Dennis: *banging a machine in the backyard and growls frustrate*

Dylan: *heard noise and peek outside window* what's going on?

Dennis: *mumbles* Jin won't be able to pass through this shield *presses the button a dome green shield surrounds entire house of Dennis*

Zack: *crosses arm* I think Dennis is doing something *shrugs*

Jin: *to Dylan* Let's see what's he up to *grin*

Dylan: *blinks and sweatdrop* it means it was not dream? ...*sees Zack and sighs and hear jin and surprise* whoa um ok?

Jin: *comes out of the door and walks over to Dennis' home*

Dylan: *goes and walks to Dennis' home* cousin?

Dennis: *walks out of the backyard and glared at Jin* Hello Jin, this is a shield for you..a ghost shield which you can't pass through my home ever again

Jin: *still in human form* Uh...*passes through the shield* Nothing is happening to me *shrugs*

Dylan: oh uh

Dennis: What the- How did you pass through it?

Dylan: *goes passes through shield*

Jin: Dude, you said it's ghost shield.

Dylan: he's got point, cousin

Dennis: *still in ghost form and tries to pass through the shield but it shocked him and falls down to the ground*

Dylan: oh Dennis! ya alright?

Jin: *chuckles* You can't beat me you know *leap-frog over him and turns around and ran away*

Dennis: *growls and turns around and tries to chase Jin* HEY! *suddenly the ghost shield shock him and he falls down again* *growls* Better turn it off and throw it into the trash *stomp into the backyard*

Dylan: ya are really mad at jin, cousin

Dennis: *rips out the ghost shield machine and breaks it with his baseball bat into pieces with his anger*

Katelyn: *goes outside and yell* KEEP IT DOWN DENNIS!

Dylan: I wonder where is Shang and he was in my home last night but he was disappeared...whoa! *sweatdrop*

Dennis: *pants and glares at Dylan* what? *blinks* umm I will shut up but please calm down, cousin…. um why not make lemonade juice? it will help us feel better *walked inside*as no sugar

Dennis: *roll eyes and goes into the refrigerator and get the pink lemonade out and pours it into the glass* *signs* Strange and also...about Shang...what happened to him?

Dylan: oh yeah well, I don't know but i remember Shang was in shower when i was in living room to talked on phone with Mindy, ya see *thinks* oh yeah I made hot chocolate milk until I saw flowers on my coffee table and um...jin was here...*blushed red* well, he told me what he planned but I fainted and i was in bed and I woke up…well I don't find Shang but i saw his clothes are still here. um jin was in my home and he was with me but he told me Shang was busy

Dennis: Okay then so where's Shang now?

Dylan: well, jin did not tell me where is he

-At the park-

Shang: *hanging upside on the flag poles when Jin tied him there* *growls*

Dylan: I hope he's ok, cousin

Jin: Too bad Shang that you can't fly and good luck getting down *chuckles and flies away*


-Back to Dennis and Dylan-

Dylan: *sipping juice* ahh I like this

Dennis: Okay but I'm not in for lemonade by the way though, not thirsty at all

Dylan: I understand, cousin

Dennis: *signs and walk out through the door* I'm gonna get some fresh air now...

Dylan:...ok ya want me join ya to chat?

Dennis: Ah sure I would like to and by the way, about Dr. Ewell...I think he's evil to all ghost

Dylan: *smiles and walk with him* oh yes i remember him and i met him before, cousin

Dennis: *stops by the park and sees the Ghost Strikers are pulling up the ladder to help Shang to get off of that pole* Oh man, what are they doing here?

Dylan: hmm? *see Shang* *gasp* Shang?!*goes with Dennis to Shang* what happen?!

Shang: *falls off by then the Ghost Striker caught him on hand* Thanks *look at them nervously*

Ghost Striker: Don't mention it *helps him to get him down to the ground*

Dylan: Shang, I looked for ya anywhere, shang

Ghost Striker: *looks closely at Dylan* I know're the freak's cousin

Dylan: so? I know your boss, dude but please don't call him "f" word

Dennis: *hides shyly behind the tree*

Ghost Striker: Where is he anyway? *smirks*

Dylan: ya better not after him, dude. ya know rules because judge told us

Ghost Striker: *scoff and gets into the van and drives away*

Dylan: hmph! I am glad the judge did helped

Shang: *suddenly gets ghostly atomic wedgie* AHH! WHO'S THERE! *turns around and sees nothing*

Dylan: cousin it's okay they are gone *hears Shang* ya okay?

