A New World.

Maybe, in the beginning, the world was pure. Now, it is filled with death, hatred and loneliness. I don't believe anyone can truly be happy. Now, the world is being thrown into chaos with scientists from each country trying to have the latest, newest technology. Now, the country needs another volunteer. Basically, another fool, willing to die and go along with the majority to be seen as 'cool'. It's ridiculous. No-one seems to realise how much this worlds falling apart. I reached over and turned on the television, 'Another death has come to our country as the latest invent-" I turned the television off quickly. I don't need to hear about this. I looked out the window of the place I was trapped in. Why was I trapped? Well, because i was awake. I could realise how much the world is so many people who believe the world is the same. For knowing what I do I can easily guess what will happen. I'll be tested on. Like thousands before me. I would die a painful death. I'll be taken to the same place where so many before me have died. In the same spot, in the same position .Unless, in the off chance that it works. Then who knows? A man knocked at my door, and stuck his head in, "Time to die" He said. I took a last look around the room and allowed myself to be led down the hallway. Escape, undoubtedly, would be futile. We entered a room, "Sit" the order was given. I sat down on a chair and closed my eyes as I took my final breath. The pain was unimaginable. Eventually the shock stopped and I saw the man bending over me again, "Dead" He pronounced to the room. "Put her body with the other girl" A different man lifted my body up and carried me over to another girl, my age. I could sense his heart. Full of sorrow, misery and regret. He put my body next to the girls in a silver pod. "I'm sorry." His heart screamed out to us as he turned around and our pod was shot out of the earths atmosphere. After travelling, my guess, for years, the pod crashed into a were shot out, skidded long the ground and lay on the floor, unmoving. While I should have felt pain, I was unable to. We lay there until a man - a hybrid between a man and a shark, found us and dragged our bodies to what seemed like an infirmary. We were lain on beds, next to each other. A cream was spread on our palms and somehow I was able to feel again. After a few hours of finding feeling in my body I was able to sit up. "Where am I?" My voice screeched. The man handed me a hand mirror. Slowly, I lifted it to my face, On top of my dark hair, two dark red fox ears poked out of my head. As it sank in that my body had completely changed, the man responded to my question. "Welcome, to the new world"