This is loosely based on a true story of my High school. See below author's notes.

It was a cold September morning. Summer's blue skies were replaced with the pale grey of limbo as I pulled myself up from bed. I would be starting High School today. The cold air hit me as I left my warm bed and staggered down the hall to the bathroom; about halfway I realized that I had forgotten to grab some clothes. Staggering back from where I came; I grabbed some of my new clothes from the drawer and once again headed down the hallway. A great start.

After doing my usual morning routine of cheerios, orange juice, and toast with some Nutella and making myself look somewhat presentable; I got into the car with my mom and was taken to my new school. I watched the grey sky feeling resentful that I had to go back to school. Three months out of the year just wasn't enough for a break. What was the point of it all? I knew basic math and how to speak and write properly. What else could I possibly learn that I would use?

I looked down at my schedule to see what class I had first. Math, of course. I turned my head to my mother who was dressed in her work attire. After dropping me off she usually headed straight to work.

"So, if I fail my first class it's not my fault." I started to say.

A sigh escaped her lips "Please don't start. You're setting yourself up for failure with all those negative thoughts. Be positive! You can get through it, and if you have trouble then your father can help you."

"Uuuhg I hate asking Dad for help." I slumped back into my seat "He's a teacher, my math teacher is a teacher, it's obvious that teachers can't be trusted. They're evil."

My mother just shook her head at me. I have to give the woman props for somehow being so cheery in the morning. It's like nothing ever bothered her. Thinking back on it, I don't remember my mother ever having a bad day at work, or at least never talking about it...actually my mother never mentioned her work to me at all. She was the complete opposite of my father who could never shut up about work and give lectures. He was more like a teacher at home than a father. I guess my mother just knew to leave her work at work.

"Or I can get you a tutor." She said.

"The problem with that is a tutor is a teacher with an alias." I retorted.

She instantly began laughing "do you want to fail?"

"No. I just know I will."

As we neared the school I felt my stomach twist into knots. I knew it. The sky was grey for a reason. Yesterday there wasn't a cloud to be seen, but today I didn't even know where the sun was. The heaven's clearly weeped for me. It was a sad day indeed. The last day of my summer vacation graced me with blue skies and warm weather, while today was my return to an institution full of drama, angst, and homework.

"Think about it this way. If you fail, you'll just have to deal with more of those teachers you like so much. So don't fail and it'll be easier for you in the long run." she pulled over to the curb infront of the school.

"Bye mom" I lamented as I forced myself out of the car.

She smiled and waved "I'll be here to pick you up at 3" she called, waiting until I got into the school before she drove off.

My hear beat raced and I felt myself break out in a cold sweat. I checked my schedule again and tried to find my first class. The school was big, and had been here for nearly 100 years. It was a mix of old buildings and the newer ones with air conditioning. The number next to the teacher's name was C-16. I looked up at the walls and counted. There were the A's, and then the B's and next I found the C's. I walked down the hallway looking around, when suddenly I saw a building labled M-2.

"Wait, what?!" I shouted in confusion and looked behind me. Everything was pretty consistent so far, until I hit M after C.

Maybe I did need to go to school. Clearly I did not know my alphabet. All this time and I never knew M came after C! On the wall was C-13 which somehow transition into M-2. I scratched my head awkwardly as I realized I had no idea where I was or where I should even go. After looking around I kept walking until I found different buildings labeled with D, Y, E and then G.

"Who built this." I demanded to myself.

I checked the time on my phone quickly becfore shoving it into my pocket. I had plenty of time to find it, but the building arrangements had me so confused on where to go. I finally asked someone walking by if they knew where C-16 was. Apparently, that room was in a completely separate building from the other C's and was located in the quad. I had walked by there at least 50 times. I sighed in frustration as I walked up the steps and into the building. This C building looked older than the others. By that, I mean that it was done in that old school house style from the outside, but the inside had clearly been modernized.

There was a long hallway with many different numbers, but luckily they were all C's. I found my room finally. The second door on the right, C-16 and my first period math class. When I walked in an older woman sitting at her desk told me to pick any seat.

I scanned the room and found one of my friends. His face lit up when he saw me, so I took a seat right next to him in the back of the class.

"Can you believe it?" He asked me.

"The way these things are numbered? No way in hell. Did whoever labeled them have Dyslexia or something because that would explain a lot."

"Not that. We're IN the class room." he said.


"THE classroom."

"..." I stared at him as I contemplated getting new friends. Friends who I could understand.

"Oh come on. Where that girl died! You know, along time ago? She died here in this room."

"That girl...? Oh-oh that ghost story thing. If there was any truth to that they wouldn't let students use this room if unexplained accidents kept happening." I shrugged as I leaned on my elbow.

"My brother said some of the teachers can hear her sometimes. They can hear her walking in the hallway and everything." he grinned.

