Divided Land of the Rising Sun

Disclaimer: This work is purely fictional, but some aspects are true and based upon real life documents (plans for the invasion of Japan.) World War II was a very tragic event in world history and in war every violent act is by nature, inhumane. I am not taking sides in the debate over whether or not America should have dropped the atomic bombs, instead I offer a spin on what COULD have happened had the war gone on.

Thanks for reading. ;)

It's 1945, and World War II was coming to a close. Germany had just surrendered and after Japan's loss at Okinawa victory in the Pacific was imminent. Or so it seemed..

The Manhattan Project, created upon the fear of Germany gaining atomic weapons first, was stalling. Significant progress was being made on the top secret weapon but it could not be ready until at least 1946 and no later than 1948.

The war in the Pacific was fought in a completely different manner than that of the war in Europe. Japanese soldiers, who refused to surrender, would fight to the bitter end, even in a lost cause.

Island hopping in the Pacific proved to be hell. The allies took Okinawa, but only after 95,000 Japanese men paid the ultimate price in the futile attempt to defend the island. The warriors of Japan would die in battle before being taken by the enemy.

To make matters worse the Japanese sent pilots on suicide bombing runs against allied ships, termed kamikaze, or divine wind.

While the allies were fighting the enemy to the last man for remote islands, the war in the east expanded. The USSR finally joined in on the war against Japan as Soviet forces invaded Manchuria and took the Kurile Islands.

Japan knew that they had lost the war but refused to accept unconditional surrender. They wished instead to fight for an armistice instead. Though they could no longer win, the Japanese dug in their heels and dared the Allies to invade their homeland.

The allies of course, took the dare.

Around 30 million lay dead in the Pacific at this point. But at this point the Allies began plotting Operation Downfall. The invasion of Japan.

Without the Manhattan Project, plans to invade Japan would proceed. How much longer would the war have drug on? What would happen if a proud Japanese people were divided after the conclusion of the World's deadliest conflict?


U.S. military leaders were holding high level military discussions with President Harry Truman over the war in the Pacific as Douglas MacArthur concluded their strategy for the defeat of the Japanese Empire.

"Operation Downfall will be a two stage plan for the defeat of Japan. First off will be Operation Olympic, the invasion of Kyushu. We will attack November 1st using recently captured Okinawa as a staging point. The attack will feature fourteen US divisions and a naval force lead by Chester Nimitz composing of 42 aircraft carriers, 24 battleships, 400 destroyers, and an appropriate number of support craft. This will be the largest naval armada ever assembled in the history of man."

"Once we secure southern Kyushu, barring unlikely Japanese surrender, we will commence Operation Coronet on March 1, 1946. We will hit the Kanto region with 25 divisions in what will be the largest ever amphibious landing, dwarfing that of D-Day. Under the support of Kyushu-based aircraft, our infantry will then encircle and capture Tokyo. After we depose of the emperor, the Japanese will finally be forced a surrender." The supreme commander concluded.

"What if the Soviets get to Japan as well? They have invaded Manchuria and have taken the Kurile islands, will they not stake claim to more Japanese land in a way that the Soviets have done in Eastern Europe?" President Truman expressed his concern over another power invading Japan.

"Mr. President, while I cannot guarantee the Soviets won't go after more land, what I can say is that this is the quickest way to force Japan to surrender unconditionally. Japan refuses an unconditional surrender even though their war is lost, they foolishly cling to the idea that they can fight to an armistice. They cannot defeat our overwhelming industrial might now that Germany has bowed out of the war."

"Very well."


The remaining of Japan's military elite had just lost Okinawa and were discussing the course of the war.

"We have just lost Okinawa and the Americans keep foolishly calling for us to surrender unconditionally."

"Japan would never surrender!"

"However, we cannot win the war at this rate. Our intelligence suggests that the Americans will land sometime the summer of this year around the Satsuma area in southern Kyushu."

"We may not be able to win the war.. However, the price to invade our land will be too much for the allies to pay. We can easily fight them into an armistice in order to regain our power.."

A top Japanese general entered the room.

"Do you have our plan for the defense of our homeland?"

"Yes. This is the final draft of Operation Ketsugo. Our navy is in no fighting shape due to fuel shortages and will not participate in intercepting allied transports. However, ten thousand aircraft have been readied for kamikaze missions against such an invasion force. If we can achieve a hit rate of 1 to 6 on their ships then our pilots can destroy roughly 400 allied ships. We have 14 divisions held in Kyushu to push back the American invaders back into the ocean, hopefully this is enough to force them into an armistice."

"We also have organized a draft to include men of ages 15 to 60 and women of age 17 to 40 to be formed into the Patriotic Citizens Fighting Corps. They make up 28 million people and will be armed with anything from muskets to sharpened bamboo sticks. They are expected to make due with what they have, and to die for our sacred country."

"Will we use any chemical weapons of any sorts in defense?" A leader questioned.

"Negative. We have such low reserves of such weapons that if we used them it would give the Americans permission to use them on us. We would run out within days and they would be able to mass produce such devastating weapons and decimate our forces."

"We understand."

Both sides began to dig in and prepare for the upcoming fight as the Soviets slowly began taking former Japanese possessions. Millions more were estimated to die as the drums of war kept on beating.

November 1st quickly approached.