Let me tell you the story of the first rain and how it came to be.

It was long ago, in a time when man was new. Man had just discovered that the dark was not safe, so he created what we call fire. But man was careless and did not see that his new tool could be deadly. He brandished a torch and gathered his few belongings and started to travel.

He traveled far and wide, not knowing where he was going nor when he would arrive. Man did not run into trouble nor did he want any, but in his wake he left a present of destruction. This present is was a small spark, left in the middle of a dry, open plain. He left this destruction without knowing it. The days went on and man continued to travel, leaving more sparks as he went.

Those sparks liked to eat whatever they could find, and eat they did. They engulfed man's world in a terrible flame. Those sparks grew and grew and ate and ate until everything and everywhere was gone, except for the place where man stood. Man pleaded and prayed, he waited and listened, but it seemed that no one was going to help put out this flame.

The Lord of the sky heard man's cries and decided to him a lesson. The Lord gathered all the water out of the sky that he could and let it loose in a terrible torrent of rain. It rained and it poured and eventually the flame went out. From under the fresh cloud of smoke left behind by the extinguished flame, man found that his torch was gone. He vowed then and there to be careful with his flame.

This is the story of the first rain and how it was started.