Lighting flashed across the dark, moonlit sky, lighting it up for a second. All the houses in the neighborhood near the pier were dark, save for one. Laughter and music were coming from this house, where a girl was having her 20-something birthday party.

"Hey, I have an idea," the hostess suggested, "Why don't we play a game?"

"What game?" A redheaded girl asked.

"Well, we have a Ouija board around here," said another girl, probably the hostess's sister, "Don't we, Allie?"

The answer was laughter, as the birthday girl got up and started to look all over the house, accidentally knocking things down in her haste. "Found it!" she shrieked excitedly. The board in question had a relatively thick cover of dust from not being used enough, but that fact just added to the overall appeal and mystery of the game as all the guests settled down. The laughter died down for a minute, but as soon as the questions started, so did the shrieks.

"Hey," a blonde slurred, "are you a boy or a girl?"

This important question earned twitters of laughter from her friends. The little piece of wood several girls had their hands on, however, started to move quickly from letter to letter.
"F-E-M-A-L-E." someone announced slowly.
"Ooh, I've got a good one!" a girl exclaimed. "What's your hair color?" she asked, self-importantly.
The piece of wood moved in jerky, quick movements and the girls' eyes followed it.
"B-R-O-W-N." the hostess, Allie, said.
"How'd you die?" shrieked a girl.

All eyes were turned to the Ouija board, but no reply came. The four girls who had their fingers on the wooden board felt as it started to shake and thrash wildly. Their hands were jerked from side to side as the wooden piece they held onto flew around the board. HE'S COMING! RUN! RUN! RUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRUNRU- The sound of loud thunder seemed to rock the earth seconds before the lights went out. The laughter and excited shrieks were replaced by ragged breathing from the startled guests and hostess.
"Okay, this is kinda creepy." A girl stated.
"Why don't we all hold hands and try to get outside?" someone suggested.

There was some fumbling and some bursts of laughter as the girls stumbled to their feet. "The door is over that way," Allie declared laughingly, "I think." No one mentioned what the ghost had just said, although they had all been watching. Tension made the air heavy and confusion filled the room as people grabbed one another. The Ouija board was knocked over as they all headed towards the door, abandoning it. The sound of a lamp crashing as someone accidentally knocked it to the floor was followed by nervous giggles.

"Hey, Nora, wait a minute. I think I dropped my purse." Allie's sister said, as she bent down. She fumbled around on her knees for a minute, before her hand clasped something solid. "Got it!" she exclaimed and smilingly took the outstretched hand she saw. It was not her friend's hand. There was screaming as the girl tried to pull away, but the grip was strong. Startled by the noise, everyone headed out whatever way they could.

It was silent once again as the group huddled together outside, panic in their eyes. The silence was broken by frantic screaming from inside the house, "NO! Nessa!"

"It's Nora." Someone whispered.

"Leave her alone!" Nora sobbed. A loud and high-pitched scream sounded then, at precisely the same moment that the glass window shattered into a million pieces. The girls watched, petrified, as a dark-haired girl fell from one floor to the next. It landed with a loud thump.

"Oh my God," the hostess whispered as she approached the body, terrified and shocked. Her mouth opened as she tried to scream, but no sound came out. It was Vanessa, her sister.

Thanks for reading, although this was only the prologue. Things will get a lot creepier in the fictional town of Kingsport, Washington. The 'main' characters will be introduced next chapter. If you took the time to read through the story, please take a second to review!
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