Zombie Santa

Once upon a time when little kids played in the snow on a winters day they would throw snow balls at their friends and not care about a thing except what secret surprises Christmas left for them when they woke up that 25th morning of December.

No! What am I saying? That might be how the story is told in the books about perfect Christmas breaks and nothing would go amiss, but those are just stories. Something that parents read to children at night and what the television wants them to think. Well I'm here to tell you that's not what my winter break was like this year. No, instead I wouldn't call this a happy story adults should be reading aloud to children at all. If you love them and want them to believe in Santa until the time comes for them to decide if he's real or not then you would hide this on the highest shelf in your bedroom. But don't just ignore me, I am here to warn you not to let your kids sit on that candycane coated mans lap at the mall because he could very well be the 'imposter.' Listen to my story and then tell me if they should make this into a different version of Scrooge.