A/N: I had some of this typed up but since I absolutely detest typing I never got a chance to finish. I was going to do it yesterday since it was Christmas but you know how it is. Here it is though. Enjoy!

Dia found herself a bit frazzled and on the floor. The whole kitchen quieted for just a split second then resumed as if nothing had happened.

"Aww jee, Dia, sorry 'bout that." Dia heard as she saw a large meaty hand appear in her line of sight. She got her bearings and took it. The person behind the hand pulled and Dia went flying in the air only to land on a warm, solid body.

Dia looked up and saw Thomas, the bus boy, looking down at her apologetically. "That's alright. Though that was quite a welcome there," Dia said in a sly tone with a grin plastered on her face.

Thomas spread his arms wide and said"welcome" in a booming voice. Not a single person in the room reacted because they were used to his antics and his loud voice. Dia laughed and made to walk past him.

Thomas Willawonkie was a bear of a man. He stood at 6 feet 5 inches (1.95m). He also had a wide chest and broad shoulders. Thomas was 18 but he was blessed with an angel's face. He resembled Brian Ularcher if Brian Urlacher had blue eyes and a shock of dark chestnut hair.

Thomas worked at the Kingslee Parfait in order to pay for his college tuition. Despite his size, Thomas wanted to start his own cake decorating bakery. He claimed it helped him focus all his energy on creating beauty.

Thomas was a good guy. He and Dia had become very close during the two years they had been working at the restaurant.

Dia just shook her head, a smile on her lips, as she remembered the olden day's .the day they had me actually. Something similar had happened. Thomas was about three inches shorter, his hair had been longer, and he had been terrified of losing his job.

Dia had reassured him and that was where their relationship had started. Dia made her way to the front of the kitchen and Thomas spun around and easily caught up with her in a few long strides thanks to his long legs.

"So is Dominique here?" Thomas asked.

"Yea, he is outback in the staffs' lounge with Pete," Dia replied. "You know, Thomas, sometimes I think that the only reason you talk to me is because of my son," Dia joked.

Thomas placed both of his hands, palm down, onto his chest, fake hurt on his face. "Who? Me?!" he choked out.

Dia laughed at his antics and looked at him from the corner of her eye. "Yes you." She said trying to keep a straight face. "Every time I am working, when you are, you ask if Dom is here," Dia said, brown eyes alight with mirth.

Thomas, knowing where this was going, went to stand in front of her and crossed his arms. He had a serious face and twinkling bright blue eyes. "It so happens that I am his favourite Tommy the plane, a really impressive upgrade from Thomas the Train, mind you. And he is my favourite passenger," he stated matter-of-factly.

He's your only passenger Dia though with an eye roll. She then decided to stare him down and Thomas, seeing this, widened his legs a bit more into the standard defense stance.

This went on for another minute until they both burst out laughing. Dia had opened her mouth to say something when she heard Margret call her from the front of the kitchen. Dia and Thomas said their goodbyes and Dia continued all the way to the little service station.

"I already took care of the drinks and bread for you. Now go," was all Dia received from Margie before Margie started directing her to the swinging doors. "Alright, alright. I owe you", was all Dia could mutter as she grabbed a pen from the cup that was filled with random knick-knacks and swiftly swooshed out the swinging doors. X~x~x~x~x~x~x~X

Her first table consisted of an older couple. This was not just any old; no this was an I-know-we-are-getting-to-our-final-days-so-I-decided-to-treat-you-to-one-more-fancy-dinner old. They looked so frail and dusty Dia felt like breathing on them would cause them to crumble.

Her heart swelled to twice its size when she saw them holding hands and having a silent conversation with their eyes.

"Good evening and welcome to the Kingslee Parfait. My name is Dia and I will be your server today,"

The male looked up at Dia through his thick coke bottle glasses and smiled a handsome crooked smile. "Hello Dia, I am Rory and this just has to be my beautiful angel of a wife Mary-Grace", he greeted back. Dia's usual thin polite smile was big and genuine. This couple had just brightened up her night.

"What will I be bringing you two this evening," Dia inquired. Rory looked at Mary-Grace thoughtfully and turned to Dia with a smile that was brighter than the one Dia had received earlier. Dia was sure than if he brought up the wattage by even a smidgen, the bulb behind that smile would burn out.

"Bring us you best Macaroni and Cheese in honour of the 70 years we have been together," Rory proclaimed. "Happy anniversary dear," Rory continued and Dia watched the magic of the love they shared spark up and created a warm and fuzzy atmosphere.

"Right away and congratulations," Dia said and went on to the next table.

The second table also consisted of a man and woman, it seemed like people were coupling up tonight. Dia recited her standard greeting as she placed the menus on the table. The man seemed to be preoccupied with his thoughts so Dia decided to talk to him lady friend.

The woman had dark hair, a heart-shaped face, long dark lashes and doe-like brown eyes. She looked like a regal queen and goddess at the same time. Her posture was that of a high-class woman and she looked the part also.

"Would you like a refill? Anything else to drink?" Dia asked.

"I'll have anything with orange in it. No alcohol though." Replied the woman. Dia then turned to the man across from the woman who was sitting down only to find him looking at her with a distant look in his eyes.

He had light eyes but Dia couldn't tell because of the dim lighting in the restaurant. The woman whispered his name harshly and then Dia heard a loud muffled thump come from under the table and another harsh whisper.

"Yes. Annabella. What. Is. It?" he replied teeth clenched in a steely tone. He had a warm deep voice. Dia did not find deep voices particularly comforting but his was just warm. It was very pleasant because the only male she was around almost all the time was a young child whose voice highly resembled a female's.

"I'll have some water please," he said cutting through her musings. She smiled at him and said," In a moment," the same romantic language of French.

Dia then left them to go finish up their rounds and then went to place their orders in the kitchen.