(A/N: Okay so this is different from what I normally write. This was a sort of challenge from my sister. She likes to poke a bit of fun at me about my poems in jest and I was reading her one one day. I like to rhyme poems and she said I have no bars or something like that. I told her I do and we went back and forth. So I wrote this to prove her wrong and when I read it to her she looked at me and said I hate you. She liked it. I personally think it's mediocre but I love saying it out loud so I thought I would share it. Enjoy.)

This is mind released from it's cage

This beast is enraged

My alter ego's been unleashed

Survival rate has just been decreased

I spit savage words like I'm an animal

My name ought to be Hannibal

I'll some fava beans with a side of your brains

Call me insane, a sickness that can't be explained

I'm ill

Got a fever so high it can kill

I'm burning up and setting this place ablaze

Foaming at the mouth, I'm rabid and crazed

Waiting for my next victim

I kill with the venom I'm spittin'

A deadly onslaught of verbal ammunition

Wordplay so vast, that it has no definition

It just comes to me, no effort involved

A level of genius that is highly evolved

My mind works in double time, just call me Sherlock

With a flow like Socrates before the hemlock

I'm on a whole other level

It's undeniable that I am special

The embodiment of immortality, a deity

You mere mortals can never be me

I want tidings for even being in your presence

I want your life's essence

So open your veins, I want to feed

I'll take pleasure in watching you bleed