Shang: Do I look okay? *twitches eyes*


Jin: *still invisible and snickers*

Dylan: did I hear someone snickering?

shadow: *hops on Dennis' head* meow *to zhi* I am winner meow *when playing with zhi*

Dennis: Noticed by the way and're suppose to make peace between others NOT FIGHT AND VIOLENCE! This is why I don't like ya and CHOOSE THE ONE THAT'S NOT ALREADY TAKEN!

Dylan: *blinks*

Zhi: I know Shadow...*signs*

shadow: *jump off Dennis' head* *hugs zhi*

Jin: *appears in sight* I'm here *snickers* You really fell into my prank..

dylan: hm?

Zhi: Aww, thanks Shadow...

shadow:...prank? *hugs zhi more*

Shang: The what prank?

Dylan: ?

Jin: I said I love Dylan more because I have to help you to develop more on your wind powers through our fury for Dylan...

Shang: What?! So that means, you're not in love with my Dylan?

Dylan: *blinks*….

Jin: That is why I'm the artist of mastering realistic lies and pranks *pokes Shang's nose*

Shang: *rubs nose* Okay, is that a no that you're not in love with Dylan?

shadow: *blinks then tilt confused*

Jin: I'm not in love with him though, I just pretended Dylan was my *chokes on the word* was my...oh man I can't say it .

Dylan: hmm?

Zhi: Is it boyfriend? Girlfriend?

shadow: boyfriend?

Jin: Was my girlfriend from Japan...

shadow: lover or mate...? oooh I see

Dylan: is that why ya kissed me last night?

Jin: Yes, my old girlfriend long time ago, but it's not here today because she probably died in the Atomic bomb *signs*

Dylan: I thought it was real hm and ohh I see but what your girlfriend's name?

Jin: I don't remember...I think it starts with the letter "K" in Romaji

Dylan:…. it sounds familiar hm

Jin: Who? Are you talking about my Keeko?

Shang: Yeah, your rabbit...was she named after your girlfriend...

Jin: I think so...yeah *nods*

Dylan: yeah that

Shang: *sign of relief* I'm glad that's over..

Jin: No it's not...*pokes Shang* You still need more training *walks around in circle* On your wind powers

Dylan: *to Dennis* it's okay he said "prank"

Dennis: Prank is okay alright *glares at Jin* but he must not kiss my girlfriend ever again on anywhere of her skin

Dylan: not worry that could be one of his pranks about to kiss Clara

Dennis: probably or maybe only to make me mad *growls*

Jin: Relax Dennis, I like being chased by other people

Dylan: that's why ya were giggling, jin

Jin: Yep and also...I'm a pervert...

Dennis and Shang: *shocks and jaw dropped*

Shang: You what? Dude why are you such a pervert?

Dylan: I didn't know ya are pervert

Jin: I am a pervert and I like guys and women...mostly herms because I'm bi sexual

Dylan: *blushing* oh my and i was right he is bisexual

Jin: *to Dylan* Dylan, you're such a nice wonderful herm in the wonderful world, but I bet there are other hot herms in the other world too...

Dylan: *blush red* ah-h true

shadow: ooh it getting interesting meow *glomps zhi*

Zhi: Yeah I know right, but do you think there are still other herms in the world?

shadow: meow yes there are. I am sure they are anywhere in this world or other worlds i believe

Shang: *angrily mumbles* Oh well...he's a herm lover..

Dylan: * hear Shang muttering mad*

Zhi: But it's gonna be tough for him to find one...not many people are hermaphrodite though, but he might not choose an ugly one

shadow: maybe we go search to find some herms

Jin: Oh well...maybe there's not enough herms to look for...

Dylan: hmmm*thinks then remember* ah! I do have herm friend, guys

Jin: Oh really? Where?

Dylan: well, he/she moved here three ago years and i believe my friend will come to move here anytime because my friend needed place to stay when he/she will go to school, jin well, I got call this morning and believe me, ya will like him/her

Dylan: he/she was from asia japan, I think

Jin: *blinks* okay and can't wait to meet her, does she have powers or not?

Dylan: oh I do not know yet but he/she have spirit powers like your team does and sometimes he/she use magic but he/she likes garden as peace

Jin: Cool, maybe I like this herm then *smiles* I hope she's nice too

Dylan: oh he/she is nice, yes ha

Dennis: By the way, I am going now because Raymond wants to meet me at the hospital..

Dylan: but why, cousin? *hear cell phone ringing and answered phone*

Shang: *crosses arms* I'm still not going...hmph...

Jin: Who's that?

Dylan: *talking on phone for bit* it's kin kato and that's him/her I telling ya *back to talking on phone*

Jin: Oh that's nice

shadow: meow, Dennis what happen

Shang: *looks at Jin* Jin *walk up to him* Can I say a few words?