He's my friend David. I've known him since elementary school. He always had an affinity for the supernatural and for ghost stories. His brother is two years ahead of us, and according to him this place is haunted by a girl named Lizzy who died somewhere around 1920 or 1930 in an earthquake.

"I'm sure the teachers just go along with it. Like a pop culture thing. Ghosts don't exist." I said.

"Come on. Get up." He smiled, grabbing my wrist and dragging me into the hallway.

Between the rooms were glass cases marking every decade the school had been there. There were medals and names from students in the 1920's, 30's, 40's, and so on until the 2000's. In the class marked 1930 had a fuzzy photograph of a girl with the name "Lizzy" with fresh flowers placed beside her picture.

"That's suppose to be here." David pointed, "Lizzy, the girl who died in the earthquake and now haunts this building, mainly room C-16."

"They still place flowers in there?" I asked.

"Yeah. To pay respects to her. So she knows that though she's dead she's still part of the school."

I rolled my eyes. "The dead don't feel or see. It doesn't matter, it's just a waste of flowers you can give to someone alive."

"You're such a downer." he sighed.

I looked at the picture of Lizzy for a while. She wore clothes my grandma would wear. A long skirt, clothing that was sort of baggy and unformfitting, really different from the clothes girl's wore these days. She had short wavy hair done in those old styles. She really just looked like a young 14 year old girl wearing grandma clothes.

"Lizzy who haunts C-16. Come on. She died a long time ago, how would the teachers know what she sounds like anyway?"I asked as I walked back into the classroom.

"They hear her!"


"When the teacher's stay late. Like when they stay passed dark for the after school classes and stuff. At night when all the students should have gone home."

"Should have...doesn't mean they did."I shook my head, "I mean they could just be staying late vandalizing stuff or doing whatever. There's no possible way it could be Lizzy, unless they're just gulible and are willing to believe it. There's a logical way to explain it you know."

I heard David sigh as he sat next to me, looking a bit deflated...but what I was saying was true.

"Matt." he started to say "Did you ever believe in Santa Clause?" he asked randomly.

"No. I never did."



David gripped the edge of his desk and shook in frustration "You liiiiiiiiiiiie." he made a weird voice as he spoke, teasing me.

"Ok, ok. So if Lizzy is a ghost and if teachers have heard her, and if she haunts this room then we'll see her, right? If she's real, which she isn't, we'll be able to see her." I nodded.

"Oh I'm sure we will. This room is haunted." David smiled.

"Damn it, David. Lizzy doesn't haunt crap!" I told him.

"20 dollars says you're wrong." he said.

"Make it 40."I smiled.


"Well you just lost 60 dollars!" I smiled as we shook hands, making the bet. I can't believe David would bet 60 dollars over a ghost.

"Oh, but it has to be her. No lights flickering 'see it's Lizzy' type stuff, it has to real. Something that can't happen on it's own, like...if our teacher starts levitating infront of us." I nodded, setting rules. I wasn't going to lose a bet because of lame superstition.

"All right." David nodded and put his hands together "Lizzy. Please. I would love to buy a new video game. Let me have the 60 dollars. Please show yourself." he prayed.

"...Really?" I sighed.

Wow. I just couldn't process that. I...I just can't. I really need new friends. I could only handle so much of David and his strange antics. Ah, least he made this gloomy September morning not be so gloomy, and I'm glad I have at least one friend in my class so far.

My first day was rather unexiting. I could have been absent if I wanted to. I could have stayed in a nice warm bed with some Nutella and hot chocolate. All we did was read papers about the class rules and how we'll be graded. I knew all of these already. The class rules hadn't changed since first grade.

After a few weeks I started walking to school on my own and figured my way around the school pretty fast. I learned that the reason the school was so confusing is because of the earthquake that happened in the 30's that destroyed or mangled some of the buildings. They had to be renevated or rebuilt, and then with the population growing the school was expanded. I heard from another student that it was to make it easier to read if the firemen or paramedics had to be called.

I honestly feel bad for anyone who needs the ambulence called at this school. It's like a maze, the paramedics would get lost! I still don't see why M is after C and the rest of the C's are in the middle of the school. Simple my ass. M doesn't come after C.

Finally October came, and the stores were full of Halloween decorations. I never cared for Halloween much-well that's not entirely true. I love getting the candy and dressing up to scare kids, but I never got the whole haunting and ghost part of it.

I was walking to school and looked around. I have to admit that it's creepy walking alone in the fog, but it's not like I'd be attacked by a monster or a zombie. I pulled my phone out to check the time and instantly panicked.

"Shit! I'm late! Oh shit!" I began to run. The fog was so thick I could hardly see 3 feet infront of me. I began running until I could make out the stop sign at the end of the corner. I checked both ways before darting across the street.

I was in such a hurry I didn't see the car turning the corner.

