as she ran past the library, long honey-blonde hair flying out behind her, followed closely by him. Tristan narrowed his eyes as he caught up to her, folding her in his arms.

"Where're you going luv?" His husky voice floated through the window and Tristan couldn't help but cringe.

"My name is not 'Luv'," she retorted with a laugh, in poor imitation of his British accent.

"You're my love." Tristan scowled.

"Now what would your girlfriend say about that?" She teased.

There was a thoughtful silence. Suddenly his eyes lit up.

"She would be jealous, of course, but she'd understand," he told her with a wink. She only shook her head with a laugh, before slipping out of his grasp, running off again.

Tristan sighed as he returned to his paper, but his mind wasn't in it. When she was with him, with Tristan, she was a lot more reserved, a lot more quiet. But with him, she was wilder, bolder. She seemed unafraid of anything and it was like she became a completely different person. She was a completely different person. Flirtatious and playful. Tristan watched with another sigh as they ran around chasing each other. He wished she could be like that around him.


Sage paused for a moment, feeling completely out of place. He quickly shrugged off the feeling of discomfort and sauntered, coolly, into the library. He scanned the many rows of books for a few seconds before deciding to head down a random aisle. After wandering for some minutes, he finally came upon Autumn's voice. His eyes lit up and stealthily, he headed in her direction, stopping one aisle away. Slipping into the aisle, he moved aside a few books, eyes scanning the next aisle until he found her. He froze at the sight he beheld.

Autumn was sitting with that bookwormish kid he often saw her with. Christian or Tristam or something? He frowned as he watched the two of them conversing, a couple of books open before them. He wondered distantly if they were having some sort of intellectual conversation or something. As Sage watched them, it occurred to him that Autumn never talked seriously with him. With him, she was always so infuriatingly distant, both physically and emotionally. They were always joking with each other and he wondered why that was. Why couldn't they have an intellectual conversation in the library or over a cup of tea? She always made jokes about his British accent or his non-existent girlfriend, while he joked about them—which wasn't so much a joke, as an unasked question covered up with humour.

Watching Autumn with that kid, Sage noticed how contemplative and peaceful she was, in a way she wasn't with him. For a moment, he felt a twinge of something, jealousy perhaps, but brushed it off. He never got jealous. Ever. Especially not of quiet, bookwormish kids. He stared, scowled rather, at the two for a moment longer before stalking crisply out of the library.

She'd see one day. She could be that way with him too.

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