Disclaimer: I own nothing that you recognize.I am just writing something that came to my head :)

I was walking around a grocery store, trying to find snacks to keep in my car so I could munch while I drove. I also needed ice for the cooler; who likes a warm drink? People were staring at me; pretty normal for me by now. Most everywhere I go I get stared at. I think it's my hair Anyway, I bought my stuff, filled the snack basket and cooler, and drove off.

I've been wondering around for a while now. You see, I'm looking for my niche, and neither a small town like that nor the one I came from is right. My parents where sad to see me go, but they understood. I wasn't their little baby bird anymore and it was time for me to stretch my wings a little, leave the nest, ya know? And really, I like it out here. It's just this big sky, the road, and me.

I do get by financially, in case you're wondering. My last two years at home, I worked at this little restaurant as a hostess/busgirl then as a waitress. I got a lot of money from that- mostly tips, and sometimes when I stop somewhere, I feel like giving it a try and I get a job; just something small like working in a restaurant or something. But it usually doesn't take too much time before I'm on the road again. I'm beginning to think that I'm becoming a terminal vagabond

My car is sufficiently gas efficient and I don't eat too much, so it doesn't take much money to keep my rolling. I check in with my parents too. I call at least once every two or three weeks, usually more often than that, and text my mom a lot.

Well, anyway, on to the next town.

Thanks for reading, and respond if you'd like. I feel that feedback will keep me going!