Chapter 3: "What the Fuck was That?" (Author's Notes)

What? You're still here. The ending of chapter 2 should have sent you screaming. Well, you're here, so I'll I tell you what you just read. "A Folder of Line Drawings" is an extremely tame example of what is known as a "weight gain fetish fic." That's right. You just read fetish fiction. There are whole websites full of stories like this with most of the writing of very poor quality. I thought that I'd write an example of the genuine article. My other two stories ("Flatsie" and "Bobbi Next Door") are probably a new genre: the anti-weightgainfetish fic. The endings of those two stories make very clear how I feel about this topic.

Why write a story of this type? Mostly as a warning to women of the bizarre types of predators out there. If you have a boyfriend who asks you to gain weight and you're not medically underweight, run for your life. Most guys who are into this fetish will never ask up front. They're sneaky and manipulative. Just know that they exist. Lord help any woman who marries one.