A long white dress, a bright bouquet,
Lace veil upon my head.
One night, I dreamt I was a bride
As I lay in my bed.

A chapel filled with incense sweet,
A pure and holy place.
My groom was there, stood by my side –
I never saw his face.

A golden ring with shining jewel
Became my wedding band.
Who was this hidden, secret man
Who'd asked me for my hand?

Confetti flew like fireworks
As we walked down the aisle.
No words of joy came from my groom,
Nor laugh, nor kiss, nor smile.

When I awoke, from strangest sleep,
I was again alone.
The mystery remained unsolved.
My groom remained unknown.

My heart still searches for true love.
I have no plans to wed.
Who is this most strange suitor that
Courts me inside my head?

What man could set my heart aflame
With such intensity?
Perhaps he was no man at all…
Did I wed Destiny?

Did Power, Fame or Wisdom house
Itself in this male Muse?
It matters not, because my groom
Shall be the groom I choose.

My heart is mine to give away,
Not for a man to take.
I'll place it in the hands of one
Who shall not let it break.

Perhaps, one day, I'll be a bride,
And know a love divine.
I'll not be forced to walk that path -
The choice is solely mine.