"Ah!" I yelled as I jumped back, putting my arms out infront of me. I felt the hood of the car on my hands and then the pain when I hit the pavement.

I was okay, I only skinned my knee and elbow. This would be the perfect excuse. I could go to the office and tell them I got hit by a car and they could excuse me for being late! I pulled myself to my feet and brushed myself off, waving at the person in the car.

They began to step out of the vehicle as I shouted back to them.

"I'm ok! Don't worry about it! It never happened!" I called as I ran.

I finally made it to the school, covered in sweat, my heart raceing, my elbow and knee stingy, but I felt a strange pain in my ribs. No one was out in the school yard, and I could hear the faint sound of sirens in the distance.

"Crap, am I that late?"

I ran through the doors of the school, completely skipping the nurses office. Maybe if they saw I was genuinely in a hurry to get to school the teacher would send me to the office and then they would send me home.

I ran through the hallways and into the quad. It was completely empty, but I didn't hear the bell ring. I probably had a minute left to get to class, that was usually when everyone was in. I hadn't heard the bell so I think I'll be ok, or so I thought.

I ran into the building and into my first period class, C-16. As soon as I burst through the door and began to rush to my seat, but then I stopped.

No one was in the room.

I looked around frantically, thinking maybe I had got mixed up and had come to school on a saturday. The pain in my ribs grew as I tried to catch my breath and figure out what was going on. In the front row, sitting on the opposite side of the classroom was a young girl wearing old clothes. I felt like I knew her, like I had seen her somewhere before. She was dressed sort of unusual.

"Hey!" I breathed.

The girl jumped and looked at me, a confused look on her face like she didn't understand why I was there.

"You, where is everyone?" I asked.

The girl took a moment to respond, as if she didn't know what I was asking. She shook her head and stood up from her seat, clasping her hands in front of her.

"No one's been here in years." she shrugged.

"W-what?"I breathed, standing up straight.

"What do you mean no one's been here in years?" I asked.

She looked me up and down "You're the first one I've seen here in a long time-well, other than those transperant people I see sometimes..."

"Is this some prank?" I demanded, frowning at her.

The girl shook her head, still looking confused. It was at that moment I realized where I had seen her before. I had seen her in a photograph, but didn't realize it because she was in color. The photo of her was in black and white. This was Lizzy. She looked identical to the girl in the photo.

"Wait..."I stepped back, feeling weak; "You're...You're-blech" I fell to my knees as I barfed up my breakfast into my hands.

The girl jumped and looked away from me for a second, before rushing to my side

"Are you all right!?" she asked in a concerned tone.

"Y-yeah...I..." I removed my hands from my mouth, feeling a painful throb in my had, and tasting iron. In my hands was a puddle of blood that seeped between my fingers and onto the carpet.

The feeling happened again as the blood gushed into my throat, and I could not contain it. I threw it up on the floor.

"O-oh no..."Lizzy looked worried, taking me lightly by the shoulders.

My eyes widened as I stared down at the red pool sinking into the carpet. My mind raced as I tried my best to find out what was going on. It was a prank, it had to be. could someone make me throw up blood? I thought of that morning, and as quick as the blood had flew from my mouth, it suddenly stopped. I was shaking fiercly as I grabbed the edge of one of the desks and forced myself to stand. Lizzy tried her best to help me up, but she was so small.

"'re all right now...?" she asked.


Lizzy waited patiently for me to finish. No one rushed in to see if I was all right, and Lizzy wasn't calling for help or trying to find someone. It was like she expected this to happen.

"You're Lizzy...aren't you?" I asked.

"Oh, you know my name?" her face lit up a bit "You're dressed sort of strange. I've seen some people like you before, but they were so blurry...and I couldn't touch them." she said as she squeezed my shoulder, a smile appearing on her face.

"My name is Matt..." I introduced myself.

"Nice to meet you." she smiled.

I thought back to that morning, to the fog, and then to the car. The car that hit me. My hands held my ribs where I had felt the pain. The sting on my elbow and knee had disappeared as I remembered what happened.

The car had crashed into me, and I had hit the pavement. The sirens...I heard the sirens.

"I...I was in such a hurry to get to school..."I mumbled.

"Matt...?" Lizzy asked.

I thought of my mother, father, my teachers. I thought of Halloween, I thought of my first day of school. So many faces flashed through my mind.

A shaky breath escaped me "I owe David 60 dollars..."

At my high school it was common knowledge among students and teachers that a girl named Lizzy haunts the E building. That school has been there since the 1920's and Lizzy died on the steps of the E building when the 1933 earthquake happened and a wall fell on her, killing her. I decided to write a little short story expanding on this idea of Lizzy still being there. At my time of going to this high school, a boy named Kevin collapsed and died during a football game one night. I wanted to write a fiction of two ghosts from two different time periods meeting. I hope you enjoyed.