Dylan: *hung up phone* well, kat's coming to meet us *see them walk away*? um..did I say something wrong, cousin?

Dennis: Oh nothing, he just wants to keep check on me for my powers to prevent me turning into something you know...

Dylan:…ooooh that, I understand he worried about ya like we do

Dennis: Yeah *nods and smiles and walks off to the hospital*

Dylan: be careful, cousin ok?

shadow: *races with zhi when they follow dennis*

Jin: Uh sure Shang

Dylan: *sighs* I wonder what they doing over here?

Shang: *blast him with hurricane winds on Jin and hit him to the tree* THAT'S FOR PRANKING ME AND DYLAN!

Dylan: whoa

Jin: *slowly and weakly raised a thumb up*

kin: *walking to find Dylan*

Shang: *smiles* Oh yeah...

Dylan : *see kin* hey kin! *waves to kin* over here!

kin: ohh its long time to see ya when ya moved out from new york *runs to Dylan*

Dylan: haha! I know right? I am glad ya moved here, pal

Jin: *sees Kin running to Dylan* Wow, s/he's cute and adorable...

kin: *smile* yep! I saw your treehouse and i knew it was your work *giggling*oh yeah! ya told me ya got boyfriend and girlfriend, ya lucky! *pokes Dylan's arm* I envy ya

Dylan: haha *laugh* I know *remember* oh yeah i have friend want to meet ya

kin: hmm? who?

Jin: *waves Kin*

Dylan: this is jin and he likes herms hee hee

kin: *see jin* ooh he's hottie cute! *blushes shyly* is he taken?

Jin: Yeah...mostly herms, some girls, and few boys and also I'm a reincarnated halfa

dylan: *chuckles*

Shang: He's not taken *whispers to Jin* Are you still in love with Simon?

kin: *impressed* you are the reincarnated ahalfa? like phoenix bird

Jin: *whispers back* Yeah I am and now I'm stuck with it...maybe me and Simon should break up *to Kin* Yeah I am but actually I'm a Jin Ryu from the first, 2nd, and 3rd lifetime but my current last name is Sato

kin: *giggling and smiles cute* ohh I see

Shang: Also...Jin...have fun with your new hermfriend

Dylan: *whisper to jin* maybe ya and Simon and kin as threesome like i have Shang and Mindy?

kin: *blushed red when heard Shang said then giggling and blush red* ooh hee hee

Jin: *to Dylan* I don't know, my parents wanted me to have one wife or one husband tradition

Dylan: oh right i don't blame ya but i hope Simon understand

Jin; He will

Dylan: but it's your decision, not your parents's…oh well I understand alright

kin: *smiles and blushing* wow i have new boyfriend

Jin: Oh Kin, I used to have an old girlfriend named Keeko back in the WW2 and she probably died from the atomic bomb, I really miss her though

kin: aww *aura of keeko as spirit in kin's body*

Dylan: hmm?

kin: something wrong?

Dylan: *smile* nothing haha...reunion love i believe

kin: ? *blinks*

Jin: *looks at her awkwardly* Okay and do you wanna go out for a walk?

kin: okay! *smiles and take jin's hand then walks with jin*

Dylan: *whisper to Shang* I believe keeko's spirit in kin because she's like phoenix bird like jin

Shang: *watches Jin leaves with Kin as they walked together and Shang smiled* *to Dylan* Hmm okay I think so too, but I got one question

Dylan: ha at least jin's happy with kin….hmmm? sure what is it?

Shang: If you're a herm, you said that most people who used to be boyfriend and girlfriend of yours are confused with your gender

Shang: Jin and I are not one of them

Dylan:….ha that's true *smile* I am happy ya still love me

Shang: Yeah *blushes and holds hand until he heard Dylan's phone is ringing again*

Dylan: well, because some of the people never see real herms in person and they thinks it was myth but they were wrong like bat blind and they thinks herms are monsters as they still misunderstand because herms are not freaks or monsters…ooh hold on, kitty *answer phone* hello?

Dr. Ewell: Hello Dylan's cousin, I have your cousin in your lab...

Shang: I hear it on speaker and did you say Dylan's cousin?

Dylan:...Dr Ewell *growl* he thinks I am Dennis

Dr. Ewell: No I mean Dylan! Who am I talking to? The sister of the freak or the cousin the freak?

Dylan: oh brother…it's Dylan but what ya want?

Dr. Ewell: I have your cousin in the lab to be tested on deadly experiments and also...Dr. Raymond won't be here to help you *evilly snickers*

Dylan: what?! are ya crazy to breaking rules?!

Dr. Ewell: The judge only said leave him alone until he remembers everything and guess what...he did

Dylan: *rolls eyes* yes but he did made another new rules when Dennis came back! ya ignoring rules when ya missed that trial! I am telling the judge on ya now let Dennis go or ghost jail prison! # &?!

Dr. Ewell: You can't now because I'm out of the country

Dylan: *growling*

Shang: That means he can't go to prison, once outside and there is no law from the judge

Dylan: so that's why he planned about that *sighs* ok what ya want if ya let him go?

Dr. Ewell: I want nothing! That's it! Just experiments and you better hurry after he faints from this...*evilly held a deadly needle* Good bye *hangs up*

Dylan: grrrrr! I going after them before he do bad things on Dennis, kitty

Shang: How are you gonna find him? He's outta the country!

Dylan: I know *poking Dylan's head* telepathy to search him remember?

Dennis: *pants and whimpers in the cell*

Agent X: I'll help you then *landed in front of Dylan and Shang*

Dylan: hm?! um okay but your reason...? my guess ya after that ghost Ewell, am i wrong?

Agent X: I need your help to find that stolen experiment from the lab *growls*

Shang: What was it?

Agent X: It's something on growth experiment that can make you a giant...

Dylan: then I accepted your help then

Shang: Is it evil?

Dylan: I hope not

Agent X: Evil and monstrous

Shang: Dang .

Dylan:…. #%&?

Agent X: I wish I knew who stole it, but it cannot by Dr. Animo, he's gone already.

Dylan: well, now ya knew it was ghost Ewell did and ok let's go then *telepathy to searching Dennis*

Agent X: *shrugs*

Dennis: *gasps and see Dr. Ewell* Please don't hurt me!

Dr. Ewell: Don't worry little boy...I'm not gonna hurt you

Dylan: found him *open eyes and teleports with Shang and agent to Dennis*

Dennis: *flashes red and growls*

Dylan: *appears with them* ah we are too late

Dr. Ewell: *steps back and falls down* Easy boy...I'm not gonna hurt you..

Dennis: *in cold voice* Some people who don't understand...*runs away from him*

Dylan: tsk tsk...*look at Ewell* now ya done it, stupid

Agent X: *look at the needles* Wait, that's not the one, it's in the bottle.

Dylan: hmm? let me see it

Dr. Ewell: It's ghost poison by the way..

Dylan: *baps Ewell harder* are ya crazy?!

Agent X: Phew, that means the growth potion is still somewhere ELSE THAT I DON'T KNOW! *gasps and flies away with jetpack*

Dr. Ewell: What? It's the only way to kill him so I can start dissecting him and what causes him to become evil

Dylan: *put Ewell into ghost trap box*oh shut up and that is bad idea, ya crazy idiot

Dr. Ewell: *rolls eyes and not gonna listen*

Dylan: *sighs* well Shang we better go find Dennis *put box ghost trap in pocket* I wonder where is Raymond hm

Dr. Raymond: *still in the hospital and checking on young patient*

Dylan: *use phone to call Raymond*

Dr. Raymond: Hello? Who is it? I got the patient with Impetigo

Dylan: it's Dylan...we got problem and stupid dr Ewell tried put ghost poison into Dennis but Dennis escaped sorry I did not mean to bother ya but it's emergency

Dr. Raymond: That doesn't sound good...* oh well...I can't help right now, I'm busy...and did Dr. Ewell came and tricked Dennis going to the hospital?

Dylan: bingo, Raymond

Dr. Raymond: That dirty rat... oh well...I have to go back to work now...this patient really wants this skin problem gone

Dylan: okay I will let ya go but i will let ya know about Dennis *goes find Dennis* talk ya later, Raymond

Dr. Raymond: -hangs up-

Shang: *to Dylan* How are we gonna find him? *follows Dylan and climb onto Dylan's back*

Dylan: *help him on Dylan's back and flying as not too high careful* well, I could track him but i think he went that way and hope he don't wreck city or forest

Shang: Hmph..

-After hours for searching him-

Shang: Oh's night and we still haven't found him

Dylan: *sigh bit* maybe he will back home tomorrow but are ya mad at me? *lands on sidewalk* because i heard ya earlier ya said "hmph"

Shang: No I'm not, but I'm only mad at Jin...*smiles*

-In Vietnam-

Dennis: *under the hood and hiding from villagers in Vietnam* I'm leaving forever...I'm not coming back for a while...*his eyes flashes red and disappears*

-to Jin and Kin at the restaurant-

kin: *giggling and chatting with jin*

Jin: Well...that's something interesting from you

kin: ah really *smiles* that's interesting from ya too *poke tease him love* well I do not know why I felt I met ya before as odd o: maybe it's one of my dreams hm

Jin: Maybe you're my girlfriend from the first lifetime? *shrug* but I dumped her for disrespecting me

kin: ohh I see maybe but I bet your old past girl friend misses ya *smiles* at least everything will better than before i hope

Jin: I hope so...*hears a bell and look at the front door and gasps* Ghost Strikers!

kin: ? why they came here? i remember Dylan told me about them

Ghost Strikers: *shoots Jin with an electrical net on him and shock him and pass him out*

kin: *gasps* leave him alone!

Jin: *pass out after being shock and dragged by them*

Ghost Striker: *grins and quickly ran away with him into the van*

kin: oh no! jin! *goes after them and try make power of spirit to shoot van's tire* please work

Ghost Strikers: *tired made of steel and still ran away*

kin: awww! it did not work *called Dylan's phone*

Dylan: *answered and talking on phone*,..what? why they took jin? man those crazy ghost strikers *sighs bit* Dennis disappeared, now jin is kidnapped by strikers?! um, I know ya are still mad at jin but he's in danger

Shang: I can see that

Dylan: I know I know but he's our friend right? could we rescue him..? kin is worried about him

Shang: I think not... It's sort of night and it's 10 pm and it past my bed time

Dylan: aw ya are right but ya can stay here to sleep if ya want

Shang: Thanks

Dylan: *smiles* no problem haha

-1 hr since the attack -

Jin: *growls* What do you want?

Ghost Striker: Show me the portal where the Ghost Zone is!

Jin: *gasps* I'm not from the Ghost Zone! Spirit World!

Dylan: *went to ghost strikers' lair and inside*

Ghost Striker: What is that?

Jin: A world with ghost SPIRITS and you can't go there. You'll destroy the world.

Dylan: *walking to where jin held*

kin: *follow Dylan*

Ghost Strikers: *smiles* Thanks, I'll send it to Ewell..

Dylan: *kick door down* ya will send to him in PRISON!

kin: jin!

Jin: What I mean these spirits ..*sees Dylan* DYLAN!

Ghost Striker: Where is Dr. Ewell? *growls and points gun at him*

Dylan: *growl and face to ghost strikers then turns gun into gothic flowers* oh where he belongs to prison, my good sir and I talked with your boss….*glowing eyes* he excused jin to be free because jin's not enemy but he wants to be with you about ...losing your career but someday I will your boss *grin*

kin: *free jin and hugs jin* ya all right?

Jin: *hugs Kin* I'm okay, they just want me for more questions. No harm

Ghost Striker: *growls* Then we better bail him out *quickly leaves*

kin: Dylan says they were worked for evil ghost

Dylan: hmph! ya cannot bail him ya know, your boss's orders haha

Jin: *signs* But about Dr. Ewell, he's human

kin: why ghost strikers work for evil

Dylan: but he is ghost well, like ahalfa

Jin: *scoff* Protect the human of course and destroy all ghosts and halfas

Dylan: ah that's why they needed evil ghosts or ahalfas to killing innocents

kin: that's horrible

Dylan: well, they just don't understand, kin ya see, my mom tried work it out with that boss years but boss is stubborn

Jin: I'm but anyway...I hope -*suddenly heard the boss coming*

kin: is that him?

Dylan: *sighs* yeah he's mom's friend

Boss: *boomed in the room* DYLAN! WHERE'S MY EWELL?!

Dylan: *hold up the ghost box trap* relax, "uncle" but why use Ewell to do evil things? And if ya knew he was ghost then why ya let him working here?

Boss: To destroy all ghosts and halfas...and do you want me to destroy you just like your mom?

Dylan:….no "uncle" *glares at boss*ya loved her long time ago gosh

Boss: Hmph but let Mr. Ewell go...he's not a ghost and, he's completely human!

Dylan: ok ok yes sir *sighs let Ewell go out of box*

Dr. Ewell: That's right goth freak, I'm human, not a ghost...what makes you think like that?

Dylan: uh huh

Dr. Ewell: I'm asking...what made you think I'm a ghost? *crosses arms* I'm human...

Dylan: *shrugs* i remember that trial i had proof long time ago but forget it

Boss: got 10 seconds to leave my building

Dylan: yeah "uncle" *sighs and walks with jin and kin to leave*

kin: i don't understand, he loved your mom then now he hates her?

dylan:...its long story...

Jin: *out of the building* Oh well...should we take a break from this? It's late

kin: yeah we go home

dylan: mm yeah *sighs* boss treated me like family when i was child toddler but he changed as different, ya see *walk on way home* because ghost killed boss's son years ago

Jin: *nods* Okay..