Rhymes with Orange

"Nothing rhymes with orange and we were never meant to be."

"What about mange?"

"Mange is an end rhyme and is not a perfect rhyme. Nothing rhymes with orange and we were never meant to be."

"And so the rhyme has to be perfect in order for it to fully rhyme?"


"And we were never meant to be."

"You got it."

Because you don't talk to me I pretend to be you. I know your cadence; I know your style. I know our dynamic. I know that we never had anything to begin with but you underestimated my loneliness through the computer screen.

But you did want me.

Mange is not a perfect rhyme but it desires a rhyme with orange. But it just isn't the same. The rhythm is all off and you understand rhythm. You are just as literary as me and I had the fantasy of buying your book one day and getting you to sign it and you'd automatically know it was me. We'd meet eyes and then we'd know.

I saw your soul, and loved your soul, and craved your soul on a daily basis. I forgave you for everything that you did and did not do. I forgave your coffee and cigarettes and lying and flings and strippers and alcohol and darkness. And you are the epitome of darkness. It's in your hair, eyes, skin, and seeps down to your core.

But I loved you for who you were, not for who you are but I didn't want you to change. I saw your light buried in your self-inflicted darkness. I wanted you to let it out. I bask in light but I begged to lie in your darkness.

And as many times as I let you go and pined for you all the way I still didn't see. But you always came back. This time you didn't come back.

I wished for you on every wish and wanted August with you. I wanted September and October and our very own November but the calendar kept turning and you kept turning but I stayed still, waiting. My desire was so strong it got in my way too many times and it blinded me. But after so many heartbreaks it is easy to see when it is okay to let go. I let go once and for all.

You taught me the dangers of dreaming. You taught me the addiction of dopamine. You taught me to want a connection. And you taught me to want something better than yourself. You taught me to say the words "I deserve better" and I do. I deserve better than you.

You are black and I am white, you are the dark I am the light.

I'm an apple, and you're well…orange. And we all know nothing rhymes with that.