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" Will you be good for Pete?", Dia asked the little angel that was walking next to her as they both entered the Kingslee Parfait restaurant. " Yes mummy", Dominique replied as he let go of his mother's hand and went to sit on the floor, in front of the table.

Dia took of her flats and replaced them the signature shiny black pumps that the employers of the Kingslee Parfait Restaurant required their waitressing staff to wear.

Dia then got out of the chair she was occupying next to her son in the staffs' lounge and started for the door. Before she had reached the door she heard a small voice call out .

"Mama", Dominique said getting up from his place on the floor and made his way over to his mother near the door. She crouched and waited for the little boy to make his way to her before replying, "Yes, honey. What is the matter?"

"Nothing", he replied. " I love you", he muttered once he was less than a foot away.

" I love you too, Angel", Dia said as he closed the distance and hugged her. She struggled with her balance for a bit before she hugged him back and place a kiss on the unruly brown mop on the top of his head.

"Mummy has to go now, sweetie", Dia stated while she pulled back and kissed him again on the forehead and stood up.

"Be good, alright?" Dominique nodded as he looked up at his mother. "I'll see you later during my break," Dia continued on as she walked to the door, looking down at her son lovingly before she exited the room.

She went down a short corridor, bumping into Pete on the way, before reaching the back kitchen doors. Once she got there, Dia reached for the apron with her name on it and tied it around her waist.

The apron was a semi-circular shape that covered the black pencil skirt that was also a part of the black and white uniform. The apron had two pockets placed opposite ends on the apron. They were on each of her upper thigh area making them easily accessible.

The pockets were there in order to carry little things such as pocket books, mini notepads, and pens or pencils. In Dia's case, her apron held the little green National Geographic notepad that had been given to her on mother's day by her son. The notepad was green because of the coral reefs that housed two clown fish. One was large and the other was small.

After she had secured the apron around her waist, Dia checked the front of her white shirt for any stains or sudden spots, pushed the back doors the staff used to enter the kitchen and walked into the noisy kitchen, only for her to bump into a solid wall